Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/25/07

Thank-You Everyone!

Yesterday, the "Love goes Beyond the Time, Strange Tale" concluding festivities ended successfully.

For everyone who came to see the show, I'm truly thankful.

Yesterday evening, the band schedule was still open. That being the case, the launch of the new tour is still up in the air.....(weep)

But, backstage at the conclusion of the show, Kei Takashiro and the official woman's battle camp had a toast. That made me extremely happy~!! She was truly kind. The dreamy chairman who I really love!!

Oh! And the cast that worked so hard to succeed, Thanks~!!!!!


Check out the Anza Blog 9/14 to see the Akira edit.

One thing I learned from Akira's translation, the gaps the I run into in Anza's writing are really there. I also discovered that I've been doing a really good job filling in with English slang and phrases. As long as I can follow her line of thought, I can do a pretty good job making it so an American audience can understand it.

Anza HPP Diary 9/25/07


I feel sleepy. (laugh)

For about the last month it seems that an every day life where you sleep when you intended has escaped me....

I've been so on the go. However, one by one each night, when it comes to it, I'm hit by sleeplessness.

But, I have reach the point where I can get some sleep little by little.....

I have an observation to share about the world.

When you're too kind, you have a tendency to get hurt. Someone will use your kindness to knock you down.

Conversely, over time, your will to be kind to others breaks down. Your own selfishness kicks in and you become the person who enjoys doing the hurting.

I would rather be the first person who is kind no matter what.....

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