Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/25/07

Thank-You Everyone!

Yesterday, the "Love goes Beyond the Time, Strange Tale" concluding festivities ended successfully.

For everyone who came to see the show, I'm truly thankful.

Yesterday evening, the band schedule was still open. That being the case, the launch of the new tour is still up in the air.....(weep)

But, backstage at the conclusion of the show, Kei Takashiro and the official woman's battle camp had a toast. That made me extremely happy~!! She was truly kind. The dreamy chairman who I really love!!

Oh! And the cast that worked so hard to succeed, Thanks~!!!!!


Check out the Anza Blog 9/14 to see the Akira edit.

One thing I learned from Akira's translation, the gaps the I run into in Anza's writing are really there. I also discovered that I've been doing a really good job filling in with English slang and phrases. As long as I can follow her line of thought, I can do a pretty good job making it so an American audience can understand it.

Anza HPP Diary 9/25/07


I feel sleepy. (laugh)

For about the last month it seems that an every day life where you sleep when you intended has escaped me....

I've been so on the go. However, one by one each night, when it comes to it, I'm hit by sleeplessness.

But, I have reach the point where I can get some sleep little by little.....

I have an observation to share about the world.

When you're too kind, you have a tendency to get hurt. Someone will use your kindness to knock you down.

Conversely, over time, your will to be kind to others breaks down. Your own selfishness kicks in and you become the person who enjoys doing the hurting.

I would rather be the first person who is kind no matter what.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9 23/07


At last there is one performance to finish successfully.

Every day has been frantic.

I don't want to have any regrets in my last show, so I'll do my best.

I don't have the power remaining to post a photo. I'll have to take a pause. (laugh)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/21/07

2nd Day

The show went well.

I've been very emotional lately, very tender-hearted. (laugh)

The tears flow freely and don't stop. Hey! It's alright, I'll bear with it!!!!

We only did one show today, but tomorrow I'll have 2 shows to do.

The photograph is Noriko Sakamoto who plays Koharu. We performed together in 2004 in the Miss Saigon musical. This is the 2nd time we've acted together.

She's always the older sister I rely on. Although you might say that the two of us haven't changed much over the years. She's still taller than me.

She's in the dressing room next to mine, and sh'e the friend who's always looking after me!!


I love Anza's make-up in this pic. Her and Noriko look good.

Anza JP Blog 9/20/07


Today was opening day in Tokyo. Privately, there is a reflection point, but now I can heave a sigh of relief that the evening went well.

Also today, we met early at the theater for costume rehearsal. At lunch time they brought me a chicken on egg and rice obento. "box lunch"

I was glad because that delicious delicacy was terrific!!! I've never eaten such tasty chicken on egg and rice!!

Incidentally, the name of the store was written on the chopstick package. I made an important notation of it in my personal notebook to be sure to get some more. (laugh)

Next chance I get, I'll certainly stop by and get some chicken on egg and rice!!!!

And then, today I had the highest happiness when I was greeted by the audience. I was so happy, I couldn't hold back the tears!!

I dare not write all my feelings of what it means to meet the fans, (heart) But, is it alright to say my heart yearns to see you?

Tomorrow I'll receive power from everyones support once again.

I'll try to do my best!!!!


Yay! Happy Anza.

Does anyone think she might like chicken on egg and rice? lol

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/17/07

Taking it in Stride!

I've returned from Nagoya, and I'm finishing photography with the band that has previously been arranged. Well then, I'm not really getting time off, by my heart is filled with joy.

Very soon, the 19th is when I start the Tokyo performance. Of course, I may have to hit my head to jog my memory to remember my songs and my lines. Hopefully, it's not that bad! (laugh)

Perhaps, it's all the traveling alone with little luggage and being seen by mystery men which makes me doubtful. (laugh) ?

But, I like to say my lines to myself as I walk. Good idea, don't you think? (laugh)

I don't think I'll have any regrets, I just want to do my best for the next ten performances.

Besides, the role of *Mori-san* has been absolutely burned into my memory. I won't forget her to be sure!!

I've been feeling a bit lonely this month, but ANZA has become a big fan of the Mori-san character!! I love it more and more!!!!

By the way, I've decided to return to the musical, "The Gift". It opens in December of this year. I'll be playing the shogi role again.

This is the show I'd like everyone to come and see no matter what.

Next year, there will also be two stage performances.

If I don't pay attention to my physical conditioning, it'll be a tough row to hoe. That's what they say!!


Anza uses the same phrases again about Dracula's castle. After thinking about it, I figured she was naming her character in the play. One of the names is tree, so I made her character name "Mori-san" myself. It beats trying to figure the whole thing out.

I asked my friend Akira about it, but she hasn't written me back yet. So if she tells me something completely different, I'll have to come back to do some editing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/14/07 *EDITED*

Finish time...

Going on the road was really great!!!!!!!

After safely finishing the Osaka and Nagoya performances of the show, I've returned home.

I've developed the habit of taking my personal computer everywhere I go. When I'd get back to the hotel, I'd collapse on the bed and open it up. (laugh)

Whew! I wish I was feeling more restful to make more updates to the Blog. Dang it!

But, I was concentrating on the stage show which makes me perfectly happy.

The next 19 days is the Tokyo public performance where I'll next appear on stage.

I love this photograph, it's the female actresses in the dressing room.

*Akira Edit*
In addition, I print Takashiro Dracula of the chairperson to my eyes and never forget!!
Because if I'm not use for Margerita I'm a great fan of Dracula for ANZA!!
Maru-chan does her best!!!!

Dracula castle is not good translation, I think. It's just a name of the actress.
This is her official HP.

