Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/10/08

?????- (don't know)

I'm going to the theater every day. We're doing dress rehearsals for the play, and I'm getting better! Whew~ it's very serious. (laugh)

What is best for the stage is to have plenty of dress rehearsals, but that can tire you out. Anyhow, the performance will look good!

Really, this has taken up all of my time and I haven't been able to update my Blog lately.....

About a year ago, my on-stage sister made her first appearance in the musical, "Love, goes Beyond the Time". I played the Koharu part and Noriko Sakamoto played Nikki. This time also, we're back together!! Soon now, I'll be looking out for you again!!

You know I love you!! (laugh)

Well, tomorrow I have an early start!

I'm going to bed!!!! (laughs)


I'm pretty sure that Yuya will have a correction or two for this one. The title for one. I couldn't figure that out.

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Yuya said...

haha, OK the title means...
"whoa" or something like that.
i seems Anza is so tired, but he also is full of energy!