Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/30/09 *completed*

Hey, guys. It's Anza (star)

I've returned home!!

Anyhow, it was a busy schedule. Yet somehow it was even more fulfilling.

First things first, right?

To everyone for all you did for me, Thank you. Every day I was bubbling over with gratitude.

There were really a lot of people who came out to the concert halls, so to them Thank you. Again, it certainly felt like an honor to be permitted to meet you all.

Even though I say I was busy, this member was always calculating ways to find and eat delicious foods. (laugh) I even found a Hot Spring to go to which was very satisfying.

Well, we picked up recording where we left off. We left behind a song to record.....yeah....for some reason, I'm very fired up about it.

Surely, so far I've been able to deliver my feelings. This has been a tour to test my strength and hopefully to make me stronger.

What is reality?

There are lies and fleeting bits of information that you get from your environment. For me and the others it tends to slam on the brakes on your personal growth. ?

HPP, in a round about way, try to set in motion the things that are on mine and the other guys hearts. That's why we always tell only the truth in our Live Shows. This is possibly the biggest fact I've come to realize on this tour.

I'm looking ahead and cheerful. I'm wondering what surprises await when I sing at the next show. ?

The next Live show is in Shibuya!!

So, let's meet in Shibuya. (heart)

Anza Myspace Blog 3/28/09


current mood: happy

I've arrived back home for the first time since the tour started. It's quite a hectic schedule to have, but it really recharges my batteries. So, I'd love to do more.

To each of the bands where we came to call at an Event, and to the band Van staff, everyone Thank you!

And then, to everyone who came to see us at the shows, really Thank you! (heart)

As for the latest tour, there were a lot of people who have supported me for years who had to wait for our return. And when we showed up they were very pleased to see us.

There are new fans that know HPP from Loud Park and from Burrn! magazine. So, there were many people who have heard of us and came to see HPP Live.....I was very delighted.

The reason is, that it's a hot thing to live life to the fullest, right?

At such moments it truly touches my heart, filling it with a warm feeling. It's like being wrapped in a happy letter.

So many people have supported me to make me happy that I really want to do my best and try even harder.

Oh! But, as usual, we're still a dark and gloomy band, right?! (laugh)

I put a new song in the Oita Live set list and I'm ready to shout myself hoarse at the next show.

The next Live where you can come and hear us is here in should be. (laugh)

In Kyushu, I had a data collecting interview and the like. So, check it out, OK?!

Anza JP Blog 3/28/09

Run and gun~!

I've returned home to collapse!

We hit the road on the 19th to start the tour. The Live shows in Nagoya City, Fukuoka City, Oita, and Kagoshima have all finished safely.

This appears to be the tour where we jump from one show to the next. But, it also appears to be the tour packed with more details and content.

We called all the bands at the Events before we showed up in our trusty van. So, to all the bands and everyone on the staff, Thank you.

And to all the fans who came out to our shows, from my heart, Thank you.

I feel so very grateful.

Thank you. (heart)

I was shrewdly thinking ahead on this tour and always looking for great places to eat lot's of delicious foods. (laugh)

Some of the other members were with me on this, and now they are members who are sporting extra padding on their waists. (laugh)

At each place we visited, we took time out to do a radio interview. You were sure to check it out, right?!

Well, we're still recording so you can expect more from us!!!!

I'm keeping up the good fight!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 3/23/09


current mood: energetic

The shows in Nagoya City and Fukuoka City have been successfully completed and now HPP is off to Oita.

The last few days were not entirely off days. We did guest appearances on a TV program, a radio show, and data collecting for a magazine. After the Live show, I honestly wanted to do more sight seeing.

At Nagoya City and also at Fukuoka City, it was really great to see so many people come out to the concert and it made me very happy.~ (star)

Everyone is also thankful to our Band Van!

It's a fairly famous vehicle and I'm told I have to sell it in a hurry. I just have to accept the situation and bid her farewell. I can't say Thanks enough.

The big thing tomorrow is the Live Show. Of course, we have plans to hit the Hot Springs that we have been brought close to thanks to our schedule. (laugh)

Ah! It was lovely at Kyushu with all the cherry trees blooming! I can't wait to return to Tokyo and watch all the cherry trees bloom there. I think seeing them will be quite a good feeling, like living in Paradise!!

Now, I'm totally focused on what needs to be done tomorrow, right?

I'll see you at the Show.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/18/09

Tension Up!

See you later because I've already headed off to Sunlight Edo Village!!!!!!!!!

I had to force it into my schedule, but I'm having quite a good time.~ (heart)

Hey! of course I went to the play to catch the appearance of Mr. Ken Hasegawa and watch the action!!! I quickly went to 2 open air shows and already it's been a big satisfaction for me!!

The weather in Sunlight is also good. The plum trees and lot's of pretty flowers are in bloom.

The play again.....there's another amazing actor with a truly different style!!

Ken-san and his co-star are appearing together!!

I got the chance to meet him......excellent......I can't complain. (laughs)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 3/17/09


current mood: hot

I was at home watching TV when a documentary about a boxer caught my eye. *

I ended up having deep respect for him. As the years pile up they take a toll on his physical strength, his attitude helped him to overcome such obstacles when it was time to fight. I received a lot of courage from his story!

