Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/24/09


Hello. HPP's recording ended today.

We had 2 tracks remaining to finish, and now we have 2 new tunes!!!

Also today I feel inspired. It's like my spirit has been renewed, yes!

So, what's this news that I've been reading about?

It seems that Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of the Pop group SMAP has hit the headlines. It says that a man reported someone in Tokyo Park yelling and making a disturbance~. The suspect was naked and was ineveitable that all his work in TV commercials was officially pulled......uh huh.

But, if an average guy had put on such a demonstration, it wouldn't have prompted the city officials to do a household search! It seems that being famous is what sparked it, I guess.

I'm somewhat annoyed at how readily they went after him! That's what I'm attempting to understand.

As I consider the point that's being made by all of this, I think I come away with the opposite lesson that they're trying to teach.

It sounds like you can do what you like as long as you don't make too much noise. Am I right?

The question is, do they get to smack you if you don't pay attention to their little rules? Is that the only thing society cares about?

Tomorrow, I'll get to meet up with everyone for Vitamin-Q parctice.

It's been a long time since I've seen them~. Doki Doki (I'm so excited!)


Here's an article that I found on Japan Today in English that explains the incedent Anza is talking about. Apparently, this news went world wide and wasn't just reported in Japan.

Japan Today article

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 4/24/09


current mood: crunk

Today I successfully finished recording!!

We did well, even if I do say so myself. (laugh)

Still, I'm quite exhausted from it. Each time I get into the recording booth, I try to have my state of mind reaching it's peak. As for me, the tension is always going up and down, and I worry over it a lot as I try to control it. It's always a question as to how well I'll handle it.

However, I really dislike going into it with a half-hearted attitude!

For me, the big thing is when the song is sung well, you don't feel like you're tell a lie. Because then, what's the point?......I assure you that it's important to me that the songs be taken seriously!

Our songs have very strong different opinions and I want to continue singing those types of songs.

Yet, I realize the intensity needed to sing your true feelings in the world. So, it's the world of HPP that allows me to do this, right? For that I'm truly grateful.

When I meet with people who sympathize with my lyrics and the songs, it make me happy!

For me, I'd like to put complete devotion, body and soul, and live a good life. (?) And also to sing.

In case that goal gets out of reach, it would be hard to even take a breath. (?)

Yet, one day I'd like to take the love I experience as part of HPP and share it with many people with lot's of cultural exchanges!!

Such as an HPP Tour of the whole world, right? (laugh)

Huh? Perhaps in the near future?

Have we been discovered? I should do my best, don't you think?!


A couple lines gave me some trouble. If anyone has any tips to make it better, let me know.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/17/09


Today the weather was cold. I slipped up and put the heating unit away. I made it through despite this......

Here lately, my favorite thing for entertainment is my Ipod. Before, I used to use my Nano's Ipod. However, it stored a limited amount of tunes.....

Because of which, I had to be very selective of the tunes I input so that I could listen to them.....I was very pleased with my play list which seemed to keep growing!!!

After I thought about it......I came up with a solution.......I made a bee line to the Apple Computer Store~~~~~~~!!!! (laugh)

I really want to go to Disneyland!! (laugh)

After I finish recording......I'm gone!!!!

Anza Myspace Blog 4/17/09

What the?

current mood: cold

Yesterday, my table heater was put away despite the return of colder weather.......should I go and get it back out just for today?.......Ah~ It's as I thought, I missed my table heater. (laugh)

Still, the recording is ongoing. But, we're steadily making progress!

Of course, doing this parallel with the tour is a bit difficult.

That's why it's so important to stay fit and take care of my health. Everyday I feel like I'm being tested.

I'm no longer putting all my energy into going out to see shows and going out to have a few drinks......Staying up all night is a thing of the past, but I guess that's just the way it works. Does this mean I've grown up?

It can't be.....age.......humph! (laugh)

I've uploaded a few photos, so please take an exclusive look! OK?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 4/15/09

Hey (star) it's Anza.

Today, April 15th, is what day? I wonder.

That's right!!

Today is the day that Mar was born!!!!

Often when children see him, he's so huge and frightening that they start to cry. Sometimes, when the elevator door opens and there's some salary-man wanting to get on, he sees this scary person and tries to avoid him. (laugh)

But, the person himself is really only a nice guy!! (laugh)

Everyone, be sure to congratulate him and wish him a Happy Birthday yourself!

Today, after I finish recording, I'm going out to celebrate!!

Anyway, Mar, Happy Birthday!!!!!!


Happy Birthday, Mar!

