Monday, May 26, 2008

Anza JP Blog 5/26/08 by Akira

Here's a translation for blog of 5/26.


Today I saw the performance of a theatrical company Daruma-za in Yokohama Sotetsu Honda Theater.
The performance of the theatrical company where Naoaki Kenmochi, who will play with "Rag and Jewel" will be started soon, joining in as chairperson.
It seems to have been their last show today.
Anyway, it was a splendid play.
I laugh and I cry and *I find a lot to think about*.....
An actor and a visitor fill up the space of the theater.
I really like that space.
I intended to pursue "Real" in lessons from tomorrow.
Thank you for actors of Daruma-za for their splendid "Real".

By the way I saw her new pic.
Oh, the T-shirt is your present!? That's nice!!


Thanks for the translation, Akira.

I translated the last half of that one line between the stars.

For a short Blog entry, Anza gave me many places where I stumbled. Like the name of the theater, and the play she saw. And I don't know what the "Real" is that Anza is talking about.

By the way, I think that Steel Magnolias was canceled for some reason and this play is totally different. According to Anza's schedule page, "Rags to Jewelry", is a type of "Romeo and Juliet".

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Akira. said...

Well, yes. "Steal Magnorias" was canceled and "Rags and Jewely" will be played as substitute stage for it.