Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Anza JP Blog & HPP Diary 10/30/07

Anza JP Blog

After a little while!!

At last! It looks like the end of recording is in sight. There were many songs to put on the Album, and that was very hard work. But, I think the CD turned out great!!

The next critical point in all this is the upcoming release date. But, Hey! I know that. (laugh)

Now, among other things, I got a touch of the flu....my aunt asks....will you get well soon? ?

*not entirely certain about that last bit*

"HPP Diary"


High five!!!!

I have won!!!

I have single-handedly overcome the recording booth!!!!!

So, bring down the curtain. (laugh)


I knew Anza would get through the recording process in good shape. I don't think there is anyone who loves performing better, and recording an Album is what gets you out on the road.

I bet she is glad that it's finally done. I think they started recording full time back in June. That's a fairly long time to be at it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anza and HPP at PMX

I thought I'd post more info that wasn't included in Anza's HPP Diary. Here's the link to the PMX announcement page.


Below is the new 2007 HPP profile pic. I really love that look for Anza.

Also, true to her word, the new HPP album, "Folie a Deux" is up for pre-order at CD Japan. It comes out 12/12/07 and goes for $20.69. Be sure to order your copy today!

Here's the link


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 10/23/07

News for you~

There was a previous announcement for the Album release date.

Your pardon, please!!!!

It won't be out in November, but it will go on sale the 12th of December. Man, I want to cry~!!

The good new is that you can pre-order it at the record shops nation-wide. That being said, please reserve you CD today.

Well, everyday I tell myself, "Go for it"! (laughing)


Anza isn't much for the hard sell it looks like.

There's more news I need to post with her Blog. The new album is titled, "folie a deux". I looked that up with Babelfish and it translates as "madness times two". Or, in plain English it's, "Twice the Madness". You got to love a title like that. lol

Also, the new HPP Tour dates have been announced. They'll be playing at the PMX Expo at the LA Airport Hilton on November 9, 10, & 11. I have made all my travel plans, so I'll be there. If you want to meet up, just message me on my Myspace page.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Anza JP Blog 10/21/07

Excuse me....

Everyday I'm inside the recording studio. (music note)

(I get the feeling that the mood is better in the stillness of the night)

I'm trying to finish recording....it can't be helped....we have an album to put out....yeah....hey!....that's right.....don't you think? (That's me talking to myself. laugh)

I think the last minute jitters has resulted in a touch of hysteria.

However, if you want to create a composition that others will value....you can't compromise. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

There's a cafe next to the studio and I wanted to show you the coffee they gave me. On top is a charming friend. I was puzzled as to whether or not I should drink it. (laughing)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Anza JP Blog & HPP Diary 10/13/07

Anza JP Blog:


Day after day we meet up at the studio.

I'm at a total loss for the time of the day. Whether it's noon or whether it's the evening.

It takes all of your physical strength to record with the band. But, you have to put your heart into the singing, to give it meaning and bring the songs to life. That's indispensable! And I take it seriously.

In time, when I've finally return to the house to rest, I wonder, "How long will it be till I've fully recovered"? That's yet to be decided. (laugh)

It's not long till I'm cured. Time is scarce and I'm impatient with myself. (laugh)

To start with, tea time?

HPP Diary:

Dead tired.

The recording process goes on non-stop.

It's quite frantic!

Hey! I think there's too much variation in the sound!

Stuck in the studio booth, I won't be defeated! Don't you think? (laugh)


Sorry it took so long to get to this translation. First, some lady ran into the back end of my car. Then I was busy at work on a messed up schedule.

Anza isn't the only one who's physically exhausted with all the recording. Mar wrote on his Mixi page yesterday just how tired he was.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 10/8/07 *By Akira*

Hello Matt.

First is about your translation of "Anza JP Blog 10/7/07".
The last word "ANZA Tulip Fragrance" = "ANZA彩香" means her role in a musical "GIFT". She plays Ayaka and in Kanji is 彩香. Okay?

Second is about your question. Here's my translation of HPP diary you talked about.

[Title]It can't be.

Now I saw a TV program.
The drama remakes true cases.
I got angry. Feeling so bad.
The policeman who have to save people abused them without guilt
for their success in life.
Such a f*ck'in thing is a frame-up.
The victim was found innocent at a trial.
But the policeman who deceived him take only light punishment
such as a salary reduction and the leave of absence from duty.
Hey!! It will be strange!! Is it the police to catch if I did a bad thing?
Then the policeman who has deceived should most understand it?

I wonder how many policeman with sense of justice in this country...

Maybe you can guess what she talks about. It's a difficult topic.

By Matt:

I have to agree with Akira this this was a difficult topic to translate. At first I thought that Anza was talking about police brutality, but when she described a trial, I thought she was talking about a bait and switch. I guessed wrong, of course, and ran into a brick wall. I couldn't make the last half of her translation match up and make sense.

So, thanks to Akira, we won't have to skip this entry. To be fair, I thought I'd post what I had translated till Anza slammed on my brakes.

Anza HPP Diary 10/8/07 mon.


Just now I was watching a TV Program.

It was a drama where they recreate incidents in full detail .

It was hard to watch this bullsh*t.

The police, who are supposed to guard citizens, were doing things solely to advance their careers. Like using people who don't have many crimes as scapegoats.

Complete Fabrications.

The victim is taken to trial to suffer for things he didn't do, and the person who committed the crime goes free.

However, the police who is deceived by this bait and switch only gets a minor punishment. Such as a cut in pay or a temporary suspension.

Hey! What's wrong with this picture?


You can see where I got off on the wrong tangent. Then the more I looked at it, the more confused I got. Hopefully, I'll get better at this and I'll be able to figure these kind of entries out by myself in the future.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Anza JP Blog 10/7/07

Very well~!!!

Everyday is still the daily routine of recording. We're pushing it to the limit!!!

However, I need to tell the story of 2 days ago....

This year there was also the decision to do another showing of the musical, "The Gift". After a long time, the cast and staff had gotten together on the 5th for a meal in the cool evening.

We have a new son, Jiro who is joining Osamu and Rina. After talking to them, I was thinking that they'll be hot in the future.

I'm powered up to practice , "The Gift". I have high expectations once it starts.

Also, I'm doing my best aided by the fragrance of Tulip incense~!!!!! (By ANZA Tulip Fragrance)


The word that Anza uses for tulip is translated as color. However, from reading other translation notes, they say that it is a reference to a certain flower, usually a tulip. I've never heard of tulip incence, but I don't want to hazard a guess as to what flower smell she really means.

Whatever it is, it must smell good!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 9/30/07


I caught it!! A stomach cold!!! For crying out loud!!!!!!!

I really felt miserable every day.....

I kept trying to eat all the foods that I love, but how many round trips to the bathroom did I have to make because of it. (laugh)

The bout of sleeplessness really sapped my physical strength. I guess that made me an easy target for the virus.

Oh! At last I'm able to get some sleep.

It's pure happiness to be able to dose off to sleep on your own.

After meeting everyone at the shows finale, it's back to the recording.

The HPP member is giving it her best shot!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Anza JP 9/29/07

By no means.

The musical has finished and my creative work with the band has taken over. However....

There was a price to pay with my health. Man! you wouldn't believe what I lapsed into. (cry)

It seems that I somehow caught a stomach cold and I felt terrible.

Already though, I've gotten better and my strength has returned. (laugh)

Because the weather turned suddenly cold, it was hard to keep myself warm.

Everyone should also take care~!!