Thursday, March 27, 2008

HPP Blog 3/26/08

It's Anza. (star)


It appears that I've got my energy back.

This latest month we've been writing new tunes. But, exasperated, I went to Nikko Edo Village. Actually, I did both at the same time. (laugh)

No! I haven't been slacking off~. I'm telling you!!

Each of the band members is secluded in their homes trying to come up with new tunes. I'm starting to use data email for sending songs. The composing of melodies is also done this way. (heart)

I've received emails from friends saying, "Hey, Anza was singing at Shibuya!" Along with pics from some friends.

HPP's promo video is playing on the giant screen!! It's me!! Larger than life!!

I secretly want to go and see it, should I? (laugh) Mar has already gone to check it out. (laugh) Good~

Well, the tour is not ending yet!

It's rumored that there's more to be added....(laugh)


Thanks to Rika-Chicchi from Itsumo Keiko Kitagawa for some translation help. When I first looked at Anza's entry, it seemed simple enough. Then I ran into some roadblocks.

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