Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anza JP 8/29/07


Hello! Today was my first day off since play practice started.

Yesterday evening, when practice had finished, everyone in the cast and crew went out for a bite to eat. We all had a great time. I was think that we really have a good company.

And today the band had an interview. We came to our point and completed it, but we're idle now after a long time.

As expected, all the fatigue from work collected and I couldn't move after the job ended. Then I realized that I needed to get some sleep. (laugh)

Yet again tomorrow there is practice. I'm going to go for it and do my best!!

HPP Diary 8/28/07

? ( don't know)

Man, it's hot! Don't you think? You can't beat the summer heat....

The HPP members are making the last spurt to finish the album. But, not having a live show to do is harsh.

Lately, I feel there are times in this world where you can really see how hateful people can be. Someone in authority screws someone else with a lie, which is a transparent abuse of power. I guess an adult who covets every thing he can get his hands on is to be expected.

How can we say that our society believes in equality? When for some, there's an everyday struggle to keep your head above water. Who decides how low is the bottom and what is an acceptable way for treating people there?

However, thanks to you, this valuable lesson is remembered.

When HPP and I got together to form the band, it was our desire to convey the message of the struggle for equality and fair play.

On the album is one tune where we try to drive home the point. I feel the song will hit hard.

My stomach is still painful. (laughter)


I know what Anza is saying, but I think Van Halen said it best:
"Did someone say *Fair Warning*?
Lord, strike that poor boy down."

If Anza really wanted to see coveting jackasses abusing power, she should come to Kentucky. Around here, they all get elected.

If New York won't treat HPP right, I think they should do some shows in LA. I wrote Mar with a few suggestions.

Or Anza could use her connections with Universal to get booked at the Amphitheater .

Maybe we can start a grassroots campaign.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Anza JP Blog 8/26/07

Everyday is passing at such a great speed, it almost feels like being drunk....

For the first time tomorrow, the direction of the play will roughly be in sequence. I guess that should be a good thing now....

Tomorrow is also the costume parade that I've been looking forward too, at last we'll have the feeling of a real stage performance. I'm busting with excitement!! (doki doki)

The other day, the band went photographing on location. However, I had a terrible suspicion that everything wasn't going to be all right....

Sure enough! A huge swarm of mosquitos showed up and started biting everyone. (laughter) And these mosquitos were not effected at all by the insect repellent....It was horrid~!

Even after 2 days, the itching is still dreadful!!

Viola! Now coming to my aid is the itch stopping cream.


So, it sounds to me like Anza and HPP have been doing photo shoots at Tokyo Bay and in the woods.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anza JP 8/23/07

Anza JP 8/23/07


Every day is a hot one, don't you think? The heat wave continues...The air conditioning in the gym is effective, but it's still difficult to regulate you body temperature.

Oh! Act #1 and Act # 2 were successful yesterday because of the fine acting coaching!

From the small quality of my previous performance, I'm improving a lot and growing in my role.

Well, reluctantly I went to Dracula's castle and it was really cool!! It was unintentional, but I was completely charmed. (laugh)

I'm fascinated because my typical role is very similar, and I get weak in the knees when I see fine acting. Naturally, it can't be helped!!

And now, the latest drink for dancing is the Black Dragon Tea!!!! It's a little pricey and I don't know why. Nevertheless, it helps keep the body fat low and I love to gulp it down. It's quite an effective pick me up. (laugh)

I'm a bit sketchy on the Dracula's castle comment. It sound like a set and an actor in her play, I think I'd have to read some more to figure it out.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anza JP 8/21/07


Well, as expected, I'm starting to feel really worn out. (laughing)

From noon stage practice to the evening, then you have to get serious with the band and pre-production of the CD. It's an every day balancing act.

And stage practice is picking up steam so I have to make progress to get better at my part.

I'm surprised at how everyone in the cast are focusing on their roles. It's wonderful!!
I, of course, gasp in desperation. (laughing)

And then I feel like screaming with the band's approaching deadline.

I love putting the finishing touches on the tunes. You want to put everything you've learned into it to make the songs sound better.

My schedule is jammed to the end of August.

It's also important to take care of you health. ... I'm sticking with the Lipo D!!

Tomorrow, there's an early start to shooting Indie's Hotline. It'll be tough if I don't get some sleep.

There's no photo today. (crying)


I have no idea what this Lipo D is that Anza is talking about. It could be an energy drink or something you rub in your belly. I have no clue so I translated it literally.

