Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/31/08


I also went out to get a DVD. (heart)

I wonder, has everyone gotten theirs?

Qualified sales people are waiting at the Tower Records Shibuya store, the Shinjuku store, and at the Disk Union. That's 3 locations waiting to serve you. (laugh)

By all means, you thoughts and impressions at the HPP Official Blog are always welcome.

Be sure to post your comments. The more the merrier! (laugh)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HPP Blog 10/29/08 *completed*

Hey (star) it's Anza.

Whoopy! Today, October 29th, is what day? *strap on your thinking caps, boys and girls*

Meat Day?!!

Wrong!! *Guess again, Sport*

It's the launch date of HPP's 2nd Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!! At last it goes on sale and we can complete our mission....

I can recall....July 13th was a hot summer day in Kawasaki and it was early morning when I set out, to late at night I was able to enjoy it with everyone. (laugh)

And then there was editing work which ended after shooting the PV Video.......(laugh)

Having finished it, I've done good!!!!!

Hey! Everyone be sure to get your copy. I promise you'll love it. (laugh)


The lines between the stars are quips I would have added if it was me writing this entry.

Meat Day? That was a cute joke, Anza. I had to smile at that. lol

Anza JP Blog 10/29/08

Yes, everyone. (heart)

Today, October 29th is the release date of the 2nd HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT Live DVD!

"Paralysed Box"

Please, pick up a copy and watch it today, OK?

I'm quite certain that the honest face and characteristics of the HPP members comes through with feeling. (laughing)

Because, I think that the live footage of the band introduces the world to the excitement and raw energy. (laugh)

Do it, if at all possible, for me. Please? (heart)


CD Japan shipped my copy of the DVD, today, I should get my copy in about a week. I'm very excited! ^.~

Anza Myspace Blog 10/28/08

Paralysed Box!

current mood: animated

The second Live DVD from HPP goes on sale today. This is great to see. This is the kind of work we'd like to do more!!

We'd honestly like to show the real face of HPP, we tried to project what we feel from the world to our neighborhoods.

Certainly, get it by all means. We're waiting to hear your thoughts and impressions, OK? (heart)(laugh)

I'm at home now and I have a tune shaking my head, it's starting to explode and I can hear it clearly. (laugh)

There's pretty nervous tension when I'm songwriting, which is good.

Regrettably, it's an unpleasant feeling to have a tune rattling your brains. I like to be more in control.

Because I want to hear it clear.

*HPP dropped a new DVD today.
I want you to watch it!! ^^
It includes members private and HPP's world.
Please, get it & I'm waiting for your impressions!! ^^



The part between the stars was written by Anza in English.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/26/08

That's right.

I really enjoy the Fall. My cousin wants to know when it starts.....why's that?.....bad weather.

Where is all the clear Autumn weather? (laugh)

This season there are certain places that I definitely want to go....Yessiree Bob!

Where's that?....Kinugawa Hot Springs!!!!! And Sunlight Edo Village as well!

I guess that, very soon, will be an excellent time to go see the fall colors of the trees. Don't you think?......little by little they'll be changing....

Oh well.

There's someone who can't I'm way too busy!

The Vitamin-Q promotion is about to begin.

Also, it's full steam ahead for the HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT Solo Event.

There are just 2 short months left in the year. Don't I deserve a break?

I have to put my health on the front burner.

So.....Muhahaha.....I'll play a trick on everyone.......I'm going to Sunlight Village. (laughing)


I think Anza should play a REALLY big trick on everyone and promote herself over here to America. lol

Anza Myspace Blog 10/24/08

Oh boy!!!!!!!

current mood: loved

I've just gotten back home. And guess what?

I'm watching the 2nd DVD. Which one?

HPP's Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!!

What?.....I have tears....(laugh)

I put it on at once to watch it, right? (laugh)

That's correct. It really got a hold of me. Whoa~!!! (?)

I'm laughing and I have tears? HPP saw to it that the contents are full of such feelings.!

Positively, I want everyone to get their hands on it.

Let me change the subject for a bit...

In spite of being busy, I shrewdly found time to go to Disney Sea. (laugh) I could go there anytime and always feel like I was in a country of dreams.

Even at you age, you wore the Minnie Mouse ears headband? Yup, I wore them everywhere. (laugh)

Over there, you can walk around with a natural confidence knowing that everything's OK, right?

Hey, the only thing that still makes me weak are the roller coaster rides. I spent some time waiting while the group went on ahead......

I was sitting on a bench in a surprisingly dreamy state eating caramel popcorn and checking out the scenery to pass the time. There were children frolicking about, couples holding hands, and friends laughing with each other.

Just watching all this was enough to make me happy.

My wish is that next time we all can go.

Everyone in HPP going to Disney Sea together!! (laughing)


I couldn't figure out that one line about the DVD. I posted something that made sense to me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

HPP Blog 10/23/08 *Completed*

Hey (star) it's Anza.

It's been a long time. The rumor about my death is false. (laughing)

Loud Park Festival 08 has ended.

