Monday, April 6, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 4/4/09


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There's something going on, I'm sneezing and my nose won't stop hay fever trying to get a hold of me????

At this late hour?......or do you think it's a debut for what's to come?? (laugh)

It's been a while, but tomorrow we have a Live show in Tokyo. We began at the Boxx, and I'd like to know, what kind of place is this where we're doing our next show? I wonder.

DokiDoki! (I'm so excitied!)

Hey, new tracks! Just now we're recording even though the show is on us. I think the new song is quite amazing. I'm really surprised! Even more than usual. (laugh)

Although I've yet to sing it for you. (laugh)

I still want to show off the new song at a Live concert. Should I do it now? (laugh)

If you want to know for sure, come out to the concert hall and see for yourself if I sing it or not. OK?!


Jonneh said...

AGGGGHHHHHhh she makes me want to be there so bad!

It was just decided yesterday that I'll be going to Japan for the first time in my life later this year in December.

Anyone know if HPP will still be doing live shows anywhere in Japan then? Haha...I can hope, right?

Matt said...

I'm with you on going to Japan. I wish it wasn't so expense, or I'd hop a plane now! lol.

I hope you have fun there in December. It's too early to tell if HPP will be doing many shows then. She's usually working on a play like, "The Gift".

This year you may be able to catch her in Vitamin-Q.

Jonneh said...

Awesome! Thank you for the reply and information :)

Well, I'd prefer to see HPP since I've never seen them live before (just a couple fan-vids on youtube), but seeing Anza and listening to her voice at all would be amazing in of itself. :D

That would be great if I could catch her somewhere in December.

Thanks again!