Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anza JP Blog 9/18/08


Everyday I, "Go for it"! Ayako is so sexy!!

I love the warm applause during the show and the Thank You letters! (?)

And now, here's the news for today.

The first Head Phones President acoustic version is now available for download!

Last year, on Dec. 12th, we release the Album, "Folie a Deux". This is the acoustic version of, "Chain" which was the PV tune from that album. The finished musical arrangement is very dreamy!

Go to LIVE Cheers!

The download is a limited release! Hey! Be sure to download it an give it a listen!!!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to put forth an extra effort!


HPP has also been booked for the Loud Park Festival. Thanks to Aki-Thrash for the heads up.

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