Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/31/08 *completed*

Thank you truly.

Today, we successfully finished The GIFT musical. The Grand Finale went well.

I'm grateful to so many people. Soon, we'll be launching into the future, but I'm going back home in a daze. (laugh)

I still have many feelings today as I look back on 2008. In a short time, I'll probably drink some alcohol. Do you think I should? (laugh)

The year 2008 has been full of many wonderful, wonderful blessings.

With HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT that I love, there were so many things that I was able to experience. I hope we'll be permitted to achieve as much in the coming year.

In fact, next year we're going to have an extremely big schedule and we're going to give it all we've got!! Right?

And then, I was able to do vocals as part of the group, VITAMIN-Q. On Feb. 3rd, we'll be at Shibuya AX doing a live concert. Please, by all means, be sure to come!!!! OK?

I will undoubtedly cut loose at that show. (laugh)

Truly, I've received support from so many people. It's a big part of my life. I'm sincerely grateful to everyone for all you've done for me.

Thank you, truly.

Still, 2008, what a great year!!!!!!

Anza Myspace Blog 1/1/09

Happy New Year!!

current mood: loved

This year also for HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT and for ANZA, please treat us well!!

As for the year 2009, we are going on a rampage, Hell Yeah!!

I have a lot of ambition, so let's get started!

Now, I'm going to lie down and go to sleep. (laugh)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/29/08

Thank you. (star)

Everyday there are many clapping hands. And then there are your letters and gifts. Thank you for everything.

There are only 4 shows left in this run of The GIFT musical.

There is still much more love and affection in the role of Aya Kaori to be transmitted to everyone, don't you agree?

Every time, I try to put all I've got into my body and heart to convey those feelings into each performance. I find that I get more out of it.

Really, I'm very grateful for every day.

There are 4 shows left to perform. So, with great care, I'll do my best!!


The date has changed. This is my Blog for the 28th.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

HPP Hang Veil 7/25/08

Here's an HPP live video of "Hang Veil" that I found on Youtube. This was taped about 2 weeks after the DVD show at Club Citta.

This song didn't make it on the Paralysed Box DVD. But this is a good looking clip, and it's more like the way I remember it, without all the fast editing.

So, here you go........Hang Veil

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/25/08

Merry Christmas!

Is everyone having a cute Christmas?

Around the world, all I wish for is everyone to have a smiling face. I really feel strongly about it this day.

With all the different happenings and expectations, somehow it can wear your spirit down. But, to give in to the pressures could break your heart....

So, from where I sit, the support given by people tends to match what happens in life one day.

At times, kind words and encouragement also have an impact on what will happen and can be turned into reality.

It can be very hard and take all your might.

Really, it can be very hard.

Depending on where you live, your aims can be different to each person respectively. But, to accomplish your goals, there's a feeling of risk and circumstances can take different shapes, yet still be the same. (?)

Today, in a short time, a heart full of grace and some Bang bang chicken. (?)


Give everyone happiness and later, let Anza take a snowboarding trip!! (laugh)


I did my best on this entry. If anyone has any suggestions that would make the translation better, just comment and I'll fix what ever is wrong.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 12/24/08

Merry Christmas.

current mood: warm

Well, Christmas is here, right~? I wonder, what kind of Christmas will everyone be having?

Me?.....I'll be making a splash on stage......however, I play a 19 year old and I'm wearing a Santa Claus helper costume in this role. (laugh)

As for the town's Holiday illumination decorations, there are several I'm fond of.

Still, when I see a beautiful scene......I pass through it dreamily. (laugh)

Please, Santa, I'm asking again!!

Give me some time off~~~~!!! (laugh)

That's a difficult request, right?

Everyone, please have a lovely Christmas, OK? (heart)



I've already asked Anza to post some costume pics if she gets the chance. Anyone who writes her to wish her well before the Gift show, be sure to ask for pics too!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/20/08


I'm laughing, right?~

What for??

I don't understand it myself......but, I've been doing it frantically!

I find something to laugh about every day.......Is it natural? You think?

People who have thoughts about someone and fail to tell them about it is completely wrong. Friends and companions should consider the words to say to one another. They should become adults who can talk about such thoughts, before it's too late.

For example, when someone gives you support, just saying something like, "Thank you" is best....Although you just don't become an adult who can say that. In fact, there are way too many adults who can't say that, don't you think?


Thank you!!!!

To the utmost extreme, Thank you!!

I'm thankful for the little things that would be a trifle to others!!!

Well then, even if it doesn't come naturally, Thank you!!!!!!!!!


Sorry this took so long to translate. I got confused by those 4 lines about being an adult. So, I ran them by my friend Rika at IKK. Good thing I did, because I would have gotten it completely wrong.

Here's Katie's link for everyone who wants to check out Anza's Vitamin-Q article. there were two things she said that I found interesting. It was Hide's song "Pink Spider" that turned her on to Rock. And she wanted to make an Album that everyone could enjoy, from her Grand-mother to 14 year old kids.

Anza Interview

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 12/19/08

Hey, it's Anza (star)

I'm so busy everyday that it appears that I'm passed feeling, but...the HPP members have safely completed their influenza inoculations, so we're thoroughly prepared. (laugh)

For what??

Our pre-professional demo recording and tour!

How soon??

Next year! We're pushing it to the limit. (laugh)

Truly, 2008 for HPP was a year of "Firsts" to challenge us, I think. To look back on it, we really opened up to different experiences.

In a rare tour of Japan, we were the opening act for "In This Moment". Then we appeared together in the Beijing, China performance as well.

We made out first tour of Australia, and participated for the second time in the Formoz Festival at Taipei, Taiwan. We played at MUCC's Event, appeared on stage at Loud Park, did the TOC concert, and finally we finished up with the One-Man Show....

When I stop to think about it, we had an amazing year......

We also released our 2nd Live DVD.....We had a wonderful wonderful 2008.

It's all thanks to the support given by everyone of you. Truly Thanks, and thanks some more!!!!

However, it's too early to look back on New Year's Eve and the stage run for The GIFT musical, before it goes in front of an audience, right? (laugh)

Absolutely, next year we'll be concentrating fully on our live performances! We'll be boarding a plane and hitting even the most distant places in Japan!

I'm taking special care to keep an eye on Passports. (laugh) Especially in Narumi's case, right? (laugh)

Darling, on the occasion that we come to perform in your town, certainly come out to meet us, OK? (heart)

There's one Event ahead before any of this will happen. It's Christmas time~.

Wait a minute!

I need to get a ticket for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I need to attempt to reserve a strawberry sponge cake.......(laugh)


I'm thinking that Anza is talking about over seas shows when she mentions Passports.

Also, that is correct, in Japan, you need a ticket to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve.

One more thought before I wrap this up, the pre-profesional demo recording that HPP will be making is something you do before getting signed with a major label. At least, that's what I'm hoping she means.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 12/19/08


current mood: listless

I finally got my injection of the Flu vaccine. Of course, I got teary eyed when they poked me with the needle. Yup. (laugh)

It was just a short time before the place they stuck me started to swell....not to mention it was painful....Still, this was the Flu vaccine for the newest strain of the virus. What that means exactly, I don't know.......

Just work. I don't want to be stopped by the Flu just before the HPP recording!!

Next year, about the middle of February, we'll be recording a pre-professional demo project. I don't have the spare time to catch a cold!!!

There's Christmas before that, right?.....I'll be on stage....It's lonely trying to fill that big empty space, although it's pleasant. (laughs)

Please, Mr. Santa, can I get some time off and go snowboarding? (laughing)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/18/08

Right on!!!

At last, today (the 17th) I went down to get my Flu shot! Even though it made me teary-eyed, I hung in there!!! (laugh)

However....the hospital itself was extremely crowded. Truly, a lot of people have already come down with a cold.......right now it's easy to catch it if you don't pay attention!!

And now, today the actor who played "Sterope" in last years GIFT musical, my buddy Shirakawa came to call on us in the training room! Right now, he's playing the role of Benny in the stage performance of RENT, and he's doing great!

Then, after the confusion, I was looking forward to the Korean Barbecue Obento (box lunch) provided by the producers money!! It was quite good. (heart)

Soon, I'll be jumping into the shower, I'm too tired to lay around in the bathtub.....I feel humiliated.


