Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/31/08

Hi all~!!

All the noise and confusion around me has started to grow!

There's "Rags and Jewelry" practice, a press conference for the Mariya-Musical which opens in September, and band rehearsal....

Switching from one to the other is hard, but funny!!

We did our first costume practice for, "Rags and Jewelry"and we ran through in sequence.

No's hectic!!

However, the overall trend is great because now there's an end in sight.

Tomorrow, we want to concentrate deeply on the play for our last few days.

Press Conference on the 29th in the Dressing Room


Love that dress Anza's wearing. I think it's for her character in the Mariya-Musical.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/26/08 by Akira

Here's a translation for blog of 5/26.


Today I saw the performance of a theatrical company Daruma-za in Yokohama Sotetsu Honda Theater.
The performance of the theatrical company where Naoaki Kenmochi, who will play with "Rag and Jewel" will be started soon, joining in as chairperson.
It seems to have been their last show today.
Anyway, it was a splendid play.
I laugh and I cry and *I find a lot to think about*.....
An actor and a visitor fill up the space of the theater.
I really like that space.
I intended to pursue "Real" in lessons from tomorrow.
Thank you for actors of Daruma-za for their splendid "Real".

By the way I saw her new pic.
Oh, the T-shirt is your present!? That's nice!!


Thanks for the translation, Akira.

I translated the last half of that one line between the stars.

For a short Blog entry, Anza gave me many places where I stumbled. Like the name of the theater, and the play she saw. And I don't know what the "Real" is that Anza is talking about.

By the way, I think that Steel Magnolias was canceled for some reason and this play is totally different. According to Anza's schedule page, "Rags to Jewelry", is a type of "Romeo and Juliet".

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/24/08

At Practice

Practice for "Rags and Jewelry" is still making progress.

My character is Julia. I have to prepare myself emotionally, because it's a very serious part. When practice is over each day, I'm drained mentally and physically. But, my physical strength is holding up just fine. (laugh)

Every time I discover new things that bring me happiness. (heart)

I came across this part by chance. Lately, a lot of people are stopping by to watch us practice.

Originally, people didn't like things about my character and they thought that this might not be a good choice for me. Why? I was totally open.

However, different people were worried about some intense scenes.

For example....

The OL (office Lady) conversation with other people at the cafe. The boss is insulting (of women) but is good to a co-worker who's a handsome man.

Undoubtedly, 2 of the 5 women take the situation seriously and decide to do something about it. One person is confronted in the restroom, and he's taught a lesson not to say bad things about other people.

Somehow, it makes me wonder...

He should have just treated other people kinder, don't you think? Back in the old days and years gone by, many people had the same attitude. And you can't change them by just talking sense into them. Therefore, giving them a taste of their own medicine becomes a simple solution.

We're teaching the teacher in the old school way. That's right!

Then there's the scene with the 4 women in the park. They've come a long way and the speech in the park is one I remember. The stupid B*stard!

Still, some of this is a small part of my nature. (laugh)

But, before you go pointing the finger at someone else, remember, "Know Thyself".



I think the title for this show "Rags and Jewelry" is the stage title for Steel Magnolias.

Trying to translate blogs with the plot to a story that I haven't seen are really hard. So, it's possible I got off track in places. If anyone has any mistakes to point out. Just post it in the comments and I'll fix it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/22/08 *Edit*


Lately, I was compelled to buy a certain book....

The subject it's written about is scary....I was knocked for a loop.

Have you heard about the book, "Warning from the Future"?

The author dreams of things in the future to give you a picture of what's possible. This is a thing that truly made me wake up.....and open my eyes....

Something occurs in the future that we don't understand, and then, the earth is holding a bomb. And it's a bomb that we're making called Global Warming. All humans have a hand in causing the damage, don't you think?

In the future, all kind of disasters's well written and up to date.

I think, is there anything I could have done to help out? Probably

It's truly something serious for us all to think about!! We should all jump into action!!

We should do it for the sake of penguins, seals, and polar bears as well.

Thanks to Bunny and Akira, I now have the correct name of the book Anza is talking about.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/18/08


current mood: thankful

I uploaded some photos.

I love the off-time snowboarding photos and everyone who sent a photo to me. ?

I really enjoy snowboarding. I wasn't too familiar with the pure white snowy mountains, now I truly love them.

It's a great feeling to be surrounded by nature.

Soon, it'll be winter.

*Dear my friends

Thank you for sending the photos.



Go to Anza's MySpace page and check out her photos. They're really good.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/18/08


I can't settle down. Why? Am I tired or what?

Recently, I haven't looked at the deep blue sky. Hey! It's sunny. ?

I guess I'm trying to avoid where I'm going.

I must be tired or something.

I'm going to bed.

HPP Blog 5/17/08

It's Anza (star)

How do I feel? Everyday I work hard and do my best. (laugh)

I'm so busy, I have to remember to breath.

