Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/8/08

Oh my God!

My body hurts. (laugh)

On the 6th at Shinjuku we did our live show. Thank you to everyone who came!

It was a long time to wait for Tokyo to see a concert~. It was something exciting once it started. (laugh)

Next is the Mito Lighthouse on the 11th. We have a little break until then....

With the next musical stage beginning in June, I have my fighting spirit as full-scale practice takes off!!

As a matter of fact, HPP guitar player Hiro will also appear on stage as a musician!!!

This should be great fun!

Yes~ unless I can't remember my lines!!


I agree with Anza, it should be cool to see Hiro on stage.

I wonder if he'll be bit by the acting bug? lol

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