Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anza JP Blog 4/24/09


Hello. HPP's recording ended today.

We had 2 tracks remaining to finish, and now we have 2 new tunes!!!

Also today I feel inspired. It's like my spirit has been renewed, yes!

So, what's this news that I've been reading about?

It seems that Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of the Pop group SMAP has hit the headlines. It says that a man reported someone in Tokyo Park yelling and making a disturbance~. The suspect was naked and was ineveitable that all his work in TV commercials was officially pulled......uh huh.

But, if an average guy had put on such a demonstration, it wouldn't have prompted the city officials to do a household search! It seems that being famous is what sparked it, I guess.

I'm somewhat annoyed at how readily they went after him! That's what I'm attempting to understand.

As I consider the point that's being made by all of this, I think I come away with the opposite lesson that they're trying to teach.

It sounds like you can do what you like as long as you don't make too much noise. Am I right?

The question is, do they get to smack you if you don't pay attention to their little rules? Is that the only thing society cares about?

Tomorrow, I'll get to meet up with everyone for Vitamin-Q parctice.

It's been a long time since I've seen them~. Doki Doki (I'm so excited!)


Here's an article that I found on Japan Today in English that explains the incedent Anza is talking about. Apparently, this news went world wide and wasn't just reported in Japan.

Japan Today article

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