I think very soon HPP will make an announcement on the latest project. It will probably be late at night at midnight when the news finally drops.

What's the holdup? We're waiting for a bit inside, causing a delay. Hmmmmmmm!

Our first Album "Vary" will be re-released on May 28th.

We've made many modifications and changes to the inside jacket. I want to check out the CD under the cover..... (Oh! this should be fun to see)

After a long time and a lot of water under the bridge, I thought I'd listen to it again. I have a different feeling about it now.

HPP is alive and well. We're still just a 7 year old band.

I guess I'd like to look after them so that the dream can go on. I sound like a mother. Don't you think? (laugh)

So everyone, pleased to meet you.


Cute little HPP key chains.

Since Anza said the translations are OK, I thought I'd go ahead and start posting her pics from the HPP Blog.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/14/08

Eco Eco!!

Here's something I use all the time when I go to the store. I feel like it's my Eco-bag. *ecology bag*

I hate to think about how every time I go shopping, they stick it all in a plastic bag.

Truly, Global Warming is becoming serious. Don't you think?

Take the Polar Bear for example and the loss of it's habitat. If I consider it and take action, and the next person takes time to consider it and takes action, then the situation isn't past hope.

All it takes is for someone to make a start.

When I'm done using electricity, I unplug what I was using from the wall socket. (naturally)

That's something that becomes important in the long run. (obviously)

When you throw trash away, it just becomes more rubbish... try to think about ways to recycle!

There are various way to achieve the goal.


Since Anza asked the question, I think I'll give an answer.

Personally, I'll be glad when this Global Warming Eco Kick is over.

I remember when the Big Eco buzz word was ,"Acid Rain". All the ecology people were crying that sulfer coming out of factory smokestacks was turning into acid and raining on Canada, killing trout.

Now, all the factories are gone, and lot's of good paying jobs along with them. All I can say is, "Be careful what you wish for".

Don't think I'm against recycling. That's just good sense.

Do I think it will save Polar bears? Nope.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HPP Slideshow

Here's an HPP slideshow I put together about a month ago. I was going to redo the last slideshow and add some pics I forgot. But after I got started, I ended up doing an entirely different show.

The song on the clip is called, "Early Mornin'" and it's by Merlyn. This song was written by a friend of mine so I hope you like it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/12/08

It's Cold.
current mood: loved

The spring weather is cold.....Why!!

Lately, we've completed a lot of live shows. My heart and body feel like they're in good balance!

Or so I thought, I've been going back and forth to the hospital. (laugh) Everyone also take care!

Hey, just a minute! I have a little request for everyone.

If you have an illustration of me Anza, or a photograph taken with me, I'd like you to send it for my collection!

When you send it, I'll be happy.

*Dear my friends

I want you to send me an illustration or photo with me!! ^o^

I'll put it on MySpace!!

Here is address:



Cool! My photo will be on the way soon.

Also, Thanks to help from Aki-Thrash-JPN and Selena, 2 of my MySpace friends, I was able to see the web TV show done by Anza and Narumi on 5/1/08 called Run! MySpace.

Sorry that I can't translate it, they all talk to fast for me.
Some people have had trouble getting this clip to play. There should be a pop up window saying the site wants to use the Windows Media ActiveX add on. Be sure to click yes to allow it, or the clip won't play

Here's the link to the website.
*Run! MySpace Show*

Anza JP Blog 5/12/08


Here lately, my body has been fairly weak.

I had stiff shoulders and a lump on the neck that I had examined at the hospital.

Good heavens! The result that came back was a virus in the lymph nodes.....

The medicine they gave me to drink to strengthen me always makes me feel sluggish.

Well, there won't be a quick complete recovery!

And now, Thank you to everyone who came to the Mito show on the 11th.

Recently, our stage shows have gotten progressively longer and the muscle pain has also increased. But, this member is fighting through it with all her energy. (laugh)

So, I'm happy.

The other day, I ate "Konaida" ? mold cheese for the first time!!!

It was in a mixed meal I had. ?

Flavor? It's a matter of preference. (laugh)


I don't think I've ever heard of a lymph node virus. I hope Anza gets better.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/7/08

current mood: thankful

The Shinjuku live has finished safely.

To everyone who came, Thank you truly. (star)

It was a great way to spend an evening, thanks very much!

This live show is one I absolutely will treasure.

I love being there on stage and making it my own. It's important to be face to face with the fans and see the crowd.

*Dear my friends

Thanks for many many messages!

Last night was so fantastic at Shinjuku!!

Sorry that I can't reply to all messages.

Bye (happy face)



The part between the stars was written in English by Anza. I translated the rest.

I wrote Anza and asked her if it was alright for me to translate her blogs into English and post them here. Here's her answer.

*Anza reply*
Thank you for massage!
It's OK. NP. (^o^)


I love it! I'm so glad that she thinks I'm doing a good job.

