Friday, April 10, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/8/09

Sakura (cherry blossom) ~ (music note)!

It's beautiful outside, don't you think?!

I feel happy just to see the cherry blossoms. But, when they gentle fall to the ground, I feel double the loneliness. (laugh)

Right now, HPP is touring and recording. Both are happening side by side.

And then, the official announcement has come out the Vitamin-Q will be doing a live concert on May 2nd in Kyoto. One more opportunity to see our style!

If somehow you failed to see us at the February Show at AX, this is your chance to see what you missed. (laugh)

Right now, I fiercely want to get a dog. It's something I need badly!!!!

But, I can't buy a pet and keep it in the Apartment house where I'm living.

Cat's are also cute, but I'm the kind of girl who only cares for a dog-chan. (laugh)


I just couldn't let this entry go without showing everyone some sakura pictures from Japan. The two pics are from Ayaka Komatsu's Blog.

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