Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/3/08

Dazed and Confused. (music note)

When I sing, I like to go for it all the way! (lol)

Yeah. To everyone who came out to the live show at Nagoya, Thank You. I was being quite forced by my schedule, but I spent the most time there that I possibly could!!

For a little while, HPP is on a live show Holiday. This member and the whole crew are doing their best, working on the final stage of putting together the DVD for the October 29th sale.

And then, seriously, the "Only You" musical practice is also in its final stages!!

I think very soon we'll be saying good bye to the training hall for our practices...

Ayako will do her best!!


Here's the link for the web site where the acoustic version of "Chain" will be sold.

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