Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/28/09

Yes we can! (laugh)

current mood: hot

Well, this week's schedule will be completely filled by Strum Studio. I wonder if my mind can put up with it?......I'm worried.

Now presently, I feel like one person who's playing 3 different roles. With HPP, Vitamin-Q, and as Anza......

HPP restores my presence of mind, we fit together in so many different ways. As for Vitamin-Q, the challenge is continuing and I always have to be diligent and study. And as Anza, I think I still have many different faces and roles to play.

With so many faces, which one is the real me???

I don't always understand myself, after playing so many parts from the original. (laugh)

Only, all I'm doing now is reality and it isn't a lie. You can have a 4 fold personality split, right? (laugh)

But, I still think the most important thing is HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT. It would be a big mistake to throw away the band. It's like my home and my family members.

The music is so important and central to the members, staff, and all the fans.

To borrow the words from President Obama......Yes we can!!!!

Well, take care. (laugh)


We've had a big winter storm here in Kentucky, so I'm a bit behind on doing my translations.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/22/09

Once in a while.....

current mood: crunk

It's also essential to take a deep breath as much as possible. Yeah. But, being cold like this, even taking a breath makes one feel weary. It looks like having caught a cold......

I've gotta cram various stuff into my head all at once.....there just isn't time time to be forgetful, right?

That's why I need a diversion. I have no choice!!

It's the snowy mountains! Yes!! The feeling that I'd enjoy being surrounded by the world covered in white is reasonable. (laugh)

Anyone else feel the same? There's still time for that sort of thing?

That settles it, to Yukiyma I GO~!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Rika Chicchi for some help.

I also asked Yuya for some help. His translation says almost the same thing, but he says it better I think. So, I'm going to post his version of this entry too.

Here you go!


important to think it easy and take a breath.

Thesedays it's so cold that I feel dull even to breathe.
It seems I am catching cold...
Well, I should learn and memorize lots of things...
Nothing can be help when I can't memorize it all.

So, you know what to do to change my mood!
Snow mountain! Yeah!
I feel like being buried in the white world. (laugh)
You guys sometimes feel the same, don't you?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mar's Mixi One Man Slideshow

Here's the slideshow I promised from Mar's Mixi pics. They are from the HPP One Man show. I'm going to try to upload a song for this later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anza JP Blog 1/19/09

The trip! (?)

First everyone who came out to see the Live Show on the 16th at Shibuya Box, Thank you (heart)

By the way, I had to leave and head to Nagoya the very next day. Not to mention, I had to rush because it was right after the concert.

I didn't have the chance to meet any friends on this trip. I had to go and come right back. I'm just now getting settled back in at home. Yes! The weather is also cold in Nagoya. (laugh)

This was my first trip in a bullet train in a long time, however......I really didn't want to get on it. (laugh)

It was the extra high speed Toukai-Line Shinkansen and it only took about an hour and a half to arrive at the gate. Amazing! Don't you think? That was quick~! (laugh)

Well, to operate and run something that moves that fast is has to endure a lot!

Anza Myspace Blog 1/19/09

Worn out......

current mood: Exhausted

Everyone who came to the Shibuya Live, Thank you. As I thought, I immediately got in tune with the live show and everything clicked, even after a long time. (laugh)

Already, I'm itching to do another concert!!!

The next day I left to return to my parents home in Nagoya and I'm really going to miss it.

I'm the eldest daughter in a family of 4 brothers and sisters. That means.......2 younger sisters and a younger brother and everyone is a Mama and a, in a nutshell, it's only me who's unmarried. (laugh)

When I come home to my parents house it certainly get serious! I get baby-sitting duty!!!!

But,'s very charming~~~~~~~~~~!!!

Aunt-chan! That's what they call out to me. (laugh)

Only, when one person gets a hug, the others get jealous and cry. Or, when one is playing with a toy the others like, they get envious and a state of war breaks out. (laugh)

Children are a wonderful power, don't you think?!

