Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/3/08 *EDIT*


How is everyone getting along?

The weather is a bit cold, but things are hot around here everyday. (laugh) I'm feeling sensitive to the cold already!!

It's destiny~ today was the official release of the VITAMIN-Q album called, "VITAMIN-Q featuring ANZA"!!!

With a wonderful leader Kato, and the 5 members meeting together, it's an Album of the diligent study of music. And we were able to make many discoveries along the way!

It's a very different form of ROCK style from HPP. There's a new ANZA to be seen, and I feel it's a great look! Please, be sure to give us a listen, OK?!!

And then, next year the HPP live concert Tour decision will be historic!! We plan to do one show after the other.

Honey, it's possible that we'll even be coming to your town. (heart)

Well, I'm totally immersed in The GIFT musical!! Now, I'm Ayaka!!!!!!

I found someone who could help me with Anza's character's name. So, I changed it.

I've heard samples of all the VITAMIN-Q songs on HMV. Anza sings sbout 2 thirds of the songs. She sounds good and I like her singing upbeat songs for a change. I recommend you go to the HMV site and listen for yourself. I'll post the link later when I get the chance.

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