Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/22/08

Taking Heart~!

In a recent Blog entry, I wrote that I had a premonition that before long I'd be going back to Sunlight Edo Village.......Guess what? I went!!!!!!!! (laughs)

I had two goals in mind when I went!

First, I wanted to celebrate and meet the aunt at the tea shop!! And then, I wanted to meet the actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa!!

Giggling (heart) The fine weather has also returned, the aunt was very glad, and Mr Ken Hasegawa was fantastic as usual. They made it a special and happy time.

At Sunlight, the cherry trees are still in bloom! However they are not in full bloom.

I'm relishing my Hanami feeling. It's something, after a long time, to be able to relax~.

Well, I guess before too long I'll be going back.

Golden Week is a very packed and busy time at Sunlight Edo Village. But, for 3 to 6 days, I will push Ken Hasegawa who is likely to be busy, busy busy!

That being the case, certainly make plans to visit Edo Village!!!

Incidentally, be sure to check out the open air show!

Surugaya shop Aunt!
Mr Ken Hasegawa !
Mr. Ken in action!


If you're in Japan, I suggest you take Anza's advice and go visit Edo Village and see the show. I finally got to see Ratatouie. It was a really good animated film. I could just imagine Anza sitting in the theater laughing at some of the gags in the movie.

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