Sunday, March 2, 2008

HPP Blog 2/27/08

It's Anza (star)

Hey! At last Hiro has returned to the Blog. (laugh) The cold pulled him back in....

The next leg of the Tour is about to begin~. Time to go for it!!

Oh! We've added fresh new dates to the schedule!

We get to go to Hokkaido!!!!!!!!! ( Japan's northernmost Island)

Mr. Sandasonia can finally come to see us play~! (laugh)

We also love the town of Mito in the Koriyama district. ( double hearts)

Well, we promise you the video from the acoustic version of our show. It should be uploaded in a few days~!!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Kochi, Oita, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima. Everybody, do your best to catch the show in your area. It'll be a pleasure to see you there.

No pictures to post today.....Sorry.


I had a tough battle with the flu. That's why it took so long to translate this. I'm feeling better now.


maestro said...

Do you know where i can find the HPP lyrics??

I try to find the lyrics form its latest album...specally the CHAIN song


Matt said...

The lyrics for most of the album are on the jacket cover. Along with a lot of great photos of the band.