The photograph is all of the woman dressing room member of "love time...".
Nori-chan as Koharu, Ami-chan as Wakana, Yu-chan as Hagi,Namie-chan as Fuji, Tama-chan as Okame.
And seven people of Naru-chan as Garasha and me are the same dressing rooms though Naru-chan is not in a photograph.
It is the dressing room which is full of spirit every day!!!

*End Edit*

Everyday backstage is full of energy!!!
Akira straightened out the Dracula's castle comment. It's really the name of the actress Kei Takashiro.

Anza HPP Diary 9/14/07


I had a wonderful time going to Osaka and Nagoya to perform in the musical.

For some reason, the insomnia kicked in again. So, even though I hated to do it, I got some medicine to deal with it. (laughter)

I'm feeling better now that I've returned home safely.

Now days , as an HPP member, the push is on for the new album release.

You finish one job, then a second, but it feels like the work is unending. Lot's of work, right? (laughter)

Worrying about that, brings on more sleeplessness and more medicine. But, I need to keep going.

Very soon, I think there'll be future information and forthcoming notifications that will be of interest to everyone.

Of course, I feel like shouting when I say that we'll be announcing a new tour.

As I thought, not having a live show to do is hard.....


WOW! Cool, I can't wait to see if they're coming to New York soon.

If Anza has trouble sleeping, she should come to Kentucky. It's so laid back here it's no problem to get sleep.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Anza JP 9/8/07

Wiped out....

We've finished play practice and costume rehearsal despite being hit by a typhoon for the past two days. Somehow we ended safely.

Wearing the costume and microphone was pleasant and I like being an artist and taking my turn on stage.

Not long from now is the opening tomorrow in Osaka. As for me, my packing is far from finished. (weep)

As expected, with the hustle and bustle of the last two days, I've totally lacked my sleep. Today, I'm pulling the covers over my head to catch up~!!!!!

By the way, the revised date is correct.

I'm too tired to take a photo (cry)....Good Night zzzzz


Anza HPP Diary


Did everyone maintain their composure during the typhoon? Yes? No? It was a terrible storm.

Here lately, my work tires me out to exhaustion. (laughter) How old am I? I think I'm finding out...

When I have bouts of insomnia, what's the cure? Do you know?

Recently, I've been lying down everyday trying to catch up on sleep.

Today, I'm going to sleep like I was a dead body. Please, let me get some rest.

Who said it was easy being in show business?

Anza may be working hard and lot's of hours, but I think she wouldn't have it any other way. She really enjoys performing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/5/07


The date for the Strange Tale is coming up. Last practice in the training room was September 4th.

We only practiced for 16 days and it flew by at super speed.

At last, the theater is set. I have my costume and microphone for the stage show, I'm ready to play

Be sure to come to the stage, join in, and watch me play to the gallery.

But there's still a short time to wait. (cry)

I'll do my best when it begins~!!!

My tension is rising. ( It's almost time!)

Anza JP Blog 9/3/07


We've practiced all the way through to the end, along with the curtain call prepared for the audience. We'd like it to have the same art impression as the play which is a challenge.

If your body gets tired, when you get into your role you become calm.

With very little practicing left, you use your experience to discover ways to make the human emotions real.

But, all the actors in the cast are truly splendid people, I'm not exaggerating!!

At break time, there's always laughter, and when we practice, everyone reaches to put a fresh spin on their role. Fantastic! It's really cute.

The Chairman say we're ready which is truly lovely. The company blooms like a flower when we put on our smiling faces!!I'm ready to become a cute woman and have a great time!!

Everyone, by all means come to, "Love goes Beyond the Time, Strange Tale".

Please come to see the spectacle!!

I wish I could go, sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/1/07

Stormy weather?!

What! August has already ended....

It doesn't really feel like a big change. But we've broken into September.

The countdown to opening day of the show has begun!! Anxiety...excitement! (doki doki)....suspense. (laughing)

Recently, perfection (perfect stage make-up)? like a dream, I'm ready to put out my stage face. (laugh)

There are different worries while we're building up to opening day, but it will be a welcome feeling when it finally gets here. I'll do my best to perform. (laugh)

I had no time today to take a picture to post. (crying)


Opening day is 9/9/07 in Osaka.

Anza HPP Diary 9/1 Sat.

It can't be September...

It got here quick, don't you think? It began the other day!! I felt lonely in spite of a new month. ?

But, it's turned cool and refreshing. It's a really nice change. However....

There are still lot's of troubles to occur that you worry over. Don't you agree? It's hateful.

There are many things that cause people to lose their tempers and change from their normal selves. Like trying to get things that are out of their reach.

Myself, being different from others around me, I can understand how easy it is to discriminate against those who are not like you. At any rate, I hate it.

Another thing I despise, is an adult who tries to defend himself by telling lies. But that's just what people do, how can that benefit you?

Jealousy gets the best of people. So a man tries to live out his whole life as a lie, if that's the case, I feel that that would be a hard road to travel. ?

Men don't consider how their actions effect the innocent. Don't you think that's right?

Even a saint can become the victim of a lie. You can also be made to suffer for doing the right thing. That's how adult society works.

I don't want to take after others who live a lie. I don't want to be an adult who is totally mistaken about the world around them. I'd cry if I became a person who practices the very things I hate. It would be awful, don't you think?

I beg your pardon if my words hit hard.

Tomorrow, I'm ready to persevere and overcome any obstacles in my way.


The simplified American version of the entry would just be, "People can be @ssholes".

Or as Anza puts it at the end of the song, "You F*ck!"