Not too sure of the character name, "Sterope". Hopefully, it's in the ball park.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/14/08


Every day I make a new discovery as our musical practice progresses.

The cast and staff are becoming one and we pull together to tackle even the tiniest problem. I've said that many times about works in the past, however I sense the connections between us are strong, especially for this stage.

We're getting closer and closer to Opening Day. So, there's certainly more for me to discover. And I can enjoy myself at practice every day, right? (heart)

Also, every day the HPP members are striving hard to compose a new song! Next year, the announcement about a new tune should be coming, OK?!!

I'll keep doing my best, through the ups and downs!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/10/08

Colorless Sky.

Hello rain.

It's been a long time since I've seen the sky. What does it look like? I don't seem to remember.

About 5 minutes before going into the training room for scene practice, I tried to focus my mind on the time in the world of giving presents.

I leaned back against the wall and looked through the window pane at an ashen grey sky. I did nothing but stare at it the whole time.

I was thinking, does the sky have emotions? There was a feeling like it was trying to show a sad face. I was stirred by the thought.

It's truly been a long time since I had a mood opposite of what Nature felt.

First of all, I was thinking about myself and who I am. There was a strong feeling of wanting to be human.

This is a day of wonderful discovery.

That's great, don't you think?


Thanks to Rika-Chicchi from IKK for help on this one.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/7/08 *Completed*


It's cold, isn't it?

But it's not so bad, compared to what it was a few days ago. Although, I'm staying warm.

It's splendid that I've settled in well enough at the show. Also, I've completed and posted a new Blog entry very quickly this time. Right? (laugh)

Now I also have a fellow Gift actor to introduce!

Already The Gift has a person you need to watch. I think you should absolutely see him.

You're asking, who do we have to play the Osamu role this year? It's this kid!!

My pal, Oda Manabu!

We've met before. I've known him for over 3 years.

Once we were introduced, I was relieved at how smoothly we meshed and now he's an important co-actor.

He has a lot of confidence on stage and he's a big hit with the other actors.

Ayaka and Osamu would like to give you a heart felt performance.!!

Anza and Manabu will be waiting at the theater for you!!!

Anza Myspace Blog 12/7/08

Cold Weather.

current mood: cold

Sigh, with the weather like it is, I went to go out shopping very lightly dressed. That was a foolish thing to do. (laugh)

I should have known better. I'm not such a young thing to be leaving the house so carelessly. (laugh)

While I was out shopping in Ikebukuro, suddenly I hear, "It's HPP's Vocal-san!!!! Right?"

I was taken by surprise......It seems like people recognize me and want autographs ever since my appearance at Loud Park. That makes me happy.....

I took the notebook to write a remark and sign an autograph, but then I was troubled......I was surprised at the size of the notebook!

In order to write anything that would be conspicuous, I had to write very tiny. (laugh)

Slowly, I tried to walk away with a stupid look on my face. (laugh)

Well, next year, HPP will be traveling around a lot!! I'll need more physical strength if that's to happen!

I'll go to the Gym!! Hold on....wait a's impossible to go this month. It's useless, isn't it? (laugh)

I think I need a short cut so that I can avoid the physical work..........maybe I can become more boyish............however, that's probably unlikely.

Because of the cold, I'm looking over to my bed and planning to hide under the covers. (laugh)

Everyone, if you have a slight cold, it's something to keep an eye on! (?)


Not too sure of the last 2 lines. Did the best I could.

Anza's Myspace Blogs tend to be a bit more difficult. Because her words are more flippant.

Yeah, don't need a boyish Anza. She's all girl in my book!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/5/08


Somehow, things have turned around and we have fine weather. Don't you think? We have a warm rain and a little bit of thunder....

However, in the musical training room, the dance coach position has been filled and confirmed.

Today, I'd like to make an introduction, it's the new choreography teacher!

Actually, she's the dancing coach from last years GIFT musical.....but, the teacher has been a close friend for at least ten years or more.

That's right! From the Sailor Moon Musical, in the role of Sailor Star Healer, it's Miss Momoko Okuyama!!! Right, but as a teacher she's someone I try to avoid. (laugh)

I'm the only one who calls her Momo-chan. (laugh)

It feels odd to see her in these different surroundings, so it seems.....In those days, after the introductions, I grew accustomed to seeing her face for more than a year. It was a family-like feeling for sure!

However, even though it was 10 years ago, she really hasn't changed at all. Even now, she can wear the Sailor Star Healer costume and wig. It all fits. OK, I'm impressed. (laugh)

She's just as stylish and as cool as ever~! I'm relieved that that is still the same.

The very likable, Momo-chan!!!


Cool! Nice to see the 2 together again.

Paralysed Box Video.

Preview PARALYSED BOX - Head Phones President

Here's a short clip from Head Phones President Myspace. It's a promo for "Paralysed Box". If you a friend of theirs on Myspace, you can leave a comment about the clip on their Blog.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/3/08 *EDIT*


How is everyone getting along?

The weather is a bit cold, but things are hot around here everyday. (laugh) I'm feeling sensitive to the cold already!!

It's destiny~ today was the official release of the VITAMIN-Q album called, "VITAMIN-Q featuring ANZA"!!!

With a wonderful leader Kato, and the 5 members meeting together, it's an Album of the diligent study of music. And we were able to make many discoveries along the way!

It's a very different form of ROCK style from HPP. There's a new ANZA to be seen, and I feel it's a great look! Please, be sure to give us a listen, OK?!!

And then, next year the HPP live concert Tour decision will be historic!! We plan to do one show after the other.

Honey, it's possible that we'll even be coming to your town. (heart)

Well, I'm totally immersed in The GIFT musical!! Now, I'm Ayaka!!!!!!

I found someone who could help me with Anza's character's name. So, I changed it.

I've heard samples of all the VITAMIN-Q songs on HMV. Anza sings sbout 2 thirds of the songs. She sounds good and I like her singing upbeat songs for a change. I recommend you go to the HMV site and listen for yourself. I'll post the link later when I get the chance.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 12/1/08


current mood: indescribable

It's cold.....very cold!!

As far as the Flu shot goes.....I haven't decided on that yet. (laugh)

But, taking care of your health as you get older is truly important, don't you think? You can't work if your health goes down the tubes.

Human beings are strong, but they can be weak and fragile. Sickness is hard to bear, you end up being controlled by the disease, and trying to control it is almost impossible.

There are men I admire and people I liked very much who contracted the disease and were quickly taken to heaven. I wonder, Why?.....

I always pray.

I ask God, Please let the important people in my early life stay with me. Therefore, I'm asking the HPP members, staff, family, and all the fans who cheer us on, to be sure to take care of your body and your health.

So, you think I'm the kind of person who worries and pours her heart out. (laugh) (?)

And me? yes~ I'm more or less worn out, but I'm completely OK!

It's been useless for me to try to go back to Disneyland, But, at the Disney shop last time, I bought all sorts of souvenirs of Minnie-chan that are scattered all over my apartment. (laugh)

The situation has become serious..... (laugh)

Probably, I'll be able to go. And, Hey! I can buy more stuff! (laugh)

This is remarkably similar to going on a date, don't you think? (laugh)

So everyone, I'm off. Really, see you later. ~ I'm so embarrassed! (laugh)


Anza has kinda faked me out with some of her recent entries, She made it sound to me like she already had her Flu shot.

Also, Mar has mentioned on the HPP Blog a friend who has just passed away. His name was Munetaka Higuti from the band, LOUDNESS. I'm assuming that he was the person Anza was talking about in some of her last entries.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/29/08 *completed*

Hello, it's Anza (star)

Something unusual happened the other day. Hiro-san updated the Blog. Bout time! (laugh)

Nevertheless, Narumi hasn't shown his face here in a while. Please come out to play, OK?.....

Let me everyone who wrote a comment on my recent Blog, Thank you very much. Your words were truly encouraging through it all. Please remember me after this as life goes on.

There isn't another Live Show before the year is out, which worries me a bit.....I find that I gather up stress as I wait for the next concert.~ (laugh)

Next year, I'm going to be addicted to doing live shows!! As many as possible! So when the time comes, everyone can come out to meet me, don't you agree?

