Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/22/08

Taking Heart~!

In a recent Blog entry, I wrote that I had a premonition that before long I'd be going back to Sunlight Edo Village.......Guess what? I went!!!!!!!! (laughs)

I had two goals in mind when I went!

First, I wanted to celebrate and meet the aunt at the tea shop!! And then, I wanted to meet the actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa!!

Giggling (heart) The fine weather has also returned, the aunt was very glad, and Mr Ken Hasegawa was fantastic as usual. They made it a special and happy time.

At Sunlight, the cherry trees are still in bloom! However they are not in full bloom.

I'm relishing my Hanami feeling. It's something, after a long time, to be able to relax~.

Well, I guess before too long I'll be going back.

Golden Week is a very packed and busy time at Sunlight Edo Village. But, for 3 to 6 days, I will push Ken Hasegawa who is likely to be busy, busy busy!

That being the case, certainly make plans to visit Edo Village!!!

Incidentally, be sure to check out the open air show!

Surugaya shop Aunt!
Mr Ken Hasegawa !
Mr. Ken in action!


If you're in Japan, I suggest you take Anza's advice and go visit Edo Village and see the show. I finally got to see Ratatouie. It was a really good animated film. I could just imagine Anza sitting in the theater laughing at some of the gags in the movie.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/18/08


I'm feeling strong. (laughing)

I took off for Ai Hazama....time is still turning round and round.

Going here and running there and feeling free to be noisy. ?

But, I had the happiest time.

I love the place and going there is a wonderful thing!!

I got myself some new shoes and jeans!

Now I'm quite happy, because what I was still wearing was no good! ?

It looks like the rain will be falling for a while...I'm wishing it will clear up and be pretty for every day of Spring~.


Not to sure of "Ai Hazama". At first I thought she was talking about a friend, then I figured it was a store. I think this was an Anza shopping spree.

HPP Blog 4/18/08

It's Anza (star)

Hey! What's with this being sleepy everyday....does this have something to do with "spring sickness"??

Such as it is, my post to celebrate Mar's birthday has been delayed 2 days~!

HPP members and Batch, with help from a few friends that run with the band came out to party!

Extremely extremely, delightful Mar at 32 years of age. (laugh)

He was given many presents, however the best present that brought the most laughter was Foster's Life Saki from Hiro.

Well well, the older brother giving the younger brother Foster's Saki is different. (laughing)

Usually, it's the reverse. (laugh)

Anyhow, Congratulations!!!

{ 2 pics }


We've also had a little excitement here in Kentucky. We were rocked by a 5.2 earthquake. We don't get many , so this was a big deal here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/11/08

Let Me See.

My physical condition is improving, thanks to a vigorous exercise routine I'm doing every day. (laugh)

If only I had more time to hit the swimming pool after working out at the gym. I'm feeling like a fish. (laugh)

Today, after a long time, the fine weather has returned. Yes! It's something to see the sky when I look up. It makes me happy as I walk along. (heart)

After this, my next stage practice is about to begin. This is something I'm really anticipating. It's my wish to do this as much as possible!

The rumor is that it's likely this year will end at a dizzying pace.....(laugh)

Also, HPP is about to start the second half of the live schedule at Hokkaido!!

Hey! I'm doing my best.

Working out......working out!!!!!!! (laugh)


If Anza needs a personal trainer, I'm available. lol

Thursday, April 10, 2008

HPP Blog 4/11/08

It's Anza (star)

Hey! A member should write something for the Blog!

This is the usual time for that sort of thing. (laughing)

Very soon, the second half of the live club tour will start in Hokkaido. Each member of the band is busy making their preparations.

Meanwhile, the operation of a secret project is advancing favorably. (laugh) I can't tell you what it is yet~.

Just to let you know, very soon Mar will become one year older. (laughing) April 15th is Mar's birthday!!

I'll congratulate him now so I won't be late.

That's all I have to say.


Happy Birthday to Mar.

My birthday is April 13th.

Anza JP Blog 4/6/08 *Akira Edit*


Once again my physical condition is weird...

My stomach started to make noise during a band rehearsal after I went to the stone sauna....then, after that, it became worse....

What's wrong? Is it supposed to be that bad when you start to dry out?Or is it a cold??

Some delicious food was placed before my eye and I tried to eat it, even though it was hot and spicy.....then shoot!!!!!!!!

However, I truly did receive a wonderful gift! I was almost already in tears!!

I will be fine!!!!! The present was something secret. (laugh)


Thanks again to Rika-Chicchi for some helpful pointers.


"Akira Translation"

Of course I will help you anytime when you're

Here's a translation of me.

Physical condition is bad once again.....
I go for bedrock bath, then come to have something
wrong with the stomach during the reharsal of the
Then it begins bad and bad....
What is it?
Has a bad thing took out with detox?
Or is it a cold??
It is hard for me that I can't eat appetizing foods
very front of me.......Sh*t!
But I had a really splendid present!
I'm happy so much with tears!!
I seem to be able to get well!!!!!
It's a secret what it is. (laughing)

Do you know bedrock bath?
It's good for health and she likes it so much.
But sometimes it cause some bad conditions.
So maybe her stomach get wrong because of it.
Here's a link for bedrock bath spa where I've worked
for a years ago.
(Sorry, only in Japanese.)

I hope this will be something help for you.
Take care.


Once again, Thank God for Akira.

When I first started this translation Blog, I thought I was familiar enough with Japanese Cultural differences to be able to do a really good job. But, Anza is able to post a new cultural difference per week. That's what makes translating difficult.

You can tell "Detox" has different cultural meanings. My translation makes Anza sound like a bit of a lush. lol

Friday, April 4, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/2/08


There are more beautiful cherry blossoms.

When walking along the other day, I only saw a little bit of the storm damage to the blossoms.

They hadn't all died. It was the strong wind scattering the blossoms. In spite of that....the amazing cherry trees bounced back! Great!

There's so much variety in life. Don't you think? (laugh)

Picking up the phone to call a friend is a lovely experience. It's good to talk to other musicians who understand the pains and hardships of doing things.

*Bodijeru* rosewood is the best and my favorite of the body creams!Their hand cream is also good!

Perhaps I'll be going back to Nikko soon. It's a premonition I have. (heart) I was really into it when I went there not too long ago. I think it's important to do some celebrating there!!


Not too sure about the *Bodijeru* rosewood cream. It's probably not 100% correct, but I think it's close enough.

HPP Blog 3/31/08

It's Anza (star)

The cold weather is something. Don't you think?

The cherry blossoms were scattered. Weren't they?

Not quite....I'm going to try Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) once again. Yes!

Now then, a new Tokyo live show has been added to the schedule. (Marz, Shinjuku on May 6)

After the Quatro show, or since February.....I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Maria of IN THIS MOMENT, after all our long room discussions. Then Maria sent me a surprise email, yet, there isn't much to report. (laugh) ?

After a long time away, everyone come to the Tokyo live all revved up. (laugh)

Tickets have gone on sale!!

With HPP becoming more popular, the band members are giving it all they've got. Again! (laugh)


Not sure about the about the IN THIS MOMENT part.