Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/24/09

My style.

The schedule at Strum studio has come to an end. I was totally immersed in the fatigue I had collected, but I was so relieved as soon as it was over. (laugh)

To start out with.....the In This Moment Tour ended in fine fashion. We were all happy to be part of it. This makes 2 years in a row that we appeared as the special guest group.

As usual, the ITM members put on a wonderful live show. I was enchanted by the overwhelming power that they showed onstage!

Then there was data collecting by the press and also we had conversations from a different point of view that taught me a lot.

When we got some time off, we went shopping in Harajuku. With being together for 5 days, it was a blessing to discuss different opinions in many different discussions. Like I said, happy times.

And then, I took a day off before the HPP final mix down that we worked on for 3 days.

Ah! There was an unusual instance where 2 of the members had to face off with each other as they tried to give the song a serious tone. (?) I think they made to song sound good, and it has a good feel to it!!

And now, the tour continues with shows in Sendai City and in Sapporo City!

HPP will also be making a special guest Radio appearance, so be sure to go to the official page and check it out, OK?!

Oh! Naturally, the HPP news page is the place to look, at least I think so. Be sure to check there!!!

Thunder is something that makes me's scary and I'm afraid. (laugh)


A couple of lines gave me trouble, but I think I got what she was saying right.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/20/09

I Love!!

current mood: loved

The In This Moment Tour ended in a successful visit to Japan!!

Well~ it was a HAPPY time. After all, with all the interviews, we spent 5 days together with the ITM members. I really liked being with them here in Japan.

The next day, after the Shibuya Quattro concert, we all went to lunch following our last interview. Then the ITM & HPP members all took a trip to the Harajuku shopping district.

Because of the difference in the shops we wanted to visit, the men split from the women. The girl's team went in one direction and the guy's team went in another. (laugh)

There was Maria and Jenny, her manager and PA , and me with the HPP manager. We did a lot of walking as we went shopping for Western style clothes!!

Maria has a great sense of style , and all the clothes she tried on matched and looked really cute!!

After that, Maria and I took time to exchange gifts. We gave each other Western style clothes....I was very happy.

Hey, I'm so pleased with the dress that Maria has given me.

Anyhow, she's such a likable member of ITM!!!

As might be expected, all the running around has worn my body out. (laugh)

Today, we're mixing down the tracks we recorded, and after that is still the Tour of Sendai City and Sapporo City.

I need to get some proper sleep. It can be dangerous if you don't, so I'm going to get some sleep!!!!

To everyone who came to see us in Osaka, Nagoya City, and Tokyo Thank you very much!!

And, all the members of Cross Face were really great!!!

From my heart I want to say thanks.

Thank you so very much.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 5/15/09

Hey everyone, Anza here. (star)

What am I? I'm just a very busy person. As for me, I'm wondering, where's a good place to pass a holiday~?! (laugh)

I think I hear the South Island calling my name~!!!!!!!! (laugh)

Well, the day after tomorrow, In This Moment is coming to Japan for their Dream Tour!

We'll be meeting again after a year and a half to resume our friendship. Even though we've stayed in contact via email, the greatest joy will be to meet you again in person. (heart)

Tomorrow, as soon as HPP and In This Moment are done rubbing elbows with the press, we'll immediately be traveling to Osaka. The schedule is pretty tight as we try to squeeze in 3 shows back to back to back.

In This Moment really puts on a dreamy show, so certainly come and see it!! Of course, come and see HPP also, OK?! (heart)

Here's a heads up, on the 17th at Osaka, the new HPP T-shirt goes on sale. So, check it out!

So, what do you say? Let's meet at Osaka, Nagoya City, and Tokyo. OK?!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/15/09

Well now!

current mood: exhausted

Something strange is going on, it seems that the cold weather has come back. I think the constant shifting of the weather is throwing my body out of sync.....

My life is hectic enough and it feels like I never get to lie down and pick up enough sleep. Anyway, today I'm feeling drowsy and sleep is something you can't do without!

Tomorrow, we're going to come together with the band In This Moment and have a conversation. As soon as it's finished, we'll all be taking off for Osaka.

We have 3 Live concerts upcoming and it's really been a long time since I last saw you all. I hope that you're all doing all right. (laugh)

I'll have to battle through the muscle pain no matter what. (laugh)

Oh yes! We'll be putting the new HPP T-shirts on sale on the 17th at Osaka. This time the design that appears on the T-shirt was created by guitar player Mar!! Everyone be sure to get one, OK?! (heart)

It's truly been a while since we last played in Osaka!! I will absolutely try the octopus dumplings and the savory pancakes. (laugh)

And to the In This Moment members, it'll be a pleasure to restart out friendship since it's been a while when last we met.

So that your Tour of Japan is a big success, I'll have to do my best!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aida Musical press conference.

I'm still working on Anza's other Blog posts. But I found an article on the Aida Musical that I thought I'd share. I like the pic of Anza, but she does look nervous.

Here's the article on Japan Today

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/14/09

Doki Doki! (I'm so excited!)

At last, this is the day!!!!

Today, the press conference for, "The Musical Aida" was held. Even under normal circumstances, I feel the tension every time there's a press conference.....however, today was an extra special experience!!

I'm well aware that my tensions are high at this type of event. But this time, I was even more nervous.

Most people can't imagine how it can be so nerve wracking to be with actors and others that you should be acquainted with professionally!!

I kept getting nervous and freezing up in front of people that I admire. (laugh)

Okay!! I'm talking about even more than the shaking hands that I already had!!

It was my first interview with Aran Kei, and I was looking forward to it with a huge longing!!! I admire her. She's kind and beautiful and she aspires to do more stage shows.

And Mr. Irei Kanata, to be sure, it was my first time to meet him. However, I felt he was very similar to my younger brother.