Did you know? The first Live Concert of 2009 is on January 16th.

Oh! Looks like today, Mar went down to get his Flu shot so he doesn't get sick this year.....Me?.....I didn't go.....(laugh)

So, we're putting our best efforts into working on the new song!!


I don't blame them for getting Flu shots. I got it last year and it was miserable. It knocked me off my feet for 3 days. I wrote the guys and told them about it, it seems that the took it to heart this year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 11/27/08

I hate injections.....

current mood: sleepy

Already, it's Flu season and time to take steps to prevent catching the virus! That's to say, it's also an excuse to do some blood tests.....It's just that they stabbed me so many times that they dulled the needle!!! (?)

It was depressing.
Really depressing.

On the other hand, does anyone else get sick after going to the hospital? Or, is it just me?? (laugh)

I came up with a melody for a new song and sent it to the other HPP members. We'll start work on the new song soon.

I live in an apartment building and I still find the next door neighbor a bit scary. (laugh) However....when you think about screaming music would be tough on them. (laugh)

Later, if I get the chance, I want to go to Disney Sea!!!
Yet, I dislike being in the crowds of people that would assuredly be there.....but, I want to go! I really want to go! I definitely want to go! Excellent idea!!

I wonder if I'll have the same lovely feeling if I wear my cute Minnie ears all over the place??

Do you think I should just act my age??

Awwww, who cares. (laugh)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is my present to you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anza JP Blog 11/24/08

Thank you. (heart)

First off....the 21st was the date for the HPP One Man concert. To everyone who came to cheer us on, Thank you very much!!

There was a lot of things on my mind, there was so much in my head and in my heart that kept spinning. But, the One Man show had to go on. It felt like a desperate struggle, but thanks to the support given by all the people who came, I was up to it to finish the show safely. From my heart, many more thanks.

I had to leave the muscle pain behind while the next day was the beginning of the new stage that was going into full operation.

It started with interviews which were quite a chore. (laugh) There were many and they were much the same. The whole time they asked the same questions and I felt uneasy having to repeat the same answers over and over.

However, I was frantic at trying to communicate my message and I was thinking about my efforts. I wondered, "Am I getting through"? So, like a fool, I started speaking louder with a huge voice....then I became aware of what I was doing. (laugh)

Well, I don't know how to keep from talking strange, Why? That's what I've been told. (laugh) Yes!! (laugh) (?)

Tonight, the date has already changed. But, today was the cast introductions for "The Gift" Musical. And the beginning of running through the script. I was so humiliated because I wasn't there in time for the introductions....BooHoo.....though I did participate in the script reading practice.

This is my 3rd time to play "Ayami"(?) It's a miracle, don't you think? Or rather, it's been a while since I've seen all the faces, but yesterday's meeting already had a GIFT like feeling.

Now the young actors, Osamu Manabutsuchi! (played by Oda Manabu). Playing the father Jiro with 2 sons is the actor I call my older brother, Yuji-san! (Yuji Yoyu Bessho) And then, in the Rina part and new to the role, we have a winner! (actress Tomotsu Honda)

Starting soon, the new GIFT!

However, I don't think I'll be able to update the Blog everyday, although I'll be dying to take a glancing look at it. (laugh)

Tomorrow is also an early day.

Soon, I'm off to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure of Anza's character's name in this show and I couldn't remember it from last year, so I took my best guess.

Also, be sure to click on the GIFT musical link. Check out the photos from last year. Anza looks so cute in her Santa Helper suit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/22/08

Hello, it's Anza.

What should I write first....?

I'd like to tell everyone THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you all so much.

It's been a while to play here at Club Asia.
A lot of memories here.
Various thoughts in my heart surrounded me after coming to this place... It was a strange and mysterious sense.

There are 3 things we've never compromised.
1. Making our own style.
2. Making some space for audience that they can feel comfortable.
3. 100% real feelings.

These are what we have cherished since HPP started.

I know it's difficult, but this time I felt we made it just, just a bit.
At last, after 8 years....

To tell the truth, there was a song we could hardly decide to play.
I was sure I would break down...
Folie a Duex... I wondered if I could control myself for sure.
But it seemed like a destiny to sing this song on the 21st, at club Asia.
Personally speaking, my friend left for Heaven on the 20th at night...
It was past of 0:00 AM that I heard it... I didn't tell it to any members because they would worry so much.
I sang this song on the stage.
The same happened before. Why this happened at an One-Man Show...?
Tears didn't stop at all...

But "Folie a Duex" is just for this day, I think.
... Too heart killing though. I won't sing this song anymore.

After the show, I could talk a bit to people who waited for us.
All of you also fight against lots of pain in heart, don't you?
What can I do for you all...? I am not special and just helpless.
But... I am here for you all.
I can feel pain as you feel.
I open my mind and create songs with it. It's hard for us to breathe in this crazy world, isn't it?

I thank God for meeting all of you.
I, who used to be afraid of facing people, now thank kindness and love from everyone.
I am really glad to meet you all.

Thank you.

Folie a Duex tour has finished
But it seems PARALYSED BOX tour is going to start. (laugh)
Keep checking our homepage!

Good Night.

It was really hard to translate this entry.
Not because of translation itself, but what happened to her.
I didn't know this tragic news. I could see her tears during the show.
I was so surprised when they started playing "Folie a Duex" because this song is too emotional to play, i thought.
Her performace was really amazing, like bleeding in her heart.

She was so kind to talk to fans including me after the show. Her words and full of love did encourage me. In spite of her personal thing, she acted so strong.
I respect her so much. I also think HPP members are so adorable as well.

Matt, please fix some words and sentences to make this entry understandable.
This entry should be read by every Anza fan.

setlist(21st, Nov. 2008: club Asia)
01 .n0ize
02. Hang Veil
03. Chain
04. Free Fate
05. Life Is Not Fair
06. Crumbled
07. Room
08. What's
09. Puppet
10. Light To Die
11. Snares
12. Labyrinth
13. Endless Line
14. Folie A Deux
15. Cray Life
16. I will Stay


Beautiful as is, Yuya. I think you captured her emotion better than I could have. Thank-you very much!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vitamin-Q Videos *EDITED*

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I guess I'll spring the Anza/VitaminQ videos on you. This is much different than the HPP music and more along the lines that I thought she would go after Sailor Moon.


I guess for those who want more info on who and what Vitamin-Q is, I can give at least a passable explanation from posts I've read on the V-Q Mixi page.

Vitamin-Q is a band put together by Kato Kazuhiko who is a well known composer and producer of Kabuki theater and film scores. He wanted to put together a concert band to play live shows and this is what lead to the band's foundation.

I know that Anza is a big fan of Kabuki Theater and has probably been familiar with Kato's work for a long time. Which would explain her interest in this project.

There's probably more that could be said, but I think that'll do for starters.

We now return to the rest of the post*

This first video is a Rockin' little number that sounds to me like a strange mix of "The Stray Cats" and the "B-52's".

This next song sounds like a 60's love ballad from someone like "The Ronettes" or a similar type girl group. Love Anza's hair in this one. Her singing is terrific on both songs.

Anza Myspace Blog 11/20/08

For certain!

Current mood: hot!


We're playing the One-Man Show. It's more like a trail of my physical strength. (laugh)

I'm hanging in there by gulping down energy drinks! (laugh)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the live tomorrow!

The HPP members have all agreed, they're ready to cut loose and run wild!! (laugh)

Well, I'm off to bed!

Anza JP Blog 11/20/08

Door #1!

It's a cow! (laughing)

That's just a joke, folks. Still....everyday there's something that keeps me busy and I'm only able to renew my Blog after a struggle.

At last it's Friday and time for the HPP One-Man Show. After careful rehearsal, set-up, and all the stuff that goes with it, I think we're ready.

Once the day gets here, my only desire is to sing. (laugh)

We'll be waiting at Shibuya and looking forward to seeing you there.

Ooh! It seems that the tickets for the Show have sold-out. Good news, don't you think? Thank you, everyone, for your support.

And then, the Vitamin-Q Album will be officially released on December 3rd. We've booked our first show at Shibuya AX on February 3rd.

Yes sir, I'll do my best.


