Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HPP Blog 9/29/08

Hey (star) it's Anza

Eh? The weather turned cold. (laughing)

Sorry, but it happened suddenly. Even though it turned cooler quickly, I still began to feel a little sick. (laugh)

However, my favorite T-Shirt that I recently got, I'm thinking that I won't have a lot of time to wear it.....the season won't allow it. (laugh)

Besides, right now I'm in the center of a critical age of my life while I'm saying this. That's something I've recently discovered. (laugh)

Also, has everyone heard the acoustic version of, "Chain"? doki doki .... (My heart is pounding)

It's ridiculous. That's kind of what I think I'll feel like afterwards..... but HPP is going to play in the outrageously big Festival. (laugh) It's dangerous....my stomach is tied in knots. But, I'd like to fight through it with all my strength!

Slowly, it feels like my batteries are dying. I need to do a live show soon and keep that from happening!!!!

The members of HPP have been working on a new song. Hey! It's good. (while listening) The tension is ratcheting up!

Oh, yeah.

All 3 guys from the group, Hiro, Mar, and Narumi will be at the Ibanez booth signing autographs at the Loud Park Festival. I'm buzzing with excitement, I think I need to see this for myself. (laugh)

I wonder, should I also stand in line secretly? (laughing)


This entry was a bit of a tough nut to crack. Especially the first half, I'm sure there's a sentence or two that could use some correcting.

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