Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/3/07


We've practiced all the way through to the end, along with the curtain call prepared for the audience. We'd like it to have the same art impression as the play which is a challenge.

If your body gets tired, when you get into your role you become calm.

With very little practicing left, you use your experience to discover ways to make the human emotions real.

But, all the actors in the cast are truly splendid people, I'm not exaggerating!!

At break time, there's always laughter, and when we practice, everyone reaches to put a fresh spin on their role. Fantastic! It's really cute.

The Chairman say we're ready which is truly lovely. The company blooms like a flower when we put on our smiling faces!!I'm ready to become a cute woman and have a great time!!

Everyone, by all means come to, "Love goes Beyond the Time, Strange Tale".

Please come to see the spectacle!!

I wish I could go, sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening.

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