Still, I want to try marriage. Then some day after that, I'll probably become a Mama........that's wonderful, right?! (laugh)

However, right now, things are still pleasant. (laugh)


Anza doesn't have to look to far if she's wanting a husband. I wanted to marry her as soon as I met her.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 1/17/09

I'm home on Jan. 17th. I walked through the door at 5:50 AM.

First of all, yesterday was the Shibuya Box Live show and to everyone who came, Thank you very much. (heart)

Since the start of the new year 2009, this was our first live and we were happy to begin.

Although, the press almost completely took all my time. Your pardon, please? This is something that happens often at an Event. Why?

Still, to the people who came from far away to see me, it's truly inexcusable.....

Yesterday's Show was 9 songs including the Encore. Perhaps it was because it was after the One-Man Live, Eh? The end? I felt rushed. (laugh)

Quickly, everyone began calling out for an Encore, I felt unaffected and changed my clothes in a hurry. (laugh)

I had already tied my hair up in a bundle when I decided, "I'll do an Encore"!!!! Hastily, I appeared back onstage to perform. It's hurried me. (laugh) Quite rare? (laugh)

But, I felt this was truly an enjoyable Event!!

Absolutely, to everyone who came, Thank you!!!!

Now, were in the phase of recording preparation! Also, there's Live news and information and the like that we'll be putting out one after the other. So, be sure to check back often, OK?!

My neck is still sore!!!!!!!! (laugh)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 1/13/09


Cold weather this week?

I'm beginning to question this concept of Global Warming. They must be mistaken, I guess........the earth is gripped by cold weather. The wind is icy and something to avoid, don't you think? It really is.

Already, the static electricity being caused is terrible and it's getting to be more of a bother. (laugh)

Seriously, it's painful, like I've fallen under a curse or divine punishment! There's no way to arrange my hair to get around the effect.

There must be something I can do, don't you think? But, I've tried it already!!!!

Hand cream was a good suggestion. It's easier to get shocked with dry skin, right? (laugh)

On a different note, I ran into a bargain sale and I had a fun time, yes?! I'm weak when I'm in a crowd of people and it was difficult. I may have been overdoing it trying to fight over scraps.

But, at the time of the sale they said, "danger, limited time" (laugh)

"Prices marked down to more than 30 % off retail". That turned my head and I looked back thinking, "Is that for real"? As usual, I was caught in the limited time clearance sale snare. (laugh)


Something strange happened to me the other day with static electricity. I was stacking some bags of mulch in the cold and I hit a metal beam while wearing my glove and got a big shock, twice!

I've never been shocked through a glove before.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/11/09


current mood: voluminous

Look at me! I'm going for it with the Blog. (laugh)

Today, I treated myself to sushi. (heart) It was delicious! But you know, I'm still a child when it comes to wasabi *hot horse radish*, it's difficult to swallow down. The burning sensation was quick to over take me, even though it was something I requested......(cry)

I thought I'd die if I didn't switch to something else. I had already been spoiled, so I began digging into the sweet Korean rice cakes. (laugh)

Now, this month HPP will be shooting new artist photographs. This time my plans are to use 3 different costume changes and cloth patterns for the photos.

But, I'm not thrilled with the location of the's the middle of winter! It will be really cold, you can count on it!

As for me, I'm thinking of wearing a sleeveless dress......and yet we'll be shooting outside! Are they trying to get me? (laugh) This isn't really the time to get too familiar with mascara and seasonal clothing!

I have my work cut out for me today, I have to get to work on writing new song lyrics!!! My big thing is to always tell the truth, or else it's meaningless. (laugh)

I'll have to keep at it.



Believe it or not, this was a hard entry to translate. It had my 2 big stumbling blocks. Food and song writing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Anza HPP Blog 1/11/09

Hey! It's Anza (star)

It's rather late, but.....soon it will become daylight!!!

