Monday, October 15, 2007

Anza JP Blog & HPP Diary 10/13/07

Anza JP Blog:


Day after day we meet up at the studio.

I'm at a total loss for the time of the day. Whether it's noon or whether it's the evening.

It takes all of your physical strength to record with the band. But, you have to put your heart into the singing, to give it meaning and bring the songs to life. That's indispensable! And I take it seriously.

In time, when I've finally return to the house to rest, I wonder, "How long will it be till I've fully recovered"? That's yet to be decided. (laugh)

It's not long till I'm cured. Time is scarce and I'm impatient with myself. (laugh)

To start with, tea time?

HPP Diary:

Dead tired.

The recording process goes on non-stop.

It's quite frantic!

Hey! I think there's too much variation in the sound!

Stuck in the studio booth, I won't be defeated! Don't you think? (laugh)


Sorry it took so long to get to this translation. First, some lady ran into the back end of my car. Then I was busy at work on a messed up schedule.

Anza isn't the only one who's physically exhausted with all the recording. Mar wrote on his Mixi page yesterday just how tired he was.

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