The world worries about such things as age. How many people would have abandoned their dream to bury it in the ground? It seem that people's attitudes still have far to go.....

it's the same with a band.

You have to be realistic when you're confronted with money problems, your parent's opinions, the look of your surroundings, and you're exposed to in-fighting. I think it's too much for a lot of band members to put up with.

But, it's tough to stick it out, to give up the dream is easy.........right?

I think it's a lie to assume the worst. I sometimes worry that I'll pass through my 30's without either love or marriage......however, it's too early to think like that as yet. (laugh)

Currently, I'm loving HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT more and more. (laugh)

What can I say for certain?.....

I want to keep going after my dream forever, not crying and allowing my age to become a barrier. I really have a lot to say about it, but it's hard for me right now to express it!

When I was 20 years old, I thought a song expression of me was unmistakable. ?

I guess in time I should act more womanly? I wonder. (laugh)

I think I need to pray more so that everyone's dream will sparkle! All the more reason to tour!!!!! yeah!

Each chance I get to meet everyone at the concert hall is something I look forward to more and more.



Whew! I made it! Anza's Myspace Blogs are tough to translate.

She names the boxer in the first sentence, but I can't figure out. If any knows, just tell me and I'll fix it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/17/09

Hey guys, Anza here. (star)

We successfully completed the first half of the new recording. The only thing left is to record the vocal track and do a final mix down. Oh! And running off a Master CD!!

The tour starts back up this week! It's been quite a long time since we appeared on stage....ya think? You'd have to go back to January when we played at the Boxx Club!!

The recording is something like a musical performance, although you're not playing in front of a live audience. You still feel like you've performed a bit, so you don't miss it as much, right?

But, touring is my first love and lot's of fun, yes! (laugh)

I love the food and trying new dishes, also going to the hot springs. Along with shopping and sightseeing!!!! That's when we have a fair amount of time to play. (laugh)

Of course, the Live show is the Main Event, right? (laugh)

On this latest tour, a day-off will almost be non-existent if the manager has her say. Almost everyday now, I have to accommodate such things like radio, TV appearances, and the collecting of data. It eats up my free time and I have no time to play!!!! The relentless manager is quickly turning into an ogre. (laugh)

But, all the band members are in high spirits!! On this tour, make sure you come out to the Live Houses to meet us. I'm looking forward to the chance!!

And now......

About 4 years ago, HPP got our beloved tour van to hit the road. But, in 18 days, she'll be put out to pasture because we've outgrown her......

Her official full name is Deli Delicatessen!
Thank you truly!! We owe you a lot!!

Last souvenir picture. (crying)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/13/09


Here's an announcement I haven't made as yet. However, it's ready now so here it is......

I, for the first time, had the privilege of performing in a PV video for a band different than my own!! This PV is put together by some truly wonderful people.

It will be included on VAMPS-sans new single featuring KAZ-san and Lyrics by HYDE-san.

On March 13th, they'll be releasing, I GOTTA KICK START NOW. It's the PV for the cover tune of "Trouble" that I had the privilege to make my appearance.

And "Trouble" will be the new CF Image song for GEREZZA!

This was shot when Vitamin-Q was rehearsing for the AX Live show. I was nervous because I had to take off in the middle of everything to do the filming. (laugh)

The Sunday we went to photograph, the weather at the location was bad. It was bitter cold.

With my two friends from VAMPS, and the teamwork of all the people on the staff, it was a wonderful experience. I was really impressed with everyone's dedication to the project. (laugh)

My appearance turned out very good!!!

Everyone, please be sure to check out VAMPS-san's new tune, OK?!!

Look for me wearing a nice looking mini-skirt. Even I was excited when I got to wear it. (laugh)


I made the link clickable to the CD Japan order page if you'd like to get this CD.

I foung the PV of Trouble on Youtube. I have to say that I really like this tune. And Anza looks fabulous!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 3/12/09

Reset Button.....

current mood: quixotic

Occasionally, I would like a control switch to flip sometimes when things are difficult. With me, when my emotions are unclear, I find it hard to guess which direction to take.

I'm writing about how expression plays a role in the life of every human being. There are moments when everything is wonderful and you're going ahead with all your strength, till you hit a sudden roadblock.

Words irresistibly push you to the limit, should they make you angry?

Does your body temperature rise till it almost reaches the boiling point and you feel like your head is about to explode? And in the end, is it something to cry about?

Perhaps we experience all possible sensations. People have more than enough things to effect their feelings. From unavoidable suffering to occasionally gratification.

Besides, when your being controlled like that, you continue breathing in and out......just a part of living? I wonder.

We get more wounds and each time we try to cover them up. To hide them if at all possible. But, in the end, old wounds tend to pop open......


Alas, I wish there was a button like that because I'd be pushing it every second. It would be simple if you could reset people as easily as you reset a game, right?

However, I'm waiting to see the light tomorrow. Although, I'll be muttering to myself and trying to consider all this on my day off, right?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/11/09

Round and Round we go.

