Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anza Myspace Blog 1/22/09

Once in a while.....

current mood: crunk

It's also essential to take a deep breath as much as possible. Yeah. But, being cold like this, even taking a breath makes one feel weary. It looks like having caught a cold......

I've gotta cram various stuff into my head all at once.....there just isn't time time to be forgetful, right?

That's why I need a diversion. I have no choice!!

It's the snowy mountains! Yes!! The feeling that I'd enjoy being surrounded by the world covered in white is reasonable. (laugh)

Anyone else feel the same? There's still time for that sort of thing?

That settles it, to Yukiyma I GO~!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Rika Chicchi for some help.

I also asked Yuya for some help. His translation says almost the same thing, but he says it better I think. So, I'm going to post his version of this entry too.

Here you go!


important to think it easy and take a breath.

Thesedays it's so cold that I feel dull even to breathe.
It seems I am catching cold...
Well, I should learn and memorize lots of things...
Nothing can be help when I can't memorize it all.

So, you know what to do to change my mood!
Snow mountain! Yeah!
I feel like being buried in the white world. (laugh)
You guys sometimes feel the same, don't you?


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