Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/30/08


Since the 29th, song practice for the musical, "Only You" has begun.

That's to say, I have started and the rest of the cast is already looking after me...I'll be participating in the live and the recording this time...

Anyway, there's speaking practice. Just buckling down, studying, and doing the vocal exercises is amazing!!

And, Mari Takeuti's musical composition is truly beautiful. I know I feel the sympathy of the song lyrics. The melodies are lovely to my ears. (heart)(heart) ?

After saying that, I still have a good many things to memorize!! I'll have to be steady, and how!!!!! There's also song practice tomorrow, so I need to keep doing my best!!!

Here's a pic of me and my favorite doll, Mirupo-chan. ( his full name is a closely guarded secret, laughing)


Cute pic of Anza and her doll.

Monday, July 28, 2008

HPP Blog 7/27/08

Hey! (star) It's Anza.

I'm back in Japan after our show in Taiwan.

I can sum up the trip in one word........Great!!!!!!!!!!

If you exclude the humidity, Taiwan is the best! But, the real heat was at the Live concert.

A lot of fans showed up with the HPP Formoz picture book from a year ago~ they brought them with then to the show.......I was so happy.

Cheers and applause welcomed us which proved to us they were ready to rock. ?

For the first time, someone tried to pull me down to the seats from the stage. (laugh)

I just reached out my hand for a second......then many people had me by the arm!!!! Well, I was surprised. (laugh)

But, all the love I felt in Taiwan!! ~~~~~~~~I won't forget it!

Perhaps Hiro will do a Taiwan report? I think he should do it for me as a favor. (laugh)

Here are photographs of Taiwan. It's at lunch before the live concert.

Anza MySpace Blog 7/26/08


current mood: Loved

I've returned home from Taiwan.

Well~ it was hot!! But, the music was also hot!!

There was a bit of nostalgia on the 2nd Taiwan Tour. We had the same hotel as last year, which gave me a feeling of familiarity.

And then, we were back for the 2008 FORMOZ Festival. However, there were so many happy things.

First of all, the people of Taiwan are truly kind.... it was good to experience the warmth of so many people.

Then, the fans who came to see HPP last year came back, and then some. The floors were jammed with people. It was wonderful. Before we started playing, the fans were cheering which brought a few tears to my eyes.

Hey! I most certainly will go back to Taiwan.



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/27/08

Here I am.

I've returned from Taiwan.

Even though the humidity was oppressive, the live show was hot!!!

Taiwan's people have an enormous amount of kindness. Their kindness is amazingly friendly and powerful.

I'm not sure if people were responding to something I did, but this tour was well worth doing. ?

The Formoz Festival is really the best of the best in Taiwan.

I'll be sure to go again!!!


Wow! Cool pic of the guys.

HPP Blog 7/24/08

Hey, (star) It's Anza

Hold on for my latest Blog entry. (laugh)

For some reason, Mar posted a blog saying he started his own coffee shop and named it after himself. (laugh)

But you know, some of the guys might eventually open their own store. (laugh)

Now, I'm posting today, then I'm off to Taiwan. Last year there was a severe amount of humidity.....This year we are considerably more prepared.....

hopefully-------Please God! ?

This time our band is looking forward to seeing Taiwan with a local band which should be fun.

After the Live Festival, I have plans to pick up a pair of fake Converse shoes. (laugh) I bought a pair last year and they turned out to be my favorite!!

There's a shoe store at Taipei Station in an underground shopping Mall. I hope I can make it.

Have I properly prepared the other members for this trip? I think they all have their passports. (laugh) After going to Australia to perform, they may have misplaced them.

Me? I'm prepared....sort of. (laugh)

By the way, there have been many earthquakes. Iwate had a strong one that registered more than 6......I'm fine....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/23/08


Yes, it's hot. (laugh)

The summer time Fireworks Festivals have begun, so I went out to take a look.

I wore a pretty Yakuta as I walked to see the display.....(laugh) I guess I still can't walk perfectly. (laugh) ?

We take off for Taiwan tomorrow. This time we decided not to take too much baggage. Still, I have nothing done.

In hot, hot Taiwan, there waits a huge struggle. (heart) Surely, in a short time, This live will be my next test.

Go for it!!!!


A Yakuta is a summer Kimono. It's traditional to wear one to a Fireworks Festival.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/22/08

Understanding it.

HPP has just finished our studio rehearsal.

I like to think of my vocals as a musical instrument and I somehow use them like one. However, if I tried to used them like a guitar or a bass drum, I don't think that would work!

I feel that the Live houses in Japan have gotten truly good equipment for playing live music.

