Monday, March 24, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/24/08

Giggling! ?

Today I really made a snap decision to go to Nikko Edo Village!!!My tension was considerably high. (laugh)

So, on March 23rdI went!!

I was thinking, I'd very much like to meet actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa!! I've already posted his name often on many of my Blog entries. (heart)

Right after my arrival at Edo Village, I suddenly ran into Ken!!

Well, great actors are all different from one another. It must be their aura!

Ken's action in a play and his power of expression is gripping and it greatly fascinates me!

Then presently, I was taken to the field where they put on the show. The play is one act and is a long single movement. And the facial expressions are polite and powerful.

You're quite right when you say it's selfish and a long way to go just to see a play.

But...Wow! The action is the best to be seen anywhere!!!!!!!!

Certainly, everybody in the Nikko Edo Village area should really come out to see this show. Please, do it for me!

And the Ken and Mr. Hamou, who is also an excellent actor said, "Check this out".
(the Shirdakin Dojo to see shirdakin tossing. If you get into this, it'll be good for your health!!)

After that, go to the Suruga Chaya teahouse, by all means.

Introduce yourself to the Aunt of the kind salesgirl and she'll serve you tea that has the best taste!


Don't know if I got the name of the second actor right.

Also, not sure if I spelt "shirdakin" right. (those are the sharp stars that Ninja throw) The Dojo probably has martial arts demonstrations as well as exercise classes, which is why they would say it would be good for Anza's health.

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Bunny said...

Throwing stars=shuriken.