If anyone knows what it is, just comment on it and I'll fix it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anza HPP Diary Fri. 8/17/07

No end to the Heat

It's already hot and my energy has been drained. I hope everyone is coping with the heat all right.

The band has been getting together every day to touch up the new tunes.Writing songs and constantly making changes is serious work.

And you can feel everyone's enthusiasm as the album comes together. We're all doing our best to make this our best production ever!

To answer my sweetheart fan who gets a shock everyday. It seems like I'm always posting sad news! Because you ask, I'll no longer be buying food from the festival carts!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anza JP Fri. 8/17/07

Anza JP 8/17/07 entry #2

Right Away!!

The second day of practice was longer and we did a standing walk through. Of course, as we rehearse the script you think "Wow! All the actors are so amazing!!"

Very soon I'll have all my lines memorized. That was fast!

There's just one speech to a man that I find difficult to remember. I need to try harder!

Also, I usually show up in my gym suit , but my part calls for me to wear a yakuta, so I'll have to practice in that soon.

As for me, the role of the Samurai woman is the perfect part. It'll be fun to wear a yakuta more. (laugh)

In the training room you can feel the enthusiasm of all the actors and all the staff hotly. Tomorrow, the pace will likely be frantic!!I'll stretch my legs before I start, so I can deliver my speech when it comes to it!!!!

*This is the second entry of the day and it actually comes after the entry posted below.*

Stage Meeting

In September, I perform in the musical, "Ai, Toki wo koete (Love, across the time) Sekigahara ibun" and practice has already begun.

I was a bit nervous when I first met the cast and staff, but now it's exciting to be working in the training room.

Because I have a lot of theater experience, it's delightful to bring a story to life after a long time away from the stage. I'm very happy!

Now, I'm working with a truly wonderful cast, so I'll have to work hard if I don't want to look unpolished.

Also, we've been struck by many small earthquakes. They started as slight tremors, now they're getting stronger.

This morning there was a level 4 earthquake which made me jump to my feet. Man, it surprised me! There was no damage, but it is unsettling. (Worry)

Today there's no photograph. I forgot to take one.

Anza didn't upload a pic, so I posted the musical posters. This is the show she's talking about. There's also a link to the official site.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mito show

Here's an extra Edition for those who like following Anza and HPP. I got some news about the Mito show from Mar, the HPP guitarist.

On his Mixi page, he says that they headlined and played for 50 minutes. He said it was like a mini Solo show. The set list posted include.

1: outside
2: What's
3: inside
4:new song
5: new song 2
6: snares
7: Ill-treat
8: F's
9: I will stay

I kinda wonder which version of Inside they played. They played a really cool version at the Baggot Inn in New York. It was a mix of the studio version and the DVD version.

Another song they played at the Baggot Inn was Wandering. Anza sounds so good on that live. Of the three shows they did last year in the US, the Baggot Inn show was the best musically.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Anza JP Blog 8/11/07

It gets noisy

I haven't been up to the task to do a lot of renewals lately. Oh, please forgive me! (laugh)

The professional photographing of HPP has ended at last, after lot's of starts and stops. And already today we appear live at Mito.

Time is just flying by, does it make sense?!

Once again, I only have short breaks to take it easy. I used some precious time to shrewdly go and catch a fireworks display. It's a valuable thing to be able to relax, right?!! It helps to recharge your batteries.

But, while I was playing, I let my mouth make the first mistake. I bought something from a festival food cart which turned into a disaster! I left feeling miserable.

The next day I went to the hospital and they gave me 2 bottles of an intravenous drip. I was half-crying watching the trickle coming out. (laughing)

Still, I was able to take a picture of the fireworks. I hope this makes you feel better. (laughing)

Today is the Mito live. I'm going to do my best.

This was tougher to translate than what it looks.

Poor Anza. I wonder what she ate?

I've asked Anza before if she ever wore a yakuta to the fireworks festivals. She has answered that yet. I think I'd rather have a picture of Anza in her yakuta instead of a shot of the fireworks. I guess I shouldn't complain, we're obviously making progress in that direction.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 8/10/07

*EDIT* I borrowed the gif from Ayumi Murata's Blog*

Well now.

Today, we also had fine weather, but it's still very hot!

For a change of pace, I went out for a walk. I felt a little dizzy on the return trip home. (laugh)

Tomorrow is the Mito Light House live show. To tell the truth, it'll be quite a long time to the next live. The fighting spirit of the band is great, and I think they'll make it through the break alright. (laughing)

When the show ends, it'll be back to the old recording routine.

