Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/5/08


Somehow, things have turned around and we have fine weather. Don't you think? We have a warm rain and a little bit of thunder....

However, in the musical training room, the dance coach position has been filled and confirmed.

Today, I'd like to make an introduction, it's the new choreography teacher!

Actually, she's the dancing coach from last years GIFT musical.....but, the teacher has been a close friend for at least ten years or more.

That's right! From the Sailor Moon Musical, in the role of Sailor Star Healer, it's Miss Momoko Okuyama!!! Right, but as a teacher she's someone I try to avoid. (laugh)

I'm the only one who calls her Momo-chan. (laugh)

It feels odd to see her in these different surroundings, so it seems.....In those days, after the introductions, I grew accustomed to seeing her face for more than a year. It was a family-like feeling for sure!

However, even though it was 10 years ago, she really hasn't changed at all. Even now, she can wear the Sailor Star Healer costume and wig. It all fits. OK, I'm impressed. (laugh)

She's just as stylish and as cool as ever~! I'm relieved that that is still the same.

The very likable, Momo-chan!!!


Cool! Nice to see the 2 together again.


Anonymous said...

Aww, cute! I squealed out loud when I saw Momo-chan, I was so surprised! ^o^ She was the greatest healer, and it's nice seeing her and Anza together again!

Leader ChasinAfterMyu said...

I squealed too! ^_^ She looks amazing! So kawaii! ^_^ Aaaah, I showed this to my friend Lauren straight away. Haha, she loves Momo-chan. It's so cool to see them together again. They should so do a SeraMyu reunion show. :P

I loved ANZA in the Vitamin-Q videos as well, they were awesome. She's so versatile and cool. ^_^

Katie said...

Momo-chan! Aww! They both look great. Sera Myu reunions always make me so happy. :)