I agree with Anza, he really is a very nice guy. When I first met him, he was so big I thought he was the older brother instead of Hiro. But, I was wrong.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 4/9/09 *Completed*

Hey, guys (star) Anza here.

The warm weather is excellent. (heart)

As far as I'm concerned, the best of all times for me is when I can wear my hooded sweat shirt. That's the moment when I feel like I've been set free.

For some reason, being able to wear a simple T-Shirt is a signal for me that hot weather is quickly approaching. You can feel overwhelmed be the heat.....

If it's not too cold, or it's not too hot, you would call that a luxury, right?

But, at the turning of the season, you can get what's called the Spring illness. So, your physical condition needs to be taken care of, don't you think?......

Sometimes you need to go to the hospital for an examination......however, I really dislike hospitals......and it's hard to make the time to go right now because of my hectic schedule. It's packed to the Max.....Yeah!

I'm trying to muster the courage to have another blood test taken care of!!!! (laugh)

It's a disaster~!

After this, HPP has some remaining recording to be done. We're also going to be recording promotional videos at various Live show Events as the tour moves along....that should be great!!

However, right now I can't tell you which shows will be taped, I'll try to tell you later, OK?

This is the reason that my health is so important!!!

Hospitals make me nervous.....still~ (laugh)


Sorry this took so long to translate. I hurt my knee about a week ago and I've been too sore to do this. But, I'm starting to feel better now.

Anza JP Blog 4/8/09

Sakura (cherry blossom) ~ (music note)!

It's beautiful outside, don't you think?!

I feel happy just to see the cherry blossoms. But, when they gentle fall to the ground, I feel double the loneliness. (laugh)

Right now, HPP is touring and recording. Both are happening side by side.

And then, the official announcement has come out the Vitamin-Q will be doing a live concert on May 2nd in Kyoto. One more opportunity to see our style!

If somehow you failed to see us at the February Show at AX, this is your chance to see what you missed. (laugh)

Right now, I fiercely want to get a dog. It's something I need badly!!!!

But, I can't buy a pet and keep it in the Apartment house where I'm living.

Cat's are also cute, but I'm the kind of girl who only cares for a dog-chan. (laugh)


I just couldn't let this entry go without showing everyone some sakura pictures from Japan. The two pics are from Ayaka Komatsu's Blog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 4/6/09

My note!

current mood: sleepy

To all you guys who came out to the Shibuya Live Show, Thank you so much. (heart)

Also, when I sang the new song and everyone was so very pleased to hear it, seeing this made me really happy!!!!

Though, also left over from the show is some muscle pain?

On the 6th, I did some Hanami (Cherry Blossom viewing) and made a trip to a Shinto shrine for a personal visit.

Say, the cherry flower petals were a light pink color and they were dancing and fluttering in the breeze. It was a magnificent scene!!


from here at the shrine......I pulled up a fortune to see what it said, yep.

DokiDoki (my heart was pounding) to see the said my luck was uncertain.......

Yo, in what way does this apply to me?

Furthermore, it tore when I tried to tie it to the tree......however, it certainly gave me a dark premonition explosion. (laugh)

The thing I prayed for was a quite and peaceful life. (laugh)


Anza is watching Cherry blossoms, and today we got a light snow in Kentucky. She needs to send some of that warm weather my way. lol

Anza Myspace Blog 4/4/09


current mood: crunk

There's something going on, I'm sneezing and my nose won't stop hay fever trying to get a hold of me????

At this late hour?......or do you think it's a debut for what's to come?? (laugh)

It's been a while, but tomorrow we have a Live show in Tokyo. We began at the Boxx, and I'd like to know, what kind of place is this where we're doing our next show? I wonder.

DokiDoki! (I'm so excitied!)

Hey, new tracks! Just now we're recording even though the show is on us. I think the new song is quite amazing. I'm really surprised! Even more than usual. (laugh)

Although I've yet to sing it for you. (laugh)

I still want to show off the new song at a Live concert. Should I do it now? (laugh)

If you want to know for sure, come out to the concert hall and see for yourself if I sing it or not. OK?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/1/09

April Fool's Day? ( Day of lies?)

This is apparently the one day a year when you're permitted to lie. But, you're actually just fibbing I think, and I can come up with nothing. (laugh)

OK! So, when I do try to lie to the world it ends up sounding like a swirling noise. Still, let me see, I just might have something to say. (laugh)

Here's something extreme......

I was married once!!!! (laugh)

A-ha-ha-ha!! was secret!!......?.......??.........that might be something sad. (laugh)

Here's something pleasant! I love HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT even more. (heart)

Well, today I go back to recording! I get to sing!

Everyone, it's useless when I try to pull your leg. (laugh)