I was looking up the tickets for the Vitamin-Q Show in Feb. It seem that they'll be going for $60.00 apiece. My first thought was, "Wow, I can do my best at $60 bucks a pop!".......Just kidding.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/16/08

Hey (star) it's Anza.

Now, finally, on Friday of this week is the HPP One-Man Show.The members are in the big final push at band practice. (laugh)

Thank you to all the people who sent in song requests through the email and the Blog. (heart)

Of course, we used it as a reference as we attempted to determine which songs to play!

Probably after we finish, unless I'm totally mistaken, I feel like I'll be ready to collapse. (laugh) Because all the work that went into preparing for this will wear me out! Yes!

This is the last live Show of 2008 so we feel that everyone should come out and enjoy themselves. (heart)

Also, Mar has already touched on the subject, because of all the new items and goods to go on sale, we may be checking in late on that date.

See you later.


There's some sad news in this Blog entry for American HPP fans. If this is the last show of 2008, that means there will not be a show at the Oni-Con in Houston this year. I guess I can stop holding my breath.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 11/11/08

Oh Yeah!~

current mood: enthralled

Yesterday was the Live Event at Shinkiba Studio Coast. In spite of it being a week day evening, there were really a lot of people at the Live House. Thanks for coming.

Ever since the Loud Park Festival, again, we were able to play with a foreign celebrity guitar band and I was so HAPPY. Yesterday, we were playing 4 spots away from MUCC-san, but we were thrilled to be with you.

After all, it's an important place to be, the live event lifted my aspirations to a higher level.

With the One-Man Show coming fast, what should I do?.... I'd like to elevate the level of my performance for the sake of the live music.

My dreams of the future are still getting bigger, but, it's no use if you don't do the things necessary to bring them about.....I feel like performing a lot more.

There are so many things I don't want to take for granted. Because the world is being transformed by frequent changes, I need to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground so I'm not caught up in it. Don't you think?!

I love the dreams and thoughts of people and I'd like to see them come true.....(?)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the Solo Show. (heart)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anza JP Blog 11/8/08

No way~!

Hey! In just a short amount of time, the weather turned cold.

Now is the best time to see the Autumn colors because they're so beautiful. I love to get out now. It's my favorite time as Fall turns into Winter. (heart)

I'm thinking that very soon I'll be saying hello to my snowy mountains-san. If that happens.....Happy times~!!!

That's to say I don't want to wait till 2009, however, I think it's impossible to over do it.....snowboarding. (?)

Now, this month on November 10th, there's the live event at Studio Coast in Shinkiba. Then on November 21st at Shibuya Club Asia, the Solo Show!! HPP members live for the chance to perform live.

After the DVD release, Thank you for all the messages with your thoughts about it. I really enjoyed it, and it lifted the spirits of all the members making us feel very happy.

Now, I'll put my best foot forward.


I still haven't gotten my DVD in the mail. I was hoping to get it this week. Guess it'll get here some time next week.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 11/6/08

Dumb Punk!!!!!

current mood: angry

Say, the fact is, it's a hard thing to write about society when you see a guy do something really bad. Well, it's even harder when the incident happens nearby....

Today, in the morning, I was abruptly woke up from a deep sleep when I heard a woman's voice shouting, "Someone stop that motorcycle"!!!!

At once, I jumped to my feet and ran to the exterior window to take a look outside. Indeed, there was a suspicious looking man running away at a recklessly high speed on a scooter.

The woman gave chase in high heels and was crying and shouting.....One of the neighbors came up and asked, "What's the matter?!!" The lady was running yelling, "My bag was taken!"

What the? !!!!!!!!!

It was difficult to watch when any attempt to help her was too slow....But, the woman was frantic and kept running....

It was vexing not to be able to do anything to arrest the guy. The anger I felt at being so helpless was difficult to restrain....

I really feel crappy!!
What do the police get paid for, well?!!
I have to continue living by myself on the same block that this incident occurred, so it seems.
It's really hard when some fool is running around thieving and the police can't catch him....

Really, I'm sorry to have to post this subject on my Blog.

Let me get this off my chest.....OK?


I wish there was something I could do for Anza. Life in the big city can be tough. It wouldn't hurt if everyone remembered to pray for her.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 11/6/08

Hey (star) it's Anza

The guy members of HPP are still playing hooky, Eh? (laugh)

Well, we're headed for the One Man concert Event on November 10th and each member is deep in introspection. We'll get in touch with our feelings no matter what.

The DVD is still going strong, thanks to everyone and the many additional orders. Truly, everybody, Thank you very much.

It feels like I have just a little while to enjoy myself, but I'll be happy to take what I can get. (?)

Then, I also really appreciate the fans who are picking up the remaining tickets to the Solo Show. I've heard there are only a few left.

I feel like crying....of course, it's good to be alive when you have such warm feelings.

Recently, I've become much stronger than I had been in the past. My dreams and hopes, my intentions and feelings also....I'm reaching out in a big way to make them grow stronger.

Hey! People are amusing, don't you think? That's to say they try to trick, sneer, and make fun of you, but....if I'm a bit shy and awkward, that isn't a problem at all.

Well then, I should go back to pushing the One Man show, right? (laugh)

Yet one more thing, if there's a song you want to hear, be sure to ask. (laugh)

Although, you should include a substitute song in case we can't do your first request....(laughing)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Loud Park Slideshow

Here's a Slideshow I put together from HPP's Loud Park concert photos. Some are from the LP site and some are from Mar's Mixi page. The song is, "Life's a Bitch" by Merlyn.

I meant to do this a while back, but I didn't have the time. I'm on Vacation this week so here you go. Next, I'll try to get some screen caps from the Paralysed Box DVD, whenever it shows up in the mail.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/31/08


I also went out to get a DVD. (heart)

I wonder, has everyone gotten theirs?

Qualified sales people are waiting at the Tower Records Shibuya store, the Shinjuku store, and at the Disk Union. That's 3 locations waiting to serve you. (laugh)

By all means, you thoughts and impressions at the HPP Official Blog are always welcome.

Be sure to post your comments. The more the merrier! (laugh)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HPP Blog 10/29/08 *completed*

Hey (star) it's Anza.

Whoopy! Today, October 29th, is what day? *strap on your thinking caps, boys and girls*

Meat Day?!!

Wrong!! *Guess again, Sport*

It's the launch date of HPP's 2nd Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!! At last it goes on sale and we can complete our mission....

I can recall....July 13th was a hot summer day in Kawasaki and it was early morning when I set out, to late at night I was able to enjoy it with everyone. (laugh)

And then there was editing work which ended after shooting the PV Video.......(laugh)

Having finished it, I've done good!!!!!

Hey! Everyone be sure to get your copy. I promise you'll love it. (laugh)


The lines between the stars are quips I would have added if it was me writing this entry.

Meat Day? That was a cute joke, Anza. I had to smile at that. lol

Anza JP Blog 10/29/08

Yes, everyone. (heart)

Today, October 29th is the release date of the 2nd HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT Live DVD!

"Paralysed Box"

Please, pick up a copy and watch it today, OK?

I'm quite certain that the honest face and characteristics of the HPP members comes through with feeling. (laughing)

Because, I think that the live footage of the band introduces the world to the excitement and raw energy. (laugh)

Do it, if at all possible, for me. Please? (heart)


CD Japan shipped my copy of the DVD, today, I should get my copy in about a week. I'm very excited! ^.~

Anza Myspace Blog 10/28/08

Paralysed Box!

current mood: animated

The second Live DVD from HPP goes on sale today. This is great to see. This is the kind of work we'd like to do more!!

We'd honestly like to show the real face of HPP, we tried to project what we feel from the world to our neighborhoods.

Certainly, get it by all means. We're waiting to hear your thoughts and impressions, OK? (heart)(laugh)

I'm at home now and I have a tune shaking my head, it's starting to explode and I can hear it clearly. (laugh)

There's pretty nervous tension when I'm songwriting, which is good.

Regrettably, it's an unpleasant feeling to have a tune rattling your brains. I like to be more in control.

Because I want to hear it clear.

*HPP dropped a new DVD today.
I want you to watch it!! ^^
It includes members private and HPP's world.
Please, get it & I'm waiting for your impressions!! ^^



The part between the stars was written by Anza in English.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/26/08

That's right.