Mar and Hiro have contributed to the Blog, but not me....still, it was a wonderful 2 days. It was truly a great experience for me.

Of course, the Live Show was scheduled to start in the morning, so when I woke up, I was worried what my voice would sound like. (laugh)

It was Day One and I didn't understand my feelings. We began unnoticed, and before you know it, the show was over.

It was all to much for me, and the remainder of the Festival was amazing....the whole time, my head just grasped things hazily as if I were drunk. And I got this feeling like I was dreaming. I really saw a lot of people there and I was so thankful. I was very grateful.

Actually, after our show was over, I cried in the bathroom. (laugh)

I felt maximum tension and anxiety. Then fear gripped me and my hands started shaking. Then I realized how much this means and knowing what's going on, I went on stage.

Yet, when I faced the audience to perform, their warm cheers could be heard.....I really felt the kindness of the fans. It was great to be alive.

And then, as soon as it was over, it was a day where I took notice of what I was aiming at. The guys in the band also have their own realities to fight with. To end it is simple. But, to continue, unless there is a spirit of togetherness, physical strength, and a willing readiness for the task at hand, it's useless. Don't you agree?

It was 9 years ago and I was desperate to separate from the past. From zero I started to make myself into a new person. Pride and the like as traits of my personality, honestly would be nothing but a hindrance as far as working with HPP is concerned. I couldn't just sponge off them, right?

I was called an Idol in the past by the Entertainment Industry and I can't completely escape it. But, I can choose a new path to live my life with no regrets. And right now, I probably don't have any.

It can be tough to bear when you reach your limits, for myself and for HPP, don't you think? Now, it doesn't scare me any more. Because, at 32 years of age, it doesn't hurt to have dreams for yourself. (laugh)

With all the help given to me by the members and the manager, their looking after me has encouraged me to dream even more. So, I'll do my best!

You'll have to pardon me, please. I ended up making a somewhat long entry.....I've said it many times over, but.....Thank you truly.


However, all the bands that appeared at Loud Park were wonderful. Yes!!

On 11/10 at Shin-Kiba Coast, MUCC and a group of foreign bands will be joining us to do a live show. I'm really looking forward to seeing some amazing bands.

And then, on 11/21, we'll be doing an HPP Solo Show. The tickets are going fast. Be sure to get yours ahead of time. (heart)


Well, I have posted the completed entry. Anza wasn't kidding when she said it was somewhat long. I had 2 cups of coffee go cold on me while I was working on it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/20/08

Completely exhausted.

The Loud Park 08 Show at Saitama's huge Arena has ended successfully. For everyone who came to see me, I'm so grateful.

With everyone cheering, it's hard to tell how much that stimulated me to doing a better show......

My hands were shaking and my face turned pure white......when I became aware of it, the show ended , and I returned to normal. (?) (laugh)

Certainly, we were prepared and it took some courage to pull it off. But, there were a lot of people at the Arena that morning, considering that HPP kicked off the Event.....I was very happy. I really appreciate it from the heart.

I want to diligently dedicate my everyday life to even higher goals from now on.

However, there were other wonderful bands to see!!!!

Slip Knot, Carcass, and then Machine Head's appearance.....the bands were totally cool. (heart)

Yuya might have translated this entry better because he was at the show. I did my best though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/19/08

Spinning like a top

current mood: cooky/wacky

It seems like the victory song is blasting louder. (laugh)

Loud Park 08 is over.

Already I'm trying to understand what's what.....the finish has made me come to realize lot's of different feelings. (laugh)

The first affect was when I saw the many-many people there at the show.....

My hands were trembling, and it was a long walk from the dressing room to the stage. Then at the side of the stage, I had to dig up all my courage and walk out.....

.....There were many cheering fans....where ever I looked, there were many heart was full of gratitude.

Absolutely, I'll never forget 10/18 2008 from 11:00 to 11:35 no matter what.

I have another goal that starts from here. For myself, what is it I'd like to keep doing?

I feel that lies should not be in music. I also want to add more charm to what you hear......I think I need to study this more closely.

Everyone, truly from my heart, Thank you very much.

After this, best wishes to you all. (heart)



Mar posted a lot of cool pics from the show on his Mixi page. I'm just overwhelmed.

Anza Myspace Blog 10/16/08


current mood: hot

It's a clear Autumn sky! It feels great!

Yesterday, for the first time many years? I went over to Disneyland! Of course, I was parading around wearing a head band with Minnie Mouse's big ears! (laughing)

There were only a few people there at the park.....but, I felt I was in a land of dreams.....I really felt like I was healed.

Well, whether I was sleeping or awake, crying or was all to help me reach tomorrow. All the HPP members have turned their attentions to tomorrow. And each one is making their own preparations.

Everyone, help people who come from far away places and be careful. If you're from nearby, be sure to help the late risers to get to the arena. (laugh) any rate, I'll try to concentrate my whole mind and body into the struggle.

HPP is about to begin it's 8th year....? Well, it exceeded my imagination of what I thought possible when we first started.