Every time we do a live overseas, something strange or funny is bound to happen. Like equipment problems, having an old guitar amp frying a fuse...or stage monitors you can barely hear...we're being forged in a fire!

The power of the band is put to the test instantly at those moments.

As for HPP, I feel that we have a lot of things left to do.

Now, should we do a free live show? I'd like to try that. I'd like to test my ambitions and goals, and throw everything into it. ?

What should I do?.....(laugh)


If Anza wants to do a free show, I would think they have bands for fireworks Festivals. Or, do a live show in a park with help from the Department of Parks and Rec. with Towers records and a radio station as sponsors. That's the way we would do it in the US.

Also, HPP will be headed to Taiwan for the Formoz Festival in a day or two. You may want to send a message to Narumi on the HPP Myspace page to wish them well.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anza JP Blog 07/21/08

It's really hot every day….
Was accompanied on a day and changed but... I went for live of Marcia-san and KAZZ-san on 20th.
I went for the live of other people after a long absence!
Because I had been it all the time on a studio and a stage in these days….
It was already the best live!!!!!
As for two people, the talking is really pleasant not to singing, too!
It was the day that I was enraptured and it roared with laughter after a long absence.
After all the live is good.
I am thank you a my big sister Marcia, and a big brother KAZZ on wonderful live!!

HPP Blog 07/19/08

Hey☆it's ANZA.

What? It turns me again?? What are you doing, other members~~?(laughting)
Oh…Thank you for a message in comment.
The HPP member is preparing for a Taiwanese festival now. It is every day when it makes a fuss all the time.
We must be careful about machine parts or something or other maintenance by a flow with an event of CITTA and the Taiwanese festival from an Australian tour.
It is a matter of course…. The reallty is not readily possible the commonplace well(laughting) Being steady!! Yes!!!

I think and feel various things, and I live every day recently.
I can feel terrible that I drained it carefully, and do my circumference and oneself change so far...?
I do not understand it well... But I want to really live in every day seriously.
The song is so.
The truth does not need the thing which I elaborated in the case of HPP, and a real feeling is important.
The live of every time does not become same.
The song is so, too. It is natural that different to think every time, because we're living.
I am ruled over by myself till I enter the stage and go down. It is past, and it is the present….
I do not want sing the song of the false cry lie! I sing any kind of genre conflicts for seriousness!!
Members of HPP always hold out hands to such oneself.
Therefore I am used to seriousness.
And it is supported by all of you taking it.
Therefore I can sing for seriousness.

Well, what happens to the next album...?(layguing)
Tehehe...The making of music is pleasant.

HPP Blog 07/14/08

Hey☆it's ANZA.

Thank you for the people who came to Kawasaki though it was hot.
Yesterday I saw the face of the various places to the front row very well because the there was a DVD shooting and comparatively bright illuminations.
I was pleased with selfishness to see the everyone's eyes, absolutely.(laughting) Hey... Sometimes I seem scowl you...but it is never it for the reason disliking you by any means.(laughing)
However there was so hot. It was really hard for me poor at moisture~.

We did a new song.
That music has special thought.
An acquaintance died just recently.
It be too crushed…myself almost disappears, too.
Originally it was different music. It's a music made of the rooms of the Australian hotel. It is by considerable short time with a member.
Surely I think that it was the music that I should make. I think that my thought reached the member because Ii was very simplify it….
It was good that I had a member of HPP.
I am not alone….

A place to hit all thought on.
A place to color all space into.
All real.
And the place where is like a human being.

I am not cencerned even if I make a wound to a body even if a bruise is left.
The place that can confirm one's existence always comes together with the wound.
Because it is serious. A bruise is full this time. Because is seriously(laughing)
I wished that i wanted to be a human being to stand with all a body and soul forever in the stage.

Anza JP Blog 7/19/08

It ended!

I've wrapped up the recording!!!!!!!

I wanted to record a song that was dreamy. And I wanted to put all of my feelings into it.

The tune was different from an HPP recording so I was a bit perplexed and a feeling of suspense took over me.....

But, it was a truly wonderful experience and I think the finished song will turn out just right.

All that remains is the final mixing. So, I have to wait before it's finished.

Please, wait a little while and the information announcement will be released. Well, I'll try to be patient!

I need to get started on my Taiwan preparations.

Hey! I need to get to work on a shopping list. (laugh)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/18/08


Renewing my Blog every day is my new target!! What's in it? (laugh)

I've had to find the means to endure a hot mental trauma. My extreme test was the English Language.....My Middle School teacher wasn't worth crap and I had to face a lot of bullying.

