Friday, January 16, 2009

Anza JP Blog 1/13/09


Cold weather this week?

I'm beginning to question this concept of Global Warming. They must be mistaken, I guess........the earth is gripped by cold weather. The wind is icy and something to avoid, don't you think? It really is.

Already, the static electricity being caused is terrible and it's getting to be more of a bother. (laugh)

Seriously, it's painful, like I've fallen under a curse or divine punishment! There's no way to arrange my hair to get around the effect.

There must be something I can do, don't you think? But, I've tried it already!!!!

Hand cream was a good suggestion. It's easier to get shocked with dry skin, right? (laugh)

On a different note, I ran into a bargain sale and I had a fun time, yes?! I'm weak when I'm in a crowd of people and it was difficult. I may have been overdoing it trying to fight over scraps.

But, at the time of the sale they said, "danger, limited time" (laugh)

"Prices marked down to more than 30 % off retail". That turned my head and I looked back thinking, "Is that for real"? As usual, I was caught in the limited time clearance sale snare. (laugh)


Something strange happened to me the other day with static electricity. I was stacking some bags of mulch in the cold and I hit a metal beam while wearing my glove and got a big shock, twice!

I've never been shocked through a glove before.

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