HPP's song recording with the exception of the vocals is nearing the end. The song's main feeling is April, don't you think?.....*

Well now, on the 9th, musical Gift producer Gold-san had a launch party for the book publication, "Gift, Beyond the Time". But, there was also a Live corner I participated in and it was a real privilege.

A number from The Gift musical was sung by cast members Manabu-san who play the Osamu part,Tikako Sawada, and myself with 3 other people.

After all, we were singing in a different kind of place, but the mood hadn't changed. By the end of the song we were back in The Gift feeling.

Now, many Congratulations to producer Gold-san!!!

Tomorrow, I'll be back at it recording my song. Soon, I'll need to get some sleep. ZZZ

ZZZZZZZZ (laugh)


*I think what Anza is saying in that one sentence, is that the song has the feeling that it will be ready for the April tour dates.*

Friday, March 6, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 3/4/09 *completed*

Once again, it's Anza (star)

There's snow on the roof! I've seen it!

The recording is also doing well and we're moving right along-x. Today, finally, my turn arrived in the studio and I was able to record some vocals.

Well well....I did have to ask what I was doing poorly~ but my shouting skills are getting much better. (laugh)

I need to keep my composure when I'm listening to playbacks, right? (laugh)

Now it's time for the photographs.

Liquid Protein D, the drink that increases your energy 100%, then doubles it. (laugh)

Here's Hiro staring at a music catalog.

I think he's itching to record, Narumi.

While I was singing the temporary vocals, they secretly took advantage of me and snapped this photo.

Break time! We take them from time to time and here's the suave Mar kicking back. (laugh)

Seriousness, the very word itself, Batch!

Continuing on, at last the news ban has finally been lifted and we can make some announcements about upcoming shows. The Live concert Tour is coming to Sendai City and Sapporo City. We'll be doing guest appearances for the band In This Moment when they come to play in Japan.

Last time we performed with them in Tokyo, and Beijing, China. The next time they would come to Japan to tour was still far off, then the members of In This Moment gave us a call and said they were coming back. That was really great news~!

After such a long time, I'm really going to enjoy meeting you all again. And I can't wait to see your magnificent Live Shows! I think it's going to be an exciting 3 days!! Please be sure to come and see us, OK? (heart)

There's still some more announcements to come but we have to wait till they lift the news ban. I apologize for the delay.

Tomorrow, more tenacious recording!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Post # 261

Here's a special post to celebrate a milestone for the Anza English Blog. This is my 261st post which is one more than my record at at Sera Myu News Blog. When I first started, I had no idea that I'd ever get this far. I didn't know the Japanese language at all and the characters didn't make any sense to me. But, with the help of some really cool translation programs, and the help of several friends along the way. This Blog translation for Anza became a reality.

So, To mark this great occasion, I've put together a couple 3D photocubes of some pics of Anza and myself that I've taken over the years. I hope everyone enjoys these.

Let's hope there's another 261 posts to come. Go Anza!

Photo Cube

Photo Cube

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anza JP Blog 3/1/09

Hey! How are you?

Somehow, I'm feeling energetic. (laugh)

The snow is also coming down and it feels like the coldest day of the year. That's how it is as HPP starts recording.

I have a great feeling about this. Even though we only just finished one day. That's what you're thinking, right? (laugh)

Still, it's not really my turn yet, but this member is doing more to stay involved and to contribute where I can. I'm just ready to hurry up and get on with the singing! I hate to say this, but by the time this month is over, I'll probably be tired of singing. I guess.(laugh)

We'll be concentrating on a packed live concert schedule from March to June. You know that makes me happy.

We have more announcements to make and more shows to schedule where we'll come to play and you can come to meet us. However, it'll be a little while before I can write and provide you with all the details.

HPP is extremely busy. It's huge, even for me!! Do you think I should be worried a bit?? I'm up to the task. (laugh)

We're recording tomorrow also.

Oh! I think the Pecan Sandies are excellent cookies from Nabisco.

I whole heartily recommend them!!!

They're delicious!!!


I'm just giving my best guess on Pecan Sandies as the name of the cookie Anza is recommending. She didn't give me much to go on.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 2/28/09

Hey! it's Anza (star)

Let's talk about the recording that started today!! We're also going to send you some of the photographs from this day.

Tuning his drums to perfection, Batch!! He's really into the fighting spirit!
And after a sudden and unexpected accident, Narumi thinks he's broken his bass guitar. Oh no! (laugh)
Here's the intro for Hiro, who will prove to be the knight in shining armor in this tale!!
And now, we see Hiro trying to repair the damage to the bass with a soldering iron. Narumi is watching over the procedure and earnestly praying that it works. (laugh)
It's my duty as your tour guide to introduce to you guitar player Mar!
Well, my assignment for today went off without a hitch! Batch is already nodding off to sleep. (laugh)

I almost didn't make it there on time. (laugh) I was given the official job as Go-fer and had to stop by the music store to pick up guitar strings and other necessities.......(laugh)

Tomorrow, we'll also be doing our best~.