Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anza JP Blog 12/25/08

Merry Christmas!

Is everyone having a cute Christmas?

Around the world, all I wish for is everyone to have a smiling face. I really feel strongly about it this day.

With all the different happenings and expectations, somehow it can wear your spirit down. But, to give in to the pressures could break your heart....

So, from where I sit, the support given by people tends to match what happens in life one day.

At times, kind words and encouragement also have an impact on what will happen and can be turned into reality.

It can be very hard and take all your might.

Really, it can be very hard.

Depending on where you live, your aims can be different to each person respectively. But, to accomplish your goals, there's a feeling of risk and circumstances can take different shapes, yet still be the same. (?)

Today, in a short time, a heart full of grace and some Bang bang chicken. (?)


Give everyone happiness and later, let Anza take a snowboarding trip!! (laugh)


I did my best on this entry. If anyone has any suggestions that would make the translation better, just comment and I'll fix what ever is wrong.


Jon said...

Everyone needs Bang bang chicken!

Matt said...

From what I understand, Bang Bang chicken means the Chinese dish Szechuan chicken.

Jon said...

Ahh, okay, that makes more sense. Thank you. :)