Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/5/08

Thank You

I've come back from the Koriyama live show~!

Staying out all night and coming home in the morning. (laugh)

And, I've turned 1 year older. (laugh) Just so you know, nothing will change!

I feel that I still have a way to go before I reach my goals!!

So, I went to Sunlight Edo Village for 3 days!! Again?? Hey! Absolutely. (laughing)

This time the Indies Hotline TV show is involved in taping at Edo Village.

I'm glued to actor Mr. Ken Hasegawa on this Edo Village trip!!!

Well~ The play is lovely and watching the action is the best feeling!! Ken-san is a dreamy actor!!

This is my Samurai's daughter kimono transformation for my data collecting Event Interview!

It's a pretty pink kimono! This last time, it seems like it was good to wear it. (laugh)

Mr. Ken Hasegawa will perform for the next 6 days in the seat theater and at the open air show. I plan to follow him from show to show. For sure, check it out!!

Pink Kimono~
Mr. Ken Hasegawa while acting


Anza looks beautiful in that kimono.

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