Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anza HPP Blog 12/19/08

Hey, it's Anza (star)

I'm so busy everyday that it appears that I'm passed feeling, but...the HPP members have safely completed their influenza inoculations, so we're thoroughly prepared. (laugh)

For what??

Our pre-professional demo recording and tour!

How soon??

Next year! We're pushing it to the limit. (laugh)

Truly, 2008 for HPP was a year of "Firsts" to challenge us, I think. To look back on it, we really opened up to different experiences.

In a rare tour of Japan, we were the opening act for "In This Moment". Then we appeared together in the Beijing, China performance as well.

We made out first tour of Australia, and participated for the second time in the Formoz Festival at Taipei, Taiwan. We played at MUCC's Event, appeared on stage at Loud Park, did the TOC concert, and finally we finished up with the One-Man Show....

When I stop to think about it, we had an amazing year......

We also released our 2nd Live DVD.....We had a wonderful wonderful 2008.

It's all thanks to the support given by everyone of you. Truly Thanks, and thanks some more!!!!

However, it's too early to look back on New Year's Eve and the stage run for The GIFT musical, before it goes in front of an audience, right? (laugh)

Absolutely, next year we'll be concentrating fully on our live performances! We'll be boarding a plane and hitting even the most distant places in Japan!

I'm taking special care to keep an eye on Passports. (laugh) Especially in Narumi's case, right? (laugh)

Darling, on the occasion that we come to perform in your town, certainly come out to meet us, OK? (heart)

There's one Event ahead before any of this will happen. It's Christmas time~.

Wait a minute!

I need to get a ticket for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I need to attempt to reserve a strawberry sponge cake.......(laugh)


I'm thinking that Anza is talking about over seas shows when she mentions Passports.

Also, that is correct, in Japan, you need a ticket to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve.

One more thought before I wrap this up, the pre-profesional demo recording that HPP will be making is something you do before getting signed with a major label. At least, that's what I'm hoping she means.


Laura said...

Gosh, she looks really tired in that photo :O

Thanks for the updates as always (^^)

I still have to buy their new album (><);;;;;;

Matt said...

I don't think she looks tired in that photo, but I know what you mean.

Every time I meet her she's so cheerful, but she wants maintain the HPP image and she puts on a serious expression for the promo pics.

In that pic, to me, she looks a little like, "Why am I doing this again?" She may be trying too hard to look serious in the photo.

But, I still like it and I'm glad she pulled it out of moth balls and posted it for everyone to see.

Laura said...

Yeah, it certainly looks serious but I noticed the semi bags under the eyes and thought she looked tired from that not her actual look

Still a neat picture either way :D

Katie said...

Anza looks pretty! :)
Matt, I found an interview with Vitamin Q and Anza. Here's a link to it.

Bunny said...

A professional demo would be to get signed; the demo they're talking about is probably to get submit to festivals and such.

Matt said...

Thanks for the explanation, Bunny. It sounds like your on the right track.