I have to say thanks also to Akira, this translation Blog wouldn't be near as good without her.

Anza JP Blog 5/8/08

Oh my God!

My body hurts. (laugh)

On the 6th at Shinjuku we did our live show. Thank you to everyone who came!

It was a long time to wait for Tokyo to see a concert~. It was something exciting once it started. (laugh)

Next is the Mito Lighthouse on the 11th. We have a little break until then....

With the next musical stage beginning in June, I have my fighting spirit as full-scale practice takes off!!

As a matter of fact, HPP guitar player Hiro will also appear on stage as a musician!!!

This should be great fun!

Yes~ unless I can't remember my lines!!


I agree with Anza, it should be cool to see Hiro on stage.

I wonder if he'll be bit by the acting bug? lol

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/5/08

Thank You

I've come back from the Koriyama live show~!

Staying out all night and coming home in the morning. (laugh)

And, I've turned 1 year older. (laugh) Just so you know, nothing will change!

I feel that I still have a way to go before I reach my goals!!

So, I went to Sunlight Edo Village for 3 days!! Again?? Hey! Absolutely. (laughing)

This time the Indies Hotline TV show is involved in taping at Edo Village.

I'm glued to actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa on this Edo Village trip!!!

Well~ The play is lovely and watching the action is the best feeling!! Ken-san is a dreamy actor!!

This is my Samurai's daughter kimono transformation for my data collecting Event Interview!

It's a pretty pink kimono! This last time, it seems like it was good to wear it. (laugh)

Mr. Ken Hasegawa will perform for the next 6 days in the seat theater and at the open air show. I plan to follow him from show to show. For sure, check it out!!

Pink Kimono~
Mr. Ken Hasegawa while acting


Anza looks beautiful in that kimono.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 5/5/08

It's Anza (star)

We've been moving around like flies. My muscle pain is also good, it means I'm in good shape. (laughing)

Yesterday's live at Koriyama has come to an end and to everyone who came, Thank-You.

And, to everyone who gave me a birthday celebration, Thank-you very much.

I've safely become one year older. (laugh) There's still much more to come as we rage on. (heart)

The photographs were taken in Hokkaido, but I forgot to up them on the Blog.

I ate my fill of "Kura Noi" (salmon roe). It was terrific~!

We'll see everyone tomorrow at Shijuku when we come to play!

{ 3 pics }

Monday, May 5, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/4/08

current mood: animated


Once again, I'm an adult who's turned one year older. (laughing)

The Koriyama live is also safely over.

Truly, many people were celebrating and lot's of happy tears came out.

And now, all the friends who sent me a message, Thank-You very much. (star)

*Dear my friends.

Thanks for the birthday messages & friend request.

I'm so glad!!



This translation of Anza's MySpace Blog I did myself. It was easy because Anza did half the work for me. lol

The part between the stars was written by Anza in English. How cool is that?! She didn't forget you guys!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anza's MySpace Blog 5/1/08

Here's a special treat for all you loyal Anza fans. This is the translation of her very first MySpace Blog. This was completely done by my friend Akira and I had nothing to do with it. I could understand about half of what Anza was saying. But I couldn't nail down any of the particulars. So thanks to Akira, here you go.


I've been a friend on Myspace with Anza-san.
I think it's nice to have her own page for her.

Well, here's a translation.
title;Run! Myspace

At first I made my own page.(laughing)
And it was already yesterday, but...
We appeared as a first guest for a program, "Run! Myspace".
I could meet Ozzie-san and was in high spirits with NARUMI of the HPP member very much!
GTO and RINO were wonderful too...
MySpace is the best!!!!
Every Thursday from 22:00 to 23:00, "Run! Myspace",
Internet TV broadcasting station-"A! surprised broadcasting".
Everyone please check it every week!


She's talking about the online tv program on myspace.
I missed it because of work(crying)...
HPP seems that they had good time.
I wish they'll be in it again.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Anza JP Blog 4/29/08

Let me see.

Yes! We went to Hokkaido to perform at Sapporo and Asahikawa.

I ate a lot of sea urchin and salmon roe. (ru ikra?) Especially the salmon roe. I must have eaten a mountain of it. (laughing) It was very enjoyable~.

Everyone who came to see HPP live, Thank- You truly. I was grateful. (star)

After 5 years since we last played at Sapporo and Asahikawa, we were greeted by an important friend. Also, we were given a warm welcome and shown lot's of kindness.

We made sure to let everyone know that we'd be back!! All the members pledged that. (laughing)

As for my gift shop story....that'll have to wait for another day....I'm sleepy.... (laugh)


Good News Anza fans!

The long wait is over.

Anza has officially started her own Myspace page. Be sure to go check it out, and ask to be added to her friends.

Tell her Matt sent ya! Just kidding! But you can if you want to.

Here's the link.