Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anza JP Blog 3/10/08

The long silence has passed....

I'm still alive and kicking. (laughing)

Oh! But I was still exhausted for a few days. (laugh)

The HPP Mid-March Tour started at Kochi and went to Kagoshima Island to play. We safely ended in Tokyo.

Hey! Live shows are the best! The local bands are hot and have lots of spirit. I like listening to them.

Now, for quite some time, the live show action dies down?....That's what fans are likely to be asking.

Listen to this....We plan to start writing new tunes before we take our next stage!

Anyhow, we've been a slow band when it comes to putting out new albums. (laugh) Although we've put out singles!

But, wherever we go, "Please put out albums quicker!" is what the fans tell us.

Again, the natural thing to do is to hit the road and perform your songs live. Hey! It's worth the attempt to write more.

Surely, we'll be going into rehearsal soon so we can release another album quickly! At least....I hope so. (laugh)

Oh! The theater tickets for, "Steel Magnolias" go on sale this month in 3 days.

It would be profitable to watch the schedule for full details!

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