Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anza JP Blog 9/1/07

Stormy weather?!

What! August has already ended....

It doesn't really feel like a big change. But we've broken into September.

The countdown to opening day of the show has begun!! Anxiety...excitement! (doki doki)....suspense. (laughing)

Recently, perfection (perfect stage make-up)? like a dream, I'm ready to put out my stage face. (laugh)

There are different worries while we're building up to opening day, but it will be a welcome feeling when it finally gets here. I'll do my best to perform. (laugh)

I had no time today to take a picture to post. (crying)


Opening day is 9/9/07 in Osaka.

Anza HPP Diary 9/1 Sat.

It can't be September...

It got here quick, don't you think? It began the other day!! I felt lonely in spite of a new month. ?

But, it's turned cool and refreshing. It's a really nice change. However....

There are still lot's of troubles to occur that you worry over. Don't you agree? It's hateful.

There are many things that cause people to lose their tempers and change from their normal selves. Like trying to get things that are out of their reach.

Myself, being different from others around me, I can understand how easy it is to discriminate against those who are not like you. At any rate, I hate it.

Another thing I despise, is an adult who tries to defend himself by telling lies. But that's just what people do, how can that benefit you?

Jealousy gets the best of people. So a man tries to live out his whole life as a lie, if that's the case, I feel that that would be a hard road to travel. ?

Men don't consider how their actions effect the innocent. Don't you think that's right?

Even a saint can become the victim of a lie. You can also be made to suffer for doing the right thing. That's how adult society works.

I don't want to take after others who live a lie. I don't want to be an adult who is totally mistaken about the world around them. I'd cry if I became a person who practices the very things I hate. It would be awful, don't you think?

I beg your pardon if my words hit hard.

Tomorrow, I'm ready to persevere and overcome any obstacles in my way.


The simplified American version of the entry would just be, "People can be @ssholes".

Or as Anza puts it at the end of the song, "You F*ck!"

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