Monday, December 31, 2007

Anza JP Blog 1/1/08


This year also, I'm pleased to me you.

Please, continue to support me!!!

This year, I'm challenging myself to do a much better job with my HPP and solo stage activities.

And my wish for everyone is that you have a splendid year and attain the goals you're shooting for!!


HPP Blog 1/1/08

This year also, please take care of me. (star) ANZA


Be sure to go to the HPP Blog and check out the band pic they posted for the new year.

Happy New Year Anza fans!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/25/07

Merry Christmas!!!

How did you spend the day?

Today, the weather isn't very good....Ah!~ I have a cold.

As soon as we get through Christmas, of course, New Years Day comes next. What?! It got here too quickly!!!!

However, lately "Happy New Year"~ That what everyone says. (laugh)

Today, around the world is a day for smiles and laughter. That is what I wish for. (star)

Anza JP Blog 12/23/07


The live shows at Osaka and Nagoya have finished safely. Somehow, I survived it. (laugh)

Live shows kick ass~! Everything melts into the moment. It's a serious and amazing time on stage.

Hey! It's almost Christmas.

The city light decorations are beautiful and of all different types and styles.

Right now, I think I'll buy a cake. (laugh)


The pic is from PMX Live. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/15/07

We (star)

Sadly, The Gift has has it's concluding program.. I hated to see it end and finishing the show was hard to bear....

I want to be sure to tell you all that the band has made arrangements and is busy preparing for the Tour~!!

At any rate, we have to push hard to be ready to play! I wish we had more time~!!!!

The weather here is still fine and man I feel great!! Usually, it's said to, "do your best" or, "hang tough".

Oh! To everyone who came to see The Gift I want to say Thank-You truly.

Forever, I'd like to be the innocent adult on stage. (star) ?


For the last line, Anza threw me a curve ball.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/12/07


On December 12, 2007, this day is exceedingly important to me.

I'm writing this Blog on the 11th. But, the date will change when I get home to post it.

Here's what's special about the 12th.

First, it's the closing date for The Gift musical.

Then, it's the Head Phones President new album release date!!

Wow! The importance of this day is huge!!

Undoubtedly, I'll never forget this day as long as I live!!!

Absolutely, I'll never forget it!!!!


Wish I could have been there. (cry) Hope the day turned out well for Anza.

Anza JP Blog 12/10/07

Thank You!!

The opening day of "The Gift" has finished safely leaving 3 performances where we go out to meet the crowd.

Everyday when I get home, it feels like I have energy to burn.

I've put 150% of all my physical strength and will into my Gift performance. Why? Because I take it seriously!

I haven't been able to renew my Blog as much as I'd like. Sorry!

Meanwhile, when I encountered some fans, I was in tears, when they said it was like a reunion going on.

On opening day, I saw the face of Bessyo Yuji who played Jiro Takashi last year. Something about seeing his face in the audience made me cry and he saw it. Man! (laugh) ?

This work has a truly powerful influence on people and you feel like the person is your older brother. In some respects, Yuji was an older brother when 4 amazing young actors supported each other. They really acted like brothers.

Naturally, this year we were able to add a new brother to the cast. (laugh)

Only one change in the part timers over the course of one year isn't too bad. (laugh)

Hey! This is coming from the abandoned and miserable older sister. (laughing)

I'm ready to get my message across with real genuine honesty in the next performances. I feel like I have no choice.

Tomorrow, I'll do my best.


Sorry it took so long to do this one. It's tough when you're not familiar with the actors or the play.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/5/07

OK Then!!

Oh! The opening date has just been changed!!

Our company will be going to the theater in 4 days for our show, "The Gift". Which stretches out the opening day nervousness even more. But, it's still a good feeling.

Along with that is the promotion activity of the band. Doing both side by side is a bit of a struggle, though I'm going to tough it out.

Anyhow, I still have to take care of my health and managing my physical condition is important. Soon, I'll be off to bed for some restful sleep. (laugh)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/3/07

To happen~.

What!? For some reason, I can't remember how I spent the day yesterday.

I don't remember what I had to eat. I don't remember the taste of the food on my tongue.

Has time been suspended separating me from my actions??

But, I don't get it. I guess I'm only tired, or maybe I'm getting a little senile....However, that may be stretching the time lapse theory a bit.

It's probably a lie to say that my best experiences aren't ahead of me. (laugh)

But, it feels like every day just flies by at an alarming speed.

This diary of mine took place on December 2. When I get home to post it, the date will already be changed. (laughing)

Surely, tomorrow will be a happy day....if that's the case, then I'll be thankful. (laugh)


It sounds a bit like Anza spent the day in the Twilight Zone.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/2/07

Got it!

First of all a single word that describes how I feel....exhausted! (laugh)

It looks like December has come in. I lost the sense of it. It felt like just another day of the week with it's troubles~.

However, this month is when the release of the new Head Phones President Album is expected to happen.

Yesterday, the sample video, "Chain" was posted on HPPonlineTV. That was deeply emotional for me.

Hey, I guess it was because of all the painstakingly hard work we put into the recording~.

The sale date is December 12th.

So, be sure to check it out! OK?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anza JP Blog 12/01/07

So So

It's me Anza who's latest entry has come early. (laughing)

Well, I'm in desperate need to increase my body strength. (laughing) Already, we're working ourselves at a frantic pace here.

But, help is on the way thanks to the producer Kim from Kimashita who sprang for everyone's lunch. I got the eel obento.

The food was delicious, you can tell by the smiling faces of the four actors.

First is Hiromi who plays Rina, then Manabu who plays Osamu, and the 2nd son Jiro who plays Taka-chan. ?


I still haven't been able to finish downloading the names software. So, take those last names with a grain of salt. I did my best to look them up on Google JP.

Anza JP Blog 11/30/07


Today (29th) there is a cloudy sky.

For some reason, I feel into a depressed and melancholy mood....There were all sorts of things I was thinking about, and I was struck by all sorts of feelings in one day.

For example, while I was out walking, I ran across a parent and child with smiling faces and suddenly a tear popped out.

Then it took all my might to climb a flight of stairs, when I saw a grandma and there was a sudden moment when my heart felt painful....that was strange.

And then, I wanted to shun my close friends, but I wanted to hug those people that I disliked in the past.

I guess I'm still growing in this human life. (laugh)

Tomorrow, what will happen? Something else, more than likely.