Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/31/08


What's up with all the rain?!

Come on~! The cherry blossoms have already begun to fall and scatter!!!

On top of that, cold weather has moved back in....

I'm having a dejected feeling explosion! I was really in low spirits today.

But the date is wrong. (this story happened on the 30th).....

Maybe, it's a little bit of old age creeping in?....I'm not really certain. (laugh)

Don't mind me....I'm just talking to myself. (Laugh)


I hate to see Anza feeling down. Makes me wish I could do something to cheer her up.

Anza JP Blog 3/27/08

Spring is here~ (music note)

It's good to feel warmth throughout your body. This time of day it's a pleasant feeling. Down jackets are no longer necessary.

Everyday I enjoy dressing up smartly and going to the park to see what's happening.

Oh! I have a recommendation for everybody. This would be a good weekend for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing).... the flowers are so delicate....

And when April gets here, I plan to go to a barbecue. No Doubt!! (laughing)

Going to the Okutama campsite along the river was the best for relaxing and composing myself!!

With important friends talking and asking various questions, while eating and drinking together.....

It was really good!!


Here's a little news about Anza's last post where she mentions singing on a big screen. I wrote Narumi on Myspace about it and he said, "Yes, "Chain" is being shown on street vision at Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku".

He also say that he hasn't seen it yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

HPP Blog 3/26/08

It's Anza. (star)


It appears that I've got my energy back.

This latest month we've been writing new tunes. But, exasperated, I went to Nikko Edo Village. Actually, I did both at the same time. (laugh)

No! I haven't been slacking off~. I'm telling you!!

Each of the band members is secluded in their homes trying to come up with new tunes. I'm starting to use data email for sending songs. The composing of melodies is also done this way. (heart)

I've received emails from friends saying, "Hey, Anza was singing at Shibuya!" Along with pics from some friends.

HPP's promo video is playing on the giant screen!! It's me!! Larger than life!!

I secretly want to go and see it, should I? (laugh) Mar has already gone to check it out. (laugh) Good~

Well, the tour is not ending yet!

It's rumored that there's more to be added....(laugh)


Thanks to Rika-Chicchi from Itsumo Keiko Kitagawa for some translation help. When I first looked at Anza's entry, it seemed simple enough. Then I ran into some roadblocks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/24/08

Giggling! ?

Today I really made a snap decision to go to Nikko Edo Village!!!My tension was considerably high. (laugh)

So, on March 23rdI went!!

I was thinking, I'd very much like to meet actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa!! I've already posted his name often on many of my Blog entries. (heart)

Right after my arrival at Edo Village, I suddenly ran into Ken!!

Well, great actors are all different from one another. It must be their aura!

Ken's action in a play and his power of expression is gripping and it greatly fascinates me!

Then presently, I was taken to the field where they put on the show. The play is one act and is a long single movement. And the facial expressions are polite and powerful.

You're quite right when you say it's selfish and a long way to go just to see a play.

But...Wow! The action is the best to be seen anywhere!!!!!!!!

Certainly, everybody in the Nikko Edo Village area should really come out to see this show. Please, do it for me!

And the Ken and Mr. Hamou, who is also an excellent actor said, "Check this out".
(the Shirdakin Dojo to see shirdakin tossing. If you get into this, it'll be good for your health!!)

After that, go to the Suruga Chaya teahouse, by all means.

Introduce yourself to the Aunt of the kind salesgirl and she'll serve you tea that has the best taste!


Don't know if I got the name of the second actor right.

Also, not sure if I spelt "shirdakin" right. (those are the sharp stars that Ninja throw) The Dojo probably has martial arts demonstrations as well as exercise classes, which is why they would say it would be good for Anza's health.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/23/08


Right now, they're showing world figure skating on TV.

Yesterday, it was the women's competition. The news I heard was that Mao got the victory.

I was a little confused when I heard about the injury to Miki. Especially when I'm such a big Miki Fan...

However, the emotional strength of a competitive skater is amazing.

It must be tough for one person to put on a show in such a spacious rink. If I tried to compete like that, that would be the hardest part. ?

Then if everyone knew you were hurting, it would be a tough job to convince people that you're giving 100%....really.

But, that really shows your competitive spirit. Don't you think? That is a really important lesson in life.

Miki, take care of yourself and get well soon!!


My guess is that Miki and Mao are Japanese women figure skaters. I don't have any information on them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/19/08

Hey! It's raining.

I didn't have an umbrella to hold when I went out for a walk.Sometimes, it's a good thing, don't you think?

