Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anza HPP Diary 10/23/07

News for you~

There was a previous announcement for the Album release date.

Your pardon, please!!!!

It won't be out in November, but it will go on sale the 12th of December. Man, I want to cry~!!

The good new is that you can pre-order it at the record shops nation-wide. That being said, please reserve you CD today.

Well, everyday I tell myself, "Go for it"! (laughing)


Anza isn't much for the hard sell it looks like.

There's more news I need to post with her Blog. The new album is titled, "folie a deux". I looked that up with Babelfish and it translates as "madness times two". Or, in plain English it's, "Twice the Madness". You got to love a title like that. lol

Also, the new HPP Tour dates have been announced. They'll be playing at the PMX Expo at the LA Airport Hilton on November 9, 10, & 11. I have made all my travel plans, so I'll be there. If you want to meet up, just message me on my Myspace page.

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