Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/18/08

Right on!!!

At last, today (the 17th) I went down to get my Flu shot! Even though it made me teary-eyed, I hung in there!!! (laugh)

However....the hospital itself was extremely crowded. Truly, a lot of people have already come down with a cold.......right now it's easy to catch it if you don't pay attention!!

And now, today the actor who played "Sterope" in last years GIFT musical, my buddy Shirakawa came to call on us in the training room! Right now, he's playing the role of Benny in the stage performance of RENT, and he's doing great!

Then, after the confusion, I was looking forward to the Korean Barbecue Obento (box lunch) provided by the producers money!! It was quite good. (heart)

Soon, I'll be jumping into the shower, I'm too tired to lay around in the bathtub.....I feel humiliated.


Not too sure of the character name, "Sterope". Hopefully, it's in the ball park.

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