We're all preparing for the November album sale, the staff and the band are working hard. When everyone gets live show withdrawal symptoms, I hope we can endure watching the DVD. (laugh) Please remember me.

Tomorrow, when it comes to it, I feel that we'll probably do a longer than usual stage performance.

Everyone, let's meet at the Mito Light House.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Anza HPP Blog 8/8/07

It is hot!

It seems like Tokyo is trapped inside a sauna. Of course, some folks look to be crumbling from the heat. It's like this, when walking down the asphalt road, you become lazy and listless.

It makes you stop and think about what is really important in life.

I'm referring to doing your best to stick it out. You achieve your goals by working through things that hurt you. But how many people believe that?

In what way is it best to go for it?
What is the goal you're aiming toward?
If you want to achieve something, what is it?
How do you present yourself so that others take you seriously?

As a human you may die, but what did you do to prove you've lived even 1 time?

I'd like to be responsible for some positive changes and not be known as someone who does things half-hearted. Isn't that right?

This hot guy made a remark that broke the ice for our next project. I got a kick out of it. (laughter)

Today is the day we shoot our PV.

What kind of new life will we create? Something rare, I guess.

Anza was waxing philosophical, and I took some poetic license.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Anza JP Blog Sat. 8/4/07


The wind is really strong being influenced by the typhoon.

But, it's a good day to open your window to get a cool and pleasant breeze. With the recent heat wave, I've been running the air conditioning constantly. Today, I can turn it off and give it a rest!!

So, now I have a good reason to go and buy some fruit. Gold Kiwi!! This tastes soooo good!!

Now days, because I like the pleasant taste, I've been adding more fruit to my diet. It's good for the body. And when I heard how good it was, I decided to give it a try, so I've been getting into kiwi fruit. (laughing)

But this year, I haven't eaten any watermelon yet. Kind of strange that I haven't tried it, don't you think?

So, how are the watermelons this year? Are they delicious? I wonder.

Tomorrow, I'll go back to the supermarket and check them out!!


I'm not much of a kiwi fruit fan, but I do love watermelon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Anza JP & HPP 8/1/07

Back in Japan (music note)

I've returned home from Taiwan in good shape.

Wow! You really wouldn't believe just how hot it was. Even when you're just standing still, the sweat would cascade off of you like a waterfall!! Still, it was possible for HPP to finish the live to an excited audience, to everyone's relief.

I was hoping to do some sight seeing. But, I regret that it was too difficult to arrange it... this time.

However, I think it'll be necessary for me to return someday as a tourist. (laugh)

Good grief! I broke my shopping habit and finished in 20 minutes!!

As soon as I saw these, it was love at first sight. My photograph is the lovely shoes that I bought. (double hearts) Aren't they pretty??

****Here's a note I got from Narumi, the bass player for Head Phones President***

Date: Aug 1, 2007 10:12 AM
Re: Taiwan

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the messages.^^

Taiwan is really hot.^^; But audience were more hotter!!^^



HPP Blog 8/1


We finished the Formoz Fest show in Taiwan and have returned home safely.

In case you haven't heard, it was hotter than a fire cracker!!I thought I would die.

We had rehearsal at 10:00 in the morning on the 29th. Although I was still only half awake going to the stage.

Even that early, the sunshine was still bright and strong. Before I realized it, my skin started to burn.

Despite that, we put a lot into the rehearsal on the stone stage. It was hot and difficult. (laugh)

When we had finished rehearsal, we still had 10 hours to kill before the live show.

Because I was still tired, I went back to the hotel for some lovely sleep. (laugh)

We left there at 5:00, which was well ahead of our stage performance time, to catch the live shows of other groups. It was already crowded and more people kept showing up.

My first live in Taiwan was fun, and it seems that all my worrying was completely unnecessary.

When the band hit the stage, the kids stood up and cheered. I really felt like a Rock Star. (laugh)
I was grateful for the big audience response. They were hot!

After that, we were given the opportunity to do an MTV interview. Everyone tried to put on a serious face, but it made me bust out laughing. ( laugh)

At any rate, thanks to everyone in Taiwan. Again, while it's fresh in my mind, it felt great!! Yay! I feel relieved that I did well in my moment to shine.

We're right in the middle of our favorite pastime of doing a professional recording. We'll be doing photography for the CD on the 8th of August. Then we'll focus on the Mito live show.

My summer vacation tradition of hanging out at the pool...what happened!!!!!