Friday, September 26, 2008

Anza Myspace Blog 9/24/08


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It's turned cool, don't you think?

I love the way that Fall flows into Winter. I don't know why. I also love the fashions a lot!

Now, as usual, I spend every day rushing around. I'm excited about all the different things that are happening. You might say, they're big.

Or, you could simply say, I love music.

We made a stage decision for HPP. Down the road, we'll be playing at the Loud Park Festival and at the Monster House......(bubbling over)

Right now, the HPP members are confined to the studio. (laughing) I'm digging down for all my strength!

And then, at last I went to the factory where they're making the DVD. (laugh) The only thing left is to wait for the sale date and the official release! I'm extremely excited....

Here recently I've often been crying. Why is that?

I wonder....does it have something to do with age?!


I have good news and bad news for American HPP fans. The good news is that the new DVD is available for pre-order on CD Japan. The bad news is that they say that the DVD is Region 2 encoded. Which means you either need a region free DVD player, or you have to watch it on you computer.

HPP's last DVD was Region free. So, I'm hoping this is an error on CD Japan's part.

Here's the link to the pre-order page.

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