Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 5/5/08

It's Anza (star)

We've been moving around like flies. My muscle pain is also good, it means I'm in good shape. (laughing)

Yesterday's live at Koriyama has come to an end and to everyone who came, Thank-You.

And, to everyone who gave me a birthday celebration, Thank-you very much.

I've safely become one year older. (laugh) There's still much more to come as we rage on. (heart)

The photographs were taken in Hokkaido, but I forgot to up them on the Blog.

I ate my fill of "Kura Noi" (salmon roe). It was terrific~!

We'll see everyone tomorrow at Shijuku when we come to play!

{ 3 pics }

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