It's not just that. I'm also a mixed race.....

Now days, it's not all that unusual, but it was back then. With this face, being able to speak English just seemed natural.

To put it bluntly, I was ridiculed, so I cheated my way through it. ?

Back in the old days it seemed I would die and the situation was heart breaking. There was no complete cure.

But, with an English face and HPP, I'm going to continue this fight.

I want to speak the English Language. And not just speak it, but to talk like I was native to it.....I'll live stronger.

It's only a matter of English study.

I'm no longer an alien. (laugh)


Anza learning English? You go, girl!

Anza JP Blog 7/17/08


On the 16th, I'm recording a certain project. It's scheduled to the 19th, but....

However, it's very different music from HPP, it's quite lovely. (heart)

This time there were a variety of experiences that helped me grow. I saw endless possibilities of experiences as I broadened my horizons. I still have a long way to go as I venture into this strange territory.. In this way, I'd like what I create to be a great achievement.

Lies and being fake, sadness and anger, I want to forget those sort of things that hurt me in the past.

Now, I'll be too serious tomorrow. (laugh)

Oh! I'm drinking Minute Maid fruit drinks in the morning to improve my health. They're delicious!

I'm drinking them every day. (laugh)

Anza JP Blog7/16/08

Man, I have a pain in my neck. (laugh) I wish this ache would go away....Uh huh....

Hey! I wasn't expecting something like that.

How many people take it seriously when you sing your music? ?

Once the live show is over, you leave the stage with your body and voice trembling. I have the feeling that I'm all used up.

Being true to the genre of the music, I don't want to forget what the fans like. So, I struggle to do my best.

Tomorrow is the second round of "Rekodingu". ( the date changed.....laugh)

It's serious.


I'm not sure what "Rekodingu" is. Could be almost anything.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/14/08


I've returned home from Kawasaki. I'm sleepy.....and tired. (laugh)

Let me everyone who came to see the show, from the bottom of my heart, Thank-You.

Also, we debuted our new song and we only had a short time to work on it. (laughing)

Yesterday, I talked about how hot it is....the humidity is also bad. The humidity inside during the live show was high and I had to fight through it. (laugh)

The next live show is in Taiwan. It's even hotter there than it is in Japan and the humidity is severe......the same as last year, I guess.

I hope I survive it. (laugh)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/11/08

Let me see....

Generally, I'm rushing around every day. I've been working hard at the studio.

Now, there are only going to be two live shows this month.

HPP will be shooting our second DVD at Club Citta in Kawasaki....captured live after a long time~.

Then, we'll be playing at the Formoz Festival in Taiwan for the second time.

In August, I begin musical practice. I'm looking forward to it with excitement.

The hot weather is beginning to set in....I already feel wore out. (laughing)

I'm already giving in to my sweet tooth for delicious things. It's a weakness I have. (laughing)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Next Stop Addict XX

I'm off to Tokyo, Japan. Then after that to Kawasaki for the HPP Addict XX DVD show. I'm hoping to see a few friends there. I'll try to post updates of my trip on MySpace.

They'll be performing this Sunday. You may want to write Anza and HPP and wish them well before the show!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 7/4/08

Fantastic Every Day Life

current mood: Loved

I've returned home safely from the Australia Tour. It was a truly beautiful country.

Each person was bubbling over with kindness and the first thought that crossed my mind was how much I liked everyone.

Now, to the bands that played with us in Sydney and Melbourne, you all have my complete thanks. It was a great meeting and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

And, in spite of our first time to tour there, to all the new fans who came out to see us, Thank You.

I'll surely be going back to Australia again!!!

*I love Australia!!



This may be my last translation for a while. I take off for Tokyo, Japan on Thursday to catch the HPP DVD show. I'll try to update my trip on my Myspace page. I have a new digital camera, and I will use it! lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/4/08

I came home Safely!

I've returned home back to Japan.

Our first tour of Australia was wonderful. There were some really nice looking neighborhoods and towns that has a European feeling. I caught a lot of it in photos. (laugh)

And you know, the people were kind and always had smiling faces. I was deeply moved even though it was my first time there.

Also, when we were waiting for the HPP live shows, we were met by a lot of fans and I was really touched!

I've already decided that I'll definitely be going back to Australia.

On an OFF day, I met a koala bear. (laughing)

Wow, it's cute!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Australia Live pic

It's been a while since Anza updated. But I found a live pic that someone took at the Friday show at the Excelsior Hotel in Sydney. Her website URL is written on the pic if you'd like to check out her page and read her comments about the show.