Monday, May 5, 2008

Anza MySpace Blog 5/4/08

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Once again, I'm an adult who's turned one year older. (laughing)

The Koriyama live is also safely over.

Truly, many people were celebrating and lot's of happy tears came out.

And now, all the friends who sent me a message, Thank-You very much. (star)

*Dear my friends.

Thanks for the birthday messages & friend request.

I'm so glad!!



This translation of Anza's MySpace Blog I did myself. It was easy because Anza did half the work for me. lol

The part between the stars was written by Anza in English. How cool is that?! She didn't forget you guys!

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Ksusha said...

Thank you Matt for a translation!!
I am happy, if Anza is happy!!!
It so cool, that she wrote and in English!!