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Anza JP Blog 5/24/08

At Practice

Practice for "Rags and Jewelry" is still making progress.

My character is Julia. I have to prepare myself emotionally, because it's a very serious part. When practice is over each day, I'm drained mentally and physically. But, my physical strength is holding up just fine. (laugh)

Every time I discover new things that bring me happiness. (heart)

I came across this part by chance. Lately, a lot of people are stopping by to watch us practice.

Originally, people didn't like things about my character and they thought that this might not be a good choice for me. Why? I was totally open.

However, different people were worried about some intense scenes.

For example....

The OL (office Lady) conversation with other people at the cafe. The boss is insulting (of women) but is good to a co-worker who's a handsome man.

Undoubtedly, 2 of the 5 women take the situation seriously and decide to do something about it. One person is confronted in the restroom, and he's taught a lesson not to say bad things about other people.

Somehow, it makes me wonder...

He should have just treated other people kinder, don't you think? Back in the old days and years gone by, many people had the same attitude. And you can't change them by just talking sense into them. Therefore, giving them a taste of their own medicine becomes a simple solution.

We're teaching the teacher in the old school way. That's right!

Then there's the scene with the 4 women in the park. They've come a long way and the speech in the park is one I remember. The stupid B*stard!

Still, some of this is a small part of my nature. (laugh)

But, before you go pointing the finger at someone else, remember, "Know Thyself".



I think the title for this show "Rags and Jewelry" is the stage title for Steel Magnolias.

Trying to translate blogs with the plot to a story that I haven't seen are really hard. So, it's possible I got off track in places. If anyone has any mistakes to point out. Just post it in the comments and I'll fix it.

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