This year also HPP would like to ask you properly, Please stick with us!!

We ended 2008 at Strum Studio, and that's still the case at the start of 2009. Tell me, how is everyone?

At any rate, HPP has even more time to pass in studio confinement. But, that's especially true for me. (laugh)

While one new song is being finished, we move on to the next, we fight to keep at it. We try to write tunes from a time in our lives and then lay down the recording!!!

And now~ the first Live Show is early in 2009 on the 16th!! Isn't that good to know? (laugh)

For everyone in Tokyo, this will be a good way to escape. Even if it's only for a little while. That's what I think.

Still, this is just the beginning of the Paralysed Boxx Tour, right? So, let's meet at the Shibuya Boxx on the 16th. (heart)

By the way, my buddy Narumi has put in an appearance on the Blog before I realized it. (laugh)

Well, will you be coming here often this year? I wonder, will the other guys become regulars also? (laugh)

I'm still waiting for Hiro-san.........

Recently, MY boom (favorite thing) is Natto hot spring boiled eggs. (heart) They are quite delicious and they help to improve your health!

Hey! aquaintance of mine who is a Palm Reader gave me a reading. However....if I want to stay healthy in my body and mind, it isn't past hope!!

Most of my troubles come from my manner of life. Because I live my life as a night person.

I'm going to sleep.....right now. (laugh)


I wonder if you have to go to the hot springs to get the eggs, or do they deliver?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/8/09

This year's me!

current mood: cooky/wacky

For the year 2009, with my Blog updates, I'd like to try to keep at it! Although I have a hot thing feeling, for a short time, my self-confidence was low. (laugh)

Yes, I got to go snowboarding! The snowy mountains are the best!!! I absolutely love the white world a lot. (heart)

Also, I went together with other HPP members Hiro and Narumi. Well, 2 of the 3 people had a high skill factor when it comes to snowboarding, right?

This time Mar couldn't come because he still hasn't completely recovered from the pain in his neck. He was left at home to do some house sitting. (laugh)

Ooh! Everyone be sure to check out this month's issue of Burrn Magazine! If you read this message and pick it up, thanks.

The article is a Live report from the One-Man Show. But, I've yet to see it myself. (laugh)

My daily life is about to begin at Strum Studios tomorrow. That's because it's Pre-Professional recording month. Right?


I have it in mind that Strum Studios is where Anza and HPP rehearse and write songs.

I'm pretty sure that the Pre-Professional recording is a live taping of the Shibuya Boxx show on Jan. 16th.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anza JP Blog 1/4/09

It's 2009 (star)

It's begun.....before you even noticed it, right? (laugh)

Anyhow, it's off and running and if you don't pay attention, 2009 will also blow by you.

On Jan. 16th, HPP will be doing a Live recording and the members are ready to nail it.

And then, in March, the "Paralysed Box" tour will begin. Right now, we've booked shows in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Oita, and Kagoshima. And there's still many more Live shows to come!! Just hang in there till we're able to make an official announcement.!

Also, there are a fixed set of activities and stages for Anza as a solo artist for the group VITAMIN-Q! Once again, this may turn out to be a very busy year for me.

Hey! By the way.....for me, Anza, somehow or other, I managed to be active in public entertainment for quite some time. It seems that this will be my 20 year anniversary. (laugh)

So, my goal is to draw up plans to schedule a Solo Live Show. Because to appear live will be a nice way to meet you. Don't forget!


Congratulations to Anza for 20 years in "The Biz"!

And I guess now we know what the pre-professional recording was she talked about. I think in other posts it would have been better to call them Raw recordings instead of Demo.

My guess is that they will, at some point in the future release the live show on CD. That way they have something in the bank for another tour without the pressure to write a new album.

I can see the logic behind this strategy. Live records help turn other artists like David Bowie, Blue Oyster Cult, and Bob Seger into household names. The only draw back is, sometimes it does the opposite and breaks groups up.