It's a pleasant experience to have the water trickle on the nice woman as she walks along......I sigh a little, but. (laugh)

Now days, looking at the dokuro, I wish I could get it for free.

The fabrics with the new prints., I've looked at new Western cloths in Tokyo, but I haven't taken anything to the register yet. (laugh)

What?Candies are the latest design of the artist's impressions.

However, as cute as they are, I'd still like to make my own fashion point!

After my recent Good Stick, I'd like to eat some tasty candies. (laugh) Delicious, right~!!

Yeah, the cheap sweets shop is really gone. I'd go there everyday as a child carrying coins, to choose the candy I wanted to try.....

But, that touching moments is gone, don't you think?


There's probably a lot in this translation that could use some tweaking, if anyone wants to take a stab at it.

I didn't know what dokuro was, so that threw me for a while.

At the end, I think she's talking about a candy or snack called a "Good Stick". I just remember them because Chieco Kawabe used to post pictures of them on her Blog all the time.

Mixi Slideshow

I thought I'd try to put together a Head Phones President slideshow from pics that Mar posted on his Mixi page that most people wouldn't see. These are mainly pics from their recent trip to Beijing. The music clip is a song from Merlyn called "Meaningless"

There were a couple extra pics I forgot to add to this slideshow. I may update it later, but this will work for now. Hope everyone likes this


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HPP Blog 3/18/08

It's Anza (star)

It's gradually begun to warm up!

The hay fever season is tough, don't you think?

I'm a bit worried about the band members with hay fever. They're walking around all teary eyed. (laugh)

Well, we've begun to practice seriously for our next show! Even though it's still over a month away....

In our studio, we've begun the battle to write new tunes. It's intense.

Oh! Just to let you know, at the Kochi live show we started selling our new T-shirts. This time it also comes in black. It looks very hip and wonderful!

There may be another live soon. I'll try to send out an email if there's a schedule change. ?

Then, after the long time I've kept you waiting, I have plans to upload the acoustic video very soon!! Probably tomorrow or the day after....I hope. (laugh)

I haven't seen the new black t-shirts yet. I'll have to check them out soon. I really want to see the acoustic clip. It should be cool.

I almost forgot to mention, but my friend Maddie started an new English fan page for Head Phones President on Myspace. It's called the Head Phones President Street Team. So, go check out the page and get yourself added to the friend list.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/16/08


I went on a Day Trip to the snowy mountains. (star)

Spring skiing. Or, I should say Spring Boarding to be more precise. (laugh)

Talking about the weather, it was sunny and mild!! It was excellent.

Perhaps, this is the last of the season for snow boarding is my feeling. Actually, I tried to glide down as usual, but it was still painful for my body. (laugh)

However, there is no snow away from the ski area, which makes you feel a bit lonesome. Don't you think?

I wonder how many times will I be able to go next season?!


It's still painful up and down my neck. Did I shake my head too much?? It's likely I got too carried away.....(laugh)

On White Day, the guys from the band gave me some chocolate. It was delicious!!!!!

However, I couldn't eat it all and there's some left over.....

Well, here lately I've been into sushi. (heart) Salmon roe, fresh mackerel, Engawa, sea urchin, and sweet shrimp is especially good.

Engawa that's been broiled, throw a little salt on it, and it has the best flavor. (heart)

On the Kyushu tour, I almost ate more than my belly could handle. There was all sorts of tasty fish to eat~.

Certainly, when we hit the Hokkaido part of the tour, my plan is to eat the sea urchin rice bowl. Among other things.

Oh boy! I'm looking forward to that!


I love that first pic of Anza. She looks so pretty in that dress.

For those who don't know it, in Japan, guys buy chocolate for girls on White Day.

I'm not sure what Engawa is, it's probably the name of a dish, but I wouldn't know what it is.

Head Phone President (野台開唱 Formoz Festival 2007)

Here's a video clip I found on Mar's Mixi page. It's HPP playing the song Ill Treat at the Formoz Festival in Taiwan. Anza's vocals are a bit drowned out, but this gives you a good idea of what the show was like. Hope everyone enjoys this.


HPP Blog 3/11/08

It's Anza (star)

First of all, everyone is safe. (laugh)

What? The Mid-March tour of the Koriyama, Oita, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima live shows has finished.

We took the van everywhere. Then meeting all the people who came out to see us made me happy. Really, Thank-You (double heart)

Has it been 5 years? In spite of a long wait between shows, people came to see me.

For a lot of fans, it was their first time to see me at a live house......from the bottom of my heart, Thank-You. ?