However, I got through all the obstacles with the help of the other members and the manager who were always there for me.

At certain times, I felt I was dying.....but, now my hopes are high.

Tomorrow, when we meet at the Assembly Hall, I'll get powered up by the fans. That makes me happy.

I'll do my best!

Please, don't forget me!


I'd love to have seen Anza running around Disneyland wearing Minnie's ears! lol

Anza HPP Blog 10/12/08

Hey (star) it's Anza. is everyone? HPP is healthy, except for some muscle pain. (laugh)

We made our return trip home from Kanazawa safely. To everyone who came out to the Kanazawa AZ Fest yesterday, Thank you! (heart)

And everyone on the AZ staff, the local band, "me-Bains" *, along with the members of Guardian Hackers, Thank you!

The amazing-amazing energy I got was enjoyable fun. We were just disappointed over one thing. We weren't able to go soak in the hot springs which the HPP members love so much. (laugh)
The hot spring is truly the Cat band favorite. (?)

Well now, the next live at a huge arena! Uh huh.

I think for sure the tears will come out naturally. (laugh)

When I see the faces of the band members, the face of our manager, and the faces of all the fans that cheer for HPP, I think I'll have all sorts of different feelings on that day!

And then, the anniversary of our goal is coming up, I think. As always, we dream on a grand scale. Saying that, HPP is an important family and there are different things that make me fight out for our dream.

Sometimes, just plain old honesty is tough on a person. Then you cry and feel hurt, and then you quarrel a bit. Good Heavens!

But then I remember that it's all a part of human nature and I laugh about it. Then I get back to making music.

If one person laid down his instrument, that would be the end of the music. Even though one person is not the whole band.

And, unless all the HPP members are together, the music will not be born. That's truly amazing, don't you think? But, it takes Hiro Mar, and Narumi with important drum work from Batch, and myself.

I'm going to push on even more.

I'm bound to lose, right? (laugh)


Well, I finally got this entry done. When my computer broke down, I could have gotten one of my friends to translate this, but I felt I wanted to do this one myself. So, sorry for taking so long.

Not sure of the name of the local band, although I tried to look it up. And I'm not sure what Anza means by, Cat Band.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/10/08


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The stage show has safely ended. At last, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT live concerts start back up.

This morning (the 11th), because of the Kanazawa Event performance, I'll be getting up quite early.

It seems that the weather will be bad. So, I think it'll turn into a very hot stage show!

Just one week till "Loud Park"? Hey!!!!

I'm so excited....everyone come and cheer us on!!!!

I've been hooked recently on "Rusk"! Splendid!


I don't know what "Rusk" of Anza's parting zingers for me to wonder about.

The Loud Park Festival show for HPP ended yesterday. Mar on his Mixi page said everything went well. He's supposed to post some pics later. I may try to snag a few for everyone to see.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/12/08

Oh Yeah!

Running around after the stage has been extremely active. Well, it makes the time pass, maybe a little too fast.....

Yesterday, HPP performed live at Kanazawa. This was the latest show at Kanazawa AZ since January and it was really fun. For some reason, I truly enjoy this Live House as a place to play. It's important to me because it feels like coming back to a home town crowd.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us. I guarantee you that we'll be back to play at Kanazawa again!!

Next up for HPP is the live concert at Loud Park 08!! It's in the Saitama Super Arena!!!!

The tension for me is through the roof.....but, I promise I won't fall flat on my face!

I'll be surrounded by air in such a big place! (?)


Well, I got my computer back on line after some technical difficulties.

I'm hoping to catch up with Anza's Blog's in the next day or two.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/6/08


With all seriousness, I was able to face the Final Show of, "Only You"!!!! I want to say to everyone, truly-truly Thank You very much.

When I received the script, I started to read through it rapidly. I remember the suspense as I worried more and more thinking, "What an extreme role"!!!! Bad influence. (laughing)

Now, though, I really enjoy being called the sexy and cute Miss Ayako. (heart)

And now, to everyone in the cast and on the staff, with all my heart, thanks.

Really, from the time the company hit the training room, the laughter never stopped! It was a wonderful company.

And last, above all else, to everyone who came to see me perform, Thank you very much indeed. Kissing up.

Today, I know that just a Blog post is inexcusable. I'll up a photograph at a later date!

From this day on- HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT!!!!!


I would have posted this sooner, but my computer kicked off early this morning and I'm trying to get it back on line.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/30/08


Let me introduce you to Miss Momoko Bitou, the young lady who plays Reiko!!

Somehow or other, she's always bright and energetic. In the dressing room she makes sure there's a lively atmosphere. Momo-chan doesn't hold back when she laughs and everyone is amused. I LOVE YOU (heart)

Also, there are few performances remaining and we're about to reach the end. I'd like to pull out all the stops and extract everything I can from my character. I want to give it my best till the end.

Thank-you for your many letters and gifts.

I'm grateful.


I really like this picture of Anza and Momo. They look adorable