Monday, May 12, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/12/08

It's Cold.
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The spring weather is cold.....Why!!

Lately, we've completed a lot of live shows. My heart and body feel like they're in good balance!

Or so I thought, I've been going back and forth to the hospital. (laugh) Everyone also take care!

Hey, just a minute! I have a little request for everyone.

If you have an illustration of me Anza, or a photograph taken with me, I'd like you to send it for my collection!

When you send it, I'll be happy.

*Dear my friends

I want you to send me an illustration or photo with me!! ^o^

I'll put it on MySpace!!

Here is address:



Cool! My photo will be on the way soon.

Also, Thanks to help from Aki-Thrash-JPN and Selena, 2 of my MySpace friends, I was able to see the web TV show done by Anza and Narumi on 5/1/08 called Run! MySpace.

Sorry that I can't translate it, they all talk to fast for me.
Some people have had trouble getting this clip to play. There should be a pop up window saying the site wants to use the Windows Media ActiveX add on. Be sure to click yes to allow it, or the clip won't play

Here's the link to the website.
*Run! MySpace Show*

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