Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 9/14/08

Real deal....

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Hey! I've got just enough time!!! I've been really busy and it increases everyday. While there are tensions and insecurities, I continue to fight out!

I was so thankful when I finally reached the house. I walked into the room and collapsed. (laughs)

Then today, for the first time, I came to an understanding....this year has been like a calamity. Don't worry~ it's all right!!!! (laugh) (?)

Right now, there's a major event that makes me angry and I can't do a thing about it.....will it never stop??? (?)

I seriously ask your pardon.... is it too much..... to ask for a little good fortune? (laugh)

Now, this month, on September 18th, the acoustic version of "Chain" will go on sale for downloads! I think it's quite a lovely musical arrangement!! Don't forget, be sure to download it.

Go to

We've also decided to do a One-Man Live Show on Friday November 21st, 2008 in Shibuya at Club Asia.

And then, on October 29th, the sale of the second Live DVD will begin. You should be able to pre-order it at the CD shops, so do it now so you don't miss out! Man! It's chocked full of content!

Everyone~ do your best! I~ will also do my best! (laughing)


I'm not sure what major event Anza is referring too. It's kind of like a major turning point in life.

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