If you think about it, the formation of HPP was to meet people. So, how did we go so long without this encounter? I wonder....

The members have changed, the staff that helps us has changed....I'd also like to point out that we've had lot's of different experiences since then.....

Still, it's not all for naught. It added to my past, my present, and probably my future.....

It's like the band is a living person. You hit the stage and throw everything into it and you leave behind....what? ?

You come back home from tour with all sorts of thoughts running through your mind. Everyone sharing their feeling of the live shows makes you happy.

Well, we're wanting to put out a new record! I'm ready to cut loose with some more screaming. (laugh)

Because, this band has been slow in the past to put out a new Album. (laugh)


A new Album sounds great!

Here's some advice I'd give before they start writing new tunes. I know that they'd like to break into the mainstream, so first off, I'd fire the AR guys and producers that don't know how to record songs with an upbeat.

I saw an interview with Aerosmith the other day. They were asked what made their band so successful. Steve Tyler and Steve Perry said that, "It's the blues, baby! It's all in the 2's and 4's."

Someone needs to moves Anza off the 1's and 3's. It needs to happen sooner or later, so I vote for sooner.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/12/08 "Akira Edit"

Like so~

My mood is better, but I was a little under the weather for a while. I'm still feeling a bit run down and sluggish.

Along with that~ the tour ran swiftly with a lot of shows.

Now, I'd like to go and play with reckless abandon.

I want to go to Disneyland! Or maybe Nikko City! I'd like to go to different aquariums! Perhaps, I should go to the zoo!

Hey! I could pretend I was a lazy brat! (laugh)

I'd like to go on a shopping spree and buy some new Western-Style clothes~ (heart) Spring is coming quickly.

Oh! I like the "Ratatouille" movie very much. (heart) I saw it at the movie theater and I even watched it 2 more times on DVD. (laugh) ?

I also intend to go to some stage shows!

I'd like to make plans to see a super Kabuki show on stage! I think I'll work to make that happen. (heart)

Here's the way Akira translated this blog. I really appreciate this. Thanks!


Hi Matt.
I read that you're confused to translate Anza-san's blog.

Here's my translation.

I'm feeling heavy at a body whether I got discouraged.
It is, because of I run with full speeds by the tour.
Now I awful want to go out to play now!
It is DisneySea! It is Nikko Edo Village! It is an aquarium! And a zoo!!
I seems like a kid.(laugh)
I also go out to buy clothes~♡
Spring is coming soon!
Oh! I really love the movie "Remy's delicious restaulant"♡
I saw it at a movie theater but again saw with DVD twice.(laugh)
I want to see some stage shows!!
There's a plan to see a super Kabuki♡

The movie is "Remy's delicious restaulant" by Disney.

I hope this will some help for you.

Anza JP Blog 3/10/08

The long silence has passed....

I'm still alive and kicking. (laughing)

Oh! But I was still exhausted for a few days. (laugh)

The HPP Mid-March Tour started at Kochi and went to Kagoshima Island to play. We safely ended in Tokyo.

Hey! Live shows are the best! The local bands are hot and have lots of spirit. I like listening to them.

Now, for quite some time, the live show action dies down?....That's what fans are likely to be asking.

Listen to this....We plan to start writing new tunes before we take our next stage!

Anyhow, we've been a slow band when it comes to putting out new albums. (laugh) Although we've put out singles!

But, wherever we go, "Please put out albums quicker!" is what the fans tell us.

Again, the natural thing to do is to hit the road and perform your songs live. Hey! It's worth the attempt to write more.

Surely, we'll be going into rehearsal soon so we can release another album quickly! At least....I hope so. (laugh)

Oh! The theater tickets for, "Steel Magnolias" go on sale this month in 3 days.

It would be profitable to watch the schedule for full details!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

HPP Blog 2/27/08

It's Anza (star)

Hey! At last Hiro has returned to the Blog. (laugh) The cold pulled him back in....

The next leg of the Tour is about to begin~. Time to go for it!!

Oh! We've added fresh new dates to the schedule!

We get to go to Hokkaido!!!!!!!!! ( Japan's northernmost Island)

Mr. Sandasonia can finally come to see us play~! (laugh)

We also love the town of Mito in the Koriyama district. ( double hearts)

Well, we promise you the video from the acoustic version of our show. It should be uploaded in a few days~!!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Kochi, Oita, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima. Everybody, do your best to catch the show in your area. It'll be a pleasure to see you there.

No pictures to post today.....Sorry.


I had a tough battle with the flu. That's why it took so long to translate this. I'm feeling better now.