Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Anza JP Blog & HPP Diary 10/30/07

Anza JP Blog

After a little while!!

At last! It looks like the end of recording is in sight. There were many songs to put on the Album, and that was very hard work. But, I think the CD turned out great!!

The next critical point in all this is the upcoming release date. But, Hey! I know that. (laugh)

Now, among other things, I got a touch of the flu....my aunt asks....will you get well soon? ?

*not entirely certain about that last bit*

"HPP Diary"


High five!!!!

I have won!!!

I have single-handedly overcome the recording booth!!!!!

So, bring down the curtain. (laugh)


I knew Anza would get through the recording process in good shape. I don't think there is anyone who loves performing better, and recording an Album is what gets you out on the road.

I bet she is glad that it's finally done. I think they started recording full time back in June. That's a fairly long time to be at it.

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