Monday, May 18, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 5/15/09

Well now!

current mood: exhausted

Something strange is going on, it seems that the cold weather has come back. I think the constant shifting of the weather is throwing my body out of sync.....

My life is hectic enough and it feels like I never get to lie down and pick up enough sleep. Anyway, today I'm feeling drowsy and sleep is something you can't do without!

Tomorrow, we're going to come together with the band In This Moment and have a conversation. As soon as it's finished, we'll all be taking off for Osaka.

We have 3 Live concerts upcoming and it's really been a long time since I last saw you all. I hope that you're all doing all right. (laugh)

I'll have to battle through the muscle pain no matter what. (laugh)

Oh yes! We'll be putting the new HPP T-shirts on sale on the 17th at Osaka. This time the design that appears on the T-shirt was created by guitar player Mar!! Everyone be sure to get one, OK?! (heart)

It's truly been a while since we last played in Osaka!! I will absolutely try the octopus dumplings and the savory pancakes. (laugh)

And to the In This Moment members, it'll be a pleasure to restart out friendship since it's been a while when last we met.

So that your Tour of Japan is a big success, I'll have to do my best!!


Jonneh said...

Hey, Matt!! Quick question - is there any way for overseas fans to buy one of HPP's t-shirts online?? I'd love to get one if I like the design and all. :)

Jonneh said...

Forgive me, I actually found it (only) at their main site. I hate to criticize but...that has got to be the most boring and ordinary shirt I have ever seen. I mean, I wasn't expecting something bright and colorful - but jeeze, it's almost like buying a standard plain back t-shirt with nothing on it. It has a very small, "cool-looking" swirl on the bottom-right (when wearing) and their logo on the back at the very top. That appears to, quite literally, be it. Other than that it's a black t-shirt for almost $40 lol.

I still want one just because I don't have any HPP merchandise really (do they even have much else?), but come on guys...there's nothing there that makes me think "HPP" but the logo on the back lol.

Matt said...

The last 2 T-shirts designed by Anza were pretty cool. I got one at PMX. The other one, I didn't get in Tokyo because I didn't convert enough money into yen to buy it. lol

Anyway, once they change T-shirt designs, it's almost impossible to get the old ones. If you don't like this shirt, wait a couple months and a new one will come along.

Jonneh said...

Ah, really?? So just wait a couple months? Cool, thanks for letting me know. :) Do you happen to have any pictures of your HPP shirt or shirts? Just curious.

Matt said...

Well, I don't have any pics of my HPP T-shirts right now. I may take some later and post them.

Hey Jonneh. Do you want to become a Blog contributer? That way you can post comments without me having to OK it. Just send me an email address and I'll send you the invite.


Jonneh said...

Here's my e-mail:

The part where you don't have to moderate my comments sounds nice, but the part with "contributer" has me a little hesitant, haha. I don't know any HPP information or anything - I get everything from yours (and whoever else's) translations here. I'm just a big fan of HPP and Anza. :P