Thursday, September 18, 2008

HPP Blog 9/15/08

Hello, It's Anza.
It's been a while!
This blog features only Mar. (laugh)
Where are the guys, HIRO and NARUMI!? (laugh)

We are reaching the end of editing DVD...We have been working HARD.
It does have lots of stuff! I really love this DVD personaly.(hearts)
Well, you can get a special gift if you preorder the DVD at "LIVE cheers!".
Please preorder the DVD there!!

An one-man show is announced! We wait for you guys!!
And, the sale of Chain (acoustic version) will start at 18th, this month!!
Be sure to download it!!
Stay tuned because we have lots of thing to announce. (laugh)

You guys, it's about time to protest the guys who haven't posted any entries. (laugh)

I hope my English is understandable...

1 comment:

Matt said...

Great job, Yuya! Thanks for the help.

I should get her 9/18 Anza JP Blog up before I go to work.

I've been trying to download the Chain acoustic PV. It's been a struggle to get registered. I think my main problem is that the file is too big for my dial up computer.

I'm going to keep trying though.