I really enjoy the Fall. My cousin wants to know when it starts.....why's that?.....bad weather.

Where is all the clear Autumn weather? (laugh)

This season there are certain places that I definitely want to go....Yessiree Bob!

Where's that?....Kinugawa Hot Springs!!!!! And Sunlight Edo Village as well!

I guess that, very soon, will be an excellent time to go see the fall colors of the trees. Don't you think?......little by little they'll be changing....

Oh well.

There's someone who can't I'm way too busy!

The Vitamin-Q promotion is about to begin.

Also, it's full steam ahead for the HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT Solo Event.

There are just 2 short months left in the year. Don't I deserve a break?

I have to put my health on the front burner.

So.....Muhahaha.....I'll play a trick on everyone.......I'm going to Sunlight Village. (laughing)


I think Anza should play a REALLY big trick on everyone and promote herself over here to America. lol

Anza Myspace Blog 10/24/08

Oh boy!!!!!!!

current mood: loved

I've just gotten back home. And guess what?

I'm watching the 2nd DVD. Which one?

HPP's Live DVD, "Paralysed Box"!!!!!

What?.....I have tears....(laugh)

I put it on at once to watch it, right? (laugh)

That's correct. It really got a hold of me. Whoa~!!! (?)

I'm laughing and I have tears? HPP saw to it that the contents are full of such feelings.!

Positively, I want everyone to get their hands on it.

Let me change the subject for a bit...

In spite of being busy, I shrewdly found time to go to Disney Sea. (laugh) I could go there anytime and always feel like I was in a country of dreams.

Even at you age, you wore the Minnie Mouse ears headband? Yup, I wore them everywhere. (laugh)

Over there, you can walk around with a natural confidence knowing that everything's OK, right?

Hey, the only thing that still makes me weak are the roller coaster rides. I spent some time waiting while the group went on ahead......

I was sitting on a bench in a surprisingly dreamy state eating caramel popcorn and checking out the scenery to pass the time. There were children frolicking about, couples holding hands, and friends laughing with each other.

Just watching all this was enough to make me happy.

My wish is that next time we all can go.

Everyone in HPP going to Disney Sea together!! (laughing)


I couldn't figure out that one line about the DVD. I posted something that made sense to me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

HPP Blog 10/23/08 *Completed*

Hey (star) it's Anza.

It's been a long time. The rumor about my death is false. (laughing)

Loud Park Festival 08 has ended.

Mar and Hiro have contributed to the Blog, but not me....still, it was a wonderful 2 days. It was truly a great experience for me.

Of course, the Live Show was scheduled to start in the morning, so when I woke up, I was worried what my voice would sound like. (laugh)

It was Day One and I didn't understand my feelings. We began unnoticed, and before you know it, the show was over.

It was all to much for me, and the remainder of the Festival was amazing....the whole time, my head just grasped things hazily as if I were drunk. And I got this feeling like I was dreaming. I really saw a lot of people there and I was so thankful. I was very grateful.

Actually, after our show was over, I cried in the bathroom. (laugh)

I felt maximum tension and anxiety. Then fear gripped me and my hands started shaking. Then I realized how much this means and knowing what's going on, I went on stage.

Yet, when I faced the audience to perform, their warm cheers could be heard.....I really felt the kindness of the fans. It was great to be alive.

And then, as soon as it was over, it was a day where I took notice of what I was aiming at. The guys in the band also have their own realities to fight with. To end it is simple. But, to continue, unless there is a spirit of togetherness, physical strength, and a willing readiness for the task at hand, it's useless. Don't you agree?

It was 9 years ago and I was desperate to separate from the past. From zero I started to make myself into a new person. Pride and the like as traits of my personality, honestly would be nothing but a hindrance as far as working with HPP is concerned. I couldn't just sponge off them, right?

I was called an Idol in the past by the Entertainment Industry and I can't completely escape it. But, I can choose a new path to live my life with no regrets. And right now, I probably don't have any.

It can be tough to bear when you reach your limits, for myself and for HPP, don't you think? Now, it doesn't scare me any more. Because, at 32 years of age, it doesn't hurt to have dreams for yourself. (laugh)

With all the help given to me by the members and the manager, their looking after me has encouraged me to dream even more. So, I'll do my best!

You'll have to pardon me, please. I ended up making a somewhat long entry.....I've said it many times over, but.....Thank you truly.


However, all the bands that appeared at Loud Park were wonderful. Yes!!

On 11/10 at Shin-Kiba Coast, MUCC and a group of foreign bands will be joining us to do a live show. I'm really looking forward to seeing some amazing bands.

And then, on 11/21, we'll be doing an HPP Solo Show. The tickets are going fast. Be sure to get yours ahead of time. (heart)


Well, I have posted the completed entry. Anza wasn't kidding when she said it was somewhat long. I had 2 cups of coffee go cold on me while I was working on it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/20/08

Completely exhausted.

The Loud Park 08 Show at Saitama's huge Arena has ended successfully. For everyone who came to see me, I'm so grateful.

With everyone cheering, it's hard to tell how much that stimulated me to doing a better show......

My hands were shaking and my face turned pure white......when I became aware of it, the show ended , and I returned to normal. (?) (laugh)

Certainly, we were prepared and it took some courage to pull it off. But, there were a lot of people at the Arena that morning, considering that HPP kicked off the Event.....I was very happy. I really appreciate it from the heart.

I want to diligently dedicate my everyday life to even higher goals from now on.

However, there were other wonderful bands to see!!!!

Slip Knot, Carcass, and then Machine Head's appearance.....the bands were totally cool. (heart)

Yuya might have translated this entry better because he was at the show. I did my best though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/19/08

Spinning like a top

current mood: cooky/wacky

It seems like the victory song is blasting louder. (laugh)

Loud Park 08 is over.

Already I'm trying to understand what's what.....the finish has made me come to realize lot's of different feelings. (laugh)

The first affect was when I saw the many-many people there at the show.....

My hands were trembling, and it was a long walk from the dressing room to the stage. Then at the side of the stage, I had to dig up all my courage and walk out.....

.....There were many cheering fans....where ever I looked, there were many heart was full of gratitude.

Absolutely, I'll never forget 10/18 2008 from 11:00 to 11:35 no matter what.

I have another goal that starts from here. For myself, what is it I'd like to keep doing?

I feel that lies should not be in music. I also want to add more charm to what you hear......I think I need to study this more closely.

Everyone, truly from my heart, Thank you very much.

After this, best wishes to you all. (heart)



Mar posted a lot of cool pics from the show on his Mixi page. I'm just overwhelmed.

Anza Myspace Blog 10/16/08


current mood: hot

It's a clear Autumn sky! It feels great!

Yesterday, for the first time many years? I went over to Disneyland! Of course, I was parading around wearing a head band with Minnie Mouse's big ears! (laughing)

There were only a few people there at the park.....but, I felt I was in a land of dreams.....I really felt like I was healed.

Well, whether I was sleeping or awake, crying or was all to help me reach tomorrow. All the HPP members have turned their attentions to tomorrow. And each one is making their own preparations.

Everyone, help people who come from far away places and be careful. If you're from nearby, be sure to help the late risers to get to the arena. (laugh) any rate, I'll try to concentrate my whole mind and body into the struggle.

HPP is about to begin it's 8th year....? Well, it exceeded my imagination of what I thought possible when we first started.

However, I got through all the obstacles with the help of the other members and the manager who were always there for me.

At certain times, I felt I was dying.....but, now my hopes are high.

Tomorrow, when we meet at the Assembly Hall, I'll get powered up by the fans. That makes me happy.

I'll do my best!

Please, don't forget me!


I'd love to have seen Anza running around Disneyland wearing Minnie's ears! lol

Anza HPP Blog 10/12/08

Hey (star) it's Anza. is everyone? HPP is healthy, except for some muscle pain. (laugh)

We made our return trip home from Kanazawa safely. To everyone who came out to the Kanazawa AZ Fest yesterday, Thank you! (heart)

And everyone on the AZ staff, the local band, "me-Bains" *, along with the members of Guardian Hackers, Thank you!

The amazing-amazing energy I got was enjoyable fun. We were just disappointed over one thing. We weren't able to go soak in the hot springs which the HPP members love so much. (laugh)
The hot spring is truly the Cat band favorite. (?)

Well now, the next live at a huge arena! Uh huh.

I think for sure the tears will come out naturally. (laugh)

When I see the faces of the band members, the face of our manager, and the faces of all the fans that cheer for HPP, I think I'll have all sorts of different feelings on that day!

And then, the anniversary of our goal is coming up, I think. As always, we dream on a grand scale. Saying that, HPP is an important family and there are different things that make me fight out for our dream.

Sometimes, just plain old honesty is tough on a person. Then you cry and feel hurt, and then you quarrel a bit. Good Heavens!

But then I remember that it's all a part of human nature and I laugh about it. Then I get back to making music.

If one person laid down his instrument, that would be the end of the music. Even though one person is not the whole band.

And, unless all the HPP members are together, the music will not be born. That's truly amazing, don't you think? But, it takes Hiro Mar, and Narumi with important drum work from Batch, and myself.

I'm going to push on even more.

I'm bound to lose, right? (laugh)


Well, I finally got this entry done. When my computer broke down, I could have gotten one of my friends to translate this, but I felt I wanted to do this one myself. So, sorry for taking so long.

Not sure of the name of the local band, although I tried to look it up. And I'm not sure what Anza means by, Cat Band.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 10/10/08


current mood: cooky/wacky

The stage show has safely ended. At last, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT live concerts start back up.

This morning (the 11th), because of the Kanazawa Event performance, I'll be getting up quite early.

It seems that the weather will be bad. So, I think it'll turn into a very hot stage show!

Just one week till "Loud Park"? Hey!!!!

I'm so excited....everyone come and cheer us on!!!!

I've been hooked recently on "Rusk"! Splendid!


I don't know what "Rusk" of Anza's parting zingers for me to wonder about.

The Loud Park Festival show for HPP ended yesterday. Mar on his Mixi page said everything went well. He's supposed to post some pics later. I may try to snag a few for everyone to see.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/12/08

Oh Yeah!

Running around after the stage has been extremely active. Well, it makes the time pass, maybe a little too fast.....

Yesterday, HPP performed live at Kanazawa. This was the latest show at Kanazawa AZ since January and it was really fun. For some reason, I truly enjoy this Live House as a place to play. It's important to me because it feels like coming back to a home town crowd.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us. I guarantee you that we'll be back to play at Kanazawa again!!

Next up for HPP is the live concert at Loud Park 08!! It's in the Saitama Super Arena!!!!

The tension for me is through the roof.....but, I promise I won't fall flat on my face!

I'll be surrounded by air in such a big place! (?)


Well, I got my computer back on line after some technical difficulties.

I'm hoping to catch up with Anza's Blog's in the next day or two.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 10/6/08


With all seriousness, I was able to face the Final Show of, "Only You"!!!! I want to say to everyone, truly-truly Thank You very much.

When I received the script, I started to read through it rapidly. I remember the suspense as I worried more and more thinking, "What an extreme role"!!!! Bad influence. (laughing)

Now, though, I really enjoy being called the sexy and cute Miss Ayako. (heart)

And now, to everyone in the cast and on the staff, with all my heart, thanks.

Really, from the time the company hit the training room, the laughter never stopped! It was a wonderful company.

And last, above all else, to everyone who came to see me perform, Thank you very much indeed. Kissing up.

Today, I know that just a Blog post is inexcusable. I'll up a photograph at a later date!

From this day on- HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT!!!!!


I would have posted this sooner, but my computer kicked off early this morning and I'm trying to get it back on line.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/30/08


Let me introduce you to Miss Momoko Bitou, the young lady who plays Reiko!!

Somehow or other, she's always bright and energetic. In the dressing room she makes sure there's a lively atmosphere. Momo-chan doesn't hold back when she laughs and everyone is amused. I LOVE YOU (heart)

Also, there are few performances remaining and we're about to reach the end. I'd like to pull out all the stops and extract everything I can from my character. I want to give it my best till the end.

Thank-you for your many letters and gifts.

I'm grateful.


I really like this picture of Anza and Momo. They look adorable

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HPP Blog 9/29/08

Hey (star) it's Anza

Eh? The weather turned cold. (laughing)

Sorry, but it happened suddenly. Even though it turned cooler quickly, I still began to feel a little sick. (laugh)

However, my favorite T-Shirt that I recently got, I'm thinking that I won't have a lot of time to wear it.....the season won't allow it. (laugh)

Besides, right now I'm in the center of a critical age of my life while I'm saying this. That's something I've recently discovered. (laugh)

Also, has everyone heard the acoustic version of, "Chain"? doki doki .... (My heart is pounding)

It's ridiculous. That's kind of what I think I'll feel like afterwards..... but HPP is going to play in the outrageously big Festival. (laugh) It's stomach is tied in knots. But, I'd like to fight through it with all my strength!

Slowly, it feels like my batteries are dying. I need to do a live show soon and keep that from happening!!!!

The members of HPP have been working on a new song. Hey! It's good. (while listening) The tension is ratcheting up!

Oh, yeah.

All 3 guys from the group, Hiro, Mar, and Narumi will be at the Ibanez booth signing autographs at the Loud Park Festival. I'm buzzing with excitement, I think I need to see this for myself. (laugh)

I wonder, should I also stand in line secretly? (laughing)


This entry was a bit of a tough nut to crack. Especially the first half, I'm sure there's a sentence or two that could use some correcting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 9/24/08


current mood: cooky/wacky

It's turned cool, don't you think?

I love the way that Fall flows into Winter. I don't know why. I also love the fashions a lot!

Now, as usual, I spend every day rushing around. I'm excited about all the different things that are happening. You might say, they're big.

Or, you could simply say, I love music.

We made a stage decision for HPP. Down the road, we'll be playing at the Loud Park Festival and at the Monster House......(bubbling over)

Right now, the HPP members are confined to the studio. (laughing) I'm digging down for all my strength!

And then, at last I went to the factory where they're making the DVD. (laugh) The only thing left is to wait for the sale date and the official release! I'm extremely excited....

Here recently I've often been crying. Why is that?

I wonder....does it have something to do with age?!


I have good news and bad news for American HPP fans. The good news is that the new DVD is available for pre-order on CD Japan. The bad news is that they say that the DVD is Region 2 encoded. Which means you either need a region free DVD player, or you have to watch it on you computer.

HPP's last DVD was Region free. So, I'm hoping this is an error on CD Japan's part.

Here's the link to the pre-order page.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/24/08


Now, for the first time, appearing together with a true beauty, Clara-chan!!

She's really pretty and kind. A lovely person!!

She's playing the daughter part of the top dog, Takarasuka. (?)

The way she does it gives lot's of meaning to the character!

By the way, the dressing room mirror we're standing in front of is where her dressing room is next door! As always, thank you Clara-chan!!

Well, truthfully, I'm really excited with "Only You". Everyday, I soak in the warm applause of the audience! Tomorrow, I'll also give it my best!

Tomorrow?......I mean today. (laugh)

I have an early start.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/18/08


Everyday I, "Go for it"! Ayako is so sexy!!

I love the warm applause during the show and the Thank You letters! (?)

And now, here's the news for today.

The first Head Phones President acoustic version is now available for download!

Last year, on Dec. 12th, we release the Album, "Folie a Deux". This is the acoustic version of, "Chain" which was the PV tune from that album. The finished musical arrangement is very dreamy!

Go to LIVE Cheers!

The download is a limited release! Hey! Be sure to download it an give it a listen!!!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to put forth an extra effort!


HPP has also been booked for the Loud Park Festival. Thanks to Aki-Thrash for the heads up.

HPP Blog 9/15/08

Hello, It's Anza.
It's been a while!
This blog features only Mar. (laugh)
Where are the guys, HIRO and NARUMI!? (laugh)

We are reaching the end of editing DVD...We have been working HARD.
It does have lots of stuff! I really love this DVD personaly.(hearts)
Well, you can get a special gift if you preorder the DVD at "LIVE cheers!".
Please preorder the DVD there!!

An one-man show is announced! We wait for you guys!!
And, the sale of Chain (acoustic version) will start at 18th, this month!!
Be sure to download it!!
Stay tuned because we have lots of thing to announce. (laugh)

You guys, it's about time to protest the guys who haven't posted any entries. (laugh)

I hope my English is understandable...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/15/08

Well, well.

Talking seriously, "Only You" Opening Day went smoothly and we've finished 4 stage performances.

Already, everyday after the show when I reach my house, I'm so tired that I break down and fall onto the bed.

To everyone who came to the theater to see the show, Thank You very much. (heart)

This time, I guess I surprised everyone by taking such a sexy role. Don't you agree? (laugh)

It's hard to imagine myself wearing the dresses and high heels. It's so different from the usual me. (laugh)

Because the thing I love best is to go kicking around in my sneakers. (laugh)

However, it was good to meet Ayako as if by chance. I've learned a lot of things from her!

She's such a deep woman~.

Anyhow, there's more of her spirit waiting to come out. Perseverance is the key!!!

Well now, I'm going to sleep. (laugh)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 9/14/08

Real deal....

current mood: hot

Hey! I've got just enough time!!! I've been really busy and it increases everyday. While there are tensions and insecurities, I continue to fight out!

I was so thankful when I finally reached the house. I walked into the room and collapsed. (laughs)

Then today, for the first time, I came to an understanding....this year has been like a calamity. Don't worry~ it's all right!!!! (laugh) (?)

Right now, there's a major event that makes me angry and I can't do a thing about it.....will it never stop??? (?)

I seriously ask your pardon.... is it too much..... to ask for a little good fortune? (laugh)

Now, this month, on September 18th, the acoustic version of "Chain" will go on sale for downloads! I think it's quite a lovely musical arrangement!! Don't forget, be sure to download it.

Go to

We've also decided to do a One-Man Live Show on Friday November 21st, 2008 in Shibuya at Club Asia.

And then, on October 29th, the sale of the second Live DVD will begin. You should be able to pre-order it at the CD shops, so do it now so you don't miss out! Man! It's chocked full of content!

Everyone~ do your best! I~ will also do my best! (laughing)


I'm not sure what major event Anza is referring too. It's kind of like a major turning point in life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/10/08

?????- (don't know)

I'm going to the theater every day. We're doing dress rehearsals for the play, and I'm getting better! Whew~ it's very serious. (laugh)

What is best for the stage is to have plenty of dress rehearsals, but that can tire you out. Anyhow, the performance will look good!

Really, this has taken up all of my time and I haven't been able to update my Blog lately.....

About a year ago, my on-stage sister made her first appearance in the musical, "Love, goes Beyond the Time". I played the Koharu part and Noriko Sakamoto played Nikki. This time also, we're back together!! Soon now, I'll be looking out for you again!!

You know I love you!! (laugh)

Well, tomorrow I have an early start!

I'm going to bed!!!! (laughs)


I'm pretty sure that Yuya will have a correction or two for this one. The title for one. I couldn't figure that out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Paralysed Box

Here's the cover for the new HPP DVD called, "Paralysed Box". It comes out on October 29th, 2008.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/3/08

Dazed and Confused. (music note)

When I sing, I like to go for it all the way! (lol)

Yeah. To everyone who came out to the live show at Nagoya, Thank You. I was being quite forced by my schedule, but I spent the most time there that I possibly could!!

For a little while, HPP is on a live show Holiday. This member and the whole crew are doing their best, working on the final stage of putting together the DVD for the October 29th sale.

And then, seriously, the "Only You" musical practice is also in its final stages!!

I think very soon we'll be saying good bye to the training hall for our practices...

Ayako will do her best!!


Here's the link for the web site where the acoustic version of "Chain" will be sold.

Anza Myspace Blog 9/1/08


current mood: hot

Is it September already?! Really? It's too early, isn't it?

It feels like a few months ago we said, "Happy New Year". (laugh)

The HPP live shows will be on a long holiday for a while. Just about a month, probably.

Though, we have a lot of work left to do!! It's down to the home stretch for editing the DVD. I'm sure the new DVD will have plenty of contents for you to enjoy.

Be sure to pre-order your copy and wait for the release. (laugh)

It seem that the "Chain" Acoustic version will be sold on line. (laugh) The details of where to download it will be posted on the HPP Official site. Make sure to check it out!


To everyone who came out to the Nagoya show to see us, Thank You!!



Thanks to Yuya for his help on translating this entry. I couldn't figure out that second line about New Years at all. It was driving me nutty.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Artist of the Day

Here's something I thought everyone would like. I found a Blog by GLK Productions making Head Phones President, "Artist of the Day".

They also have a Myspace page if you'd like to add them to your friends list.

Here's the link to the article.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 8/27/08


current mood: exhausted.

Is my summer almost over?

That's cool, because it passed by quiet and easy. So, that part of it was good. That being said, the remaining part should be usual, except for the fact that my body stills feels drained of energy.

After all, summer is the time for all sorts of things. I know there are things I haven't done.....

There are Fireworks Festivals, hanging out at the swimming pool, or going to the beach, things like that.... Now I feel lonely.

A few years ago, the HPP members went to Niigata City to the Sea. We had a great time playing at the beach. (laugh)

There are still festivals going on, so it seems, although I usually go to hit the food stands. (laugh)

I'll get apricot candy, butter, Jumbo Franks, and Snow-cones!!!

Does it sound like I'm overeating?



I was checking out Aya Matsuura's Blog yesterdaay. She posted 3 more Anza clips from Youtube and she also mentioned this Blog. How cool is that?!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/27/08

Hi all!

Looks like I neglected you for a short time. (laugh)

Soon, I'll arrive at the house after all the day's difficulties. I'm so worn out. (laugh)

Right now, I'm trying to juggle musical practice with all the HPP band activity..... Before musical practice, there's work for the band, and after practice there's work for the band.....

Also, I finished a certain recording just a short time ago.

Practice for the stage has moved along nicely and has steadily made progress. That's how it looks to me.

We've finished our first day of dress rehearsals and all eye are looking to Opening Day. Everyone of the staff and everyone of the cast, Go for it!

However there's constant laughter in the training room. Because they're such cool people!

My latest love is yogurt. (laugh)

Well, back to work. (laugh)


I want to be sure to thank Yuya for all his help since he's become part of the Blog Team. Be sure you always check out his comments!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aya Matsuura Blog

Here's something I thought would be of interest to everyone. I found a Blog for Aya Matsuura. She's the lead actress in Anza's Musical, "Only You".

She mentions Anza a lot on her Blog and even posted 2 clips from youtube. The first was Kanata E and the second was Chain. She writes in one entry how important Anza's role of Ayako Honma is to this show. She plays the best friend of the lead character.

I don't have the time to translate the Blogs about Anza into English, but I hope you click the link anyway and check this blog out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/21/08


I'm worn out~ (laughing)

It's more in the head than physically. It's like I have pockets stuffed full of feelings.

I get very concerned about all sorts of things, or I get rushed, or I get hurt and.... I'll just leave it at that. (laugh)

Oh~~~I'm going to Guam! Ah~I'd also like to go to Sunlight Edo Village! Hey! I want to feel alive. (laugh)

There are many things I still want to do. That's proof positive that I'm still alive and kicking.

Now then, tomorrow I'll hit the ground running!!! (laugh)


I'm wondering if the trip to Guam has anything to do with her latest recording. Like maybe a short movie clip.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/18/08

Applause to everyone.

I'm serious about having a fighting spirit and I'd like to send some of that to the athletes. I watch the Olympics every 4 years and it seems like a hard fight. But, whatever the outcome of the competition, I applaud it.

There's something I think the athletes all think about......"I have to live up to the other athletes expectations", or, "I will never lose". Do they think they can do it all on their own?

It seems like those are biting words that turn on you and you end up in second place.

There are so many different things felt in the tears of the players. They face criticism and heavy pressure with the eyes of the world watching, and loneliness....

So, I applaud all the athletes.
Is that important? Absolutely!

Musical practice is coming along nicely.

Day after day, there are different troubles. But, I face them and get better.

I do it because of the wonderful moment when we greet the fans.


At first, I couldn't make much sense of this entry. But, I thought about it a bit, and I think it came out rather nicely.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/15/08

Hi there! *Edit*

The Olympic Games are also heating up~! The Japanese Team has been going at it with a fighting spirit. I'm also getting into it. Good luck, team! ?

I usually avoid drinking alcohol when practicing the stage or during production, but.....this time I'm having some drinks. (laugh) It's a good change of pace to be able to drink some wine. (laugh)

We have a dreamy cast and it's great to go out together to dinner after practice and talk. I really look forward to it~.

When you meet people by chance and listen to their stories, it gives me strong feelings. There are a lot of things unknown in life, and when people tell you the stories of their life, it becomes a study to learn to hear the truth.

It's important to me and the band members as we all pursue our dream. Of course, there are many tough lessons to learn, however there is joy in little thing we all can share.

When the band is standing together on stage, supporting each other is serious business, as they say. Don't you think? Indeed, it can be a difficult time.

Hey but, nothing is wasted if you totally cut loose. Rather, I like the possibilities to expand the method I use in expressing myself. ?

A song should not lie!! This is an important policy to me!!

Well, tomorrow, I'll also do my best!


I couldn't come close to guessing the title. Anyone know?

Monday, August 11, 2008

HPP Blog 8/11/08

Hey (star) It's Anza.

What's up?......have the men members forgotten the Blog???? I'll update it myself.....mumble mumble.......

Well, how's everyone getting along? It's so hot everyday, but I'm doing my best to get through it!

Right now, I'm still in the middle of stage practice, I'm working on the sound mix down of the DVD, and I'm busy writing new tunes.

Oh! The new DVD goes on sale October 29th! Everyone should certainly get it. OK?

By the way, would you like to hear from the HPP members? ?

After the DVD is released, won't that be a happy thing? ?

I'll be looking for comments on the web page or by e-mail. Should I ask for them? (laugh)

I'll just wait!!!!!

Member! Blog is life!!!!! (laugh)


Anza threw me a couple of curve balls on this entry. Especially the last few lines. If anyone has some helpful suggestions, just let me know

Anza JP Blog 8/10/08

Oh Wow!

Whew! It's hot (laugh) Everyday it feel like I'll wither in this heat.

Musical practice is well under way and making progress. I still have work to do to memorize my lines.....Boo hoo hoo (cry)

The Olympics have also begun. I don't usually watch an excessive amount of TV, unless there is something special on that I'm interested in. Then I'm glued to the TV set.

Ryoko Tani won a Bronze Medal in Judo!! Amazing!! It may not be a gold medal, but you're a wonderful athlete when you can return home carrying a medal!!

It must take a great deal of effort to win a medal! It inspires me to always do my best.

HPP's 2nd Live DVD will go on sale on October 29th.
We have all sorts of different plans!


Congratulations to Ryoko Tani!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 8/8/08


Hey! It started.

I got very emotional while watching the opening ceremonies. I mean, seeing people from different countries all around the world, walking along with smiling faces and waving, it just tugged at my heart strings.

Why do we need War and Strife? I don't understand why it's so essential to us.

I think they should turn ROCK into a new Olympic Event. I wonder if it's possible? (laugh)

I'd be happy to see and hear ROCK bands from different countries. Then we could turn it into a world tour. It would be fun to be touched by the different cultures. That's the dream that I'd like to see spread out across the globe!~ (laughing)

All the team players from all over the world, Fight!!

Also, Japan, Fight!



"Anza's Rock Olympics". Has a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/5/08 *Edit*

Come on!!!

What's up with this weather?!!

The thunder and rain were terrible. I went through one whole day totally afraid.....

When practice was over I was soon heading towards home. Just then, after the thunder and the howling wind, the rain came down and I was dripping wet. (cry)

All I could do is splash home....the thunder is something I don't like very much and I can do without it.

I had a super blue mood explosion.

Practicing the script was rough. I need to put more into it. Time to get with it!

Still, I need to sort out my lines so that they flow together. And I need to remember my songs!

Right now, I'm sleepy. (laugh)

Anza MySpace Blog 8/4/08


current mood: scared

I really dislike the Thunder. Why?! There's been a lot of it lately.

Well, we finished the Grind House Event on the 2nd without any major mishaps. Which leaves only the Nagoya show on the 31st remaining for this month.

And, I'm sorry to say, that there are no live shows scheduled for the month of September.

Wait until the start of October, there's a new announcement coming.

Little by little, I plan to update my photos. Be sure to keep checking back. OK? (star)



I guess the thunder and lightning has been pretty bad in Tokyo.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anza JP Blog 8/3/08

Oh Great!

To everyone who came out to the Grind House Event, Thank YOU!! In spite of it being an All-Night Event, it made me happy to see everybody there!

My body's in pain~ (laugh)

And we had a serious meeting at, "Only You" practice. We did the script run through. The singing part is still to come.

Well, with the live ending, the fact is that I didn't get back to the house till a little after 5 A.M. in the morning.....Getting up was tough on me~. (laughing)

Of course, having stiff and sore muscles, on top of being dead tired didn't help......(laugh)

But, I got power from the rest of the cast and the script reading turned into real fun. If you keep in mind that it's hard work, I think doing this musical is great! (laugh)

In order to get familiar with my character, Ayako Honma, I need to do my best day after day.


I think it's cool that Anza gets to play a girl named, Ayako".

Saturday, August 2, 2008

HPP Blog 8/1/08

Hey (star) It's Anza.

Well, well...the month of August is already here~.

Tomorrow is the Grind House Live that we'll be playing in, and it's an all night event. I haven't pulled an all-nighter in a while and it seem to me that the artists sound different in the middle of the night.....(laugh) ?

Cell? Have the HPP members been locked up in the rehearsal studio?! We've been hard at work producing a new song, you know...

Also, we've been working on the mix of the 2nd DVD on the sound board. There's still much to do.

After the Live tomorrow and the one in Nagoya, there won't be a show to do for a while. (crying)
I'll most likely stress out. (laugh)

Everyone, please wait for our next announcement!

With that said, I'll see you tomorrow night at the evening party. (laughing)

Here's all the members waiting for the car with all the studio equipment.

I'm still tired....(laugh)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/31/08 *Edit*


Every day is musical song practice.

I'm doing HPP rehearsals as well....I'm worn out....yeah....a lack of sleep is really no good. (laugh)

As the evening passes, gradually my head and body can't help but give out~.

I'll get some proper sleep.

July 31st.

A person I respect, Minako Honda had a birthday.

I wonder, surely it's heavenly to have such lovely songs to sing.

Obstinate Mariya, I'm not!!


*I figured out a better last line*

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anza JP Blog 7/30/08


Since the 29th, song practice for the musical, "Only You" has begun.

That's to say, I have started and the rest of the cast is already looking after me...I'll be participating in the live and the recording this time...

Anyway, there's speaking practice. Just buckling down, studying, and doing the vocal exercises is amazing!!

And, Mari Takeuti's musical composition is truly beautiful. I know I feel the sympathy of the song lyrics. The melodies are lovely to my ears. (heart)(heart) ?

After saying that, I still have a good many things to memorize!! I'll have to be steady, and how!!!!! There's also song practice tomorrow, so I need to keep doing my best!!!

Here's a pic of me and my favorite doll, Mirupo-chan. ( his full name is a closely guarded secret, laughing)


Cute pic of Anza and her doll.

Monday, July 28, 2008

HPP Blog 7/27/08

Hey! (star) It's Anza.

I'm back in Japan after our show in Taiwan.

I can sum up the trip in one word........Great!!!!!!!!!!

If you exclude the humidity, Taiwan is the best! But, the real heat was at the Live concert.

A lot of fans showed up with the HPP Formoz picture book from a year ago~ they brought them with then to the show.......I was so happy.

Cheers and applause welcomed us which proved to us they were ready to rock. ?

For the first time, someone tried to pull me down to the seats from the stage. (laugh)

I just reached out my hand for a second......then many people had me by the arm!!!! Well, I was surprised. (laugh)

But, all the love I felt in Taiwan!! ~~~~~~~~I won't forget it!

Perhaps Hiro will do a Taiwan report? I think he should do it for me as a favor. (laugh)

Here are photographs of Taiwan. It's at lunch before the live concert.