Somehow, this wasn't exactly the start I had pictured in my mind. It felt like I had become very dreamy and it was something hot I felt down into my soul.

This is a tight shot of Amneris, who I will try to become in the future.

I need to be ready before the start of practice. But, I'll be glad when it starts in order to get ready to appear on stage!!

Um, still ahead is the HPP Tour.

There are shows in Osaka, Nagoya City, Tokyo, Sendai City, and Sapporo City.

We'll be waiting for everyone at the concert halls. (heart)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 5/8/09

Hey guys. It's Anza (star)

Thank you for the large number of email messages congratulating me on my birthday. (heart)

I have safely become one year older. (laugh)

I wonder, how did everyone spend their Golden Week? Mine was busy with a lot of extra running. I had to take a bullet train twice in one week. That's a lot, don't you think?

I had to go to Nagoya City and then I had to travel to Kyoto.....but I really enjoyed myself.

By the way, I did manage to take one day off and go to Nikko!! That's Sunlight Edo Village of course!

Well, I keep saying that the recording is finished, but it seems to be never ending. Tomorrow I'm recording a song.

And then, In This Moment is about to arrive in Japan to Tour. I'm really looking forward to seeing them after such a long time. (heart)

Then we'll be doing shows in Sendai City and in Sapporo City!! Hey! We'll be waiting for you!

And if you wait a bit, we have more shows on the schedule that are yet to be announced.

We've put up a lot of new pics to the HPP Myspace page, so be sure to go there and check them out!

I've decided to get some sleep now!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Anza JP Blog 5/8/09

Thank you!

For all the email messages and the presents everyone sent me for my Birthday, I truly want to say Thank you. (heart)

It was delightful!!

I feel like I want to improve myself even more, and I'd like to make this a year where the laughter never dies out!

And then, the Vitamin-Q Live show in Kyoto ended with no problems! Thank you to everyone who came out to the concert!!

This was the 2nd time around for our live performance and I certainly was nervous before the show. And yet, I felt even more happiness when I started singing.

Also, a live concert is a day when I'm able to meet all the fans once again!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have more recording.

When HPP finished recording, it wasn't the end. (laugh)

However, I only have a few tracks remaining that need to be done for sure....

When the Tour starts up again, I need to have my body in shape, or I'll pay for it later!!

Oh!.....I went to Sunlight Edo Village.

Mr. Ken Hasegawa put on a fantastic show~!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/4/09

Thank you!!!!

current mood: Happy

I've received a lot of congratulations messages and Blog comments. From my heart, thank you so very much!!

I'm really very happy!!!

In my heart, I feel there's more to come. I'm still young!!!!! (laugh)

Today we celebrated with all the members of the band, the staff, and our good friends!

In any case, it was a happy gathering.

After this also, please remember me!!

*Dear my friends.

Thanks for the birthday messages!!

I'm so happy!!*



The part between the stars was written in English by Anza.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/1/09


current mood: Sneaky

May is already here. May 2009 seems like it will be an outrageously busy month.

I'm's also the month when I turn one year older, so it even gets me in that way.....(laugh)

The finish of recording wasn't the end of recording. Because we'll also be doing some recording on the tour, right?

Anyway, as soon as I'm finished with all this tired living, I'm going to lie down in bed. (laugh)

Do you want to know Anza's silly and repetitive life style?.....

First of all, I like very much to go to the DVD rental place to get some movies.
I stay up late at night totally absorbed in them.
And then I sleep till early afternoon.
From around noon time I go to my favorite cafe for lunch.
And then I go for a stroll and hit the department store to do some shopping.
In the evening, I make arrangements for a trip to Guam. (only a next day departure is possible)
Once that's taken care of, I return home safely and make a simple dinner.
At night, I sprinkle some bath powder into the water and take a quick bath.
Then I get out my DVD's to watch till late at night.
At noon I wake up and pack for my trip to Guam.
Once that's done, I'm off to Narita Airport!!
Certainly, it's a night flight departure!!
Then when I land in Guam, I immediately go to the hotel to sleep.
I get up early to make it to my reservation for scuba diving.
Then it's the beach, some shopping, and those sorts of things......
In the evening, I go out for spaghetti with some Japanese people that I'm acquainted with.
My stay in Guam was approximately 2 days.

Then I return home to Japan.

For a short time I escaped my completely exhausted life it seems, but not for long.
However, I haven't given up hope. (laugh)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anza!

Actually, Anza's birthday is already over in Japan, even though it's still the 4th here. I was working yesterday, so I didn't have time to put something here to celebrate in time.

But, here's a Beatles video I posted on Anza's Mixi Community page. I think it's a cute video and I hope everyone likes it.


Anza JP Blog 5/1/09


It's been hard for me to update recently, so please excuse me~uh~!!

It doesn't really feel like it, bit I realize we've already rushed into May!!

Oh! HPP's Live show in Nagoya City has ended. To everyone who came out to the show, Thank you truly. It was great fun at the Event and I really enjoyed playing there.

And now, I have something to announce.

Already the direction of my schedule has been to the extreme, but a new opportunity has turned up. I now have the privilege of doing another musical performance.

It's in "The Musical Aida" and I'll be playing the Amneris part.

The part of Aida is played by Yasushi Ran. (?)

Already.....I'm feeling the tension as I prepare for this role. Anyhow, I plan to endeavor with all my might and put all my energy into this role and endure till the end.

As for HPP, there's some recording remaining and a PV to shoot. And in May, we'll be the guest performers for the "In This Moment" Tour as they play live shows in Sendai City and in Sapporo City.

And now, tomorrow's appearance!!!

Vitamin-Q's Live concert in Kyoto!!!

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Kyoto concert hall!!!


The one line with